Monster Paradise
1195 Three Days of Torture
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1195 Three Days of Torture

Winter break in the gravel world usually lasted for more than two months from the end of December to the beginning of March.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even cultivator organizations such as the Union Government and the Hunter Association would have a ten-day holiday during the end of the year. Apart from a minority of members guarding the organizations, the operations of the entire company's were basically stopped.

Naturally, it was the same for Dynasty whereby they had a standard ten-day holiday. During the first few days of New Year, apart from Huang Tianfu and the ten staff who had nowhere to go, Lin Huang's family was the only one that remained in Dynasty's headquarters. The massive headquarters was very quiet. 

Since Lin Huang missed guarding the year with Lin Xin, he agreed to the unfair terms to go shopping with her.

In reality, he wanted to seize the opportunity to accompany Lin Xin, figuring that he would leave the gravel world soon after the New Year. After all, many things were still a question mark in the great world. He might not have enough strength to protect himself, so it would be unrealistic to bring Lin Xin along.

Lin Xin started to bug Lin Huang to bring her shopping after she finished the dumplings that he had packed.

"Can't you just stay at home on the first day of the New Year?" Lin Huang looked helpless.

"But it's so boring here. There's nobody in the entire Dynasty, and there's no New Year atmosphere here." Lin Xin gave a legit reason. "Since Sister Bloody is here, I'll get Brother Xiao Mo while you summon Little Witch and Sister Kylie, then we'll go shopping together."

"Summon Little Witch and Sister Kylie? What are you trying to do? Tear Emperor City apart?" Lin Huang asked while staring at her.

"We're all girls. They can give us their opinions when Sister Bloody and I shop. I can't be trusting you and Brother Xiao Mo, the two straight guys' sense of beauty. Am I right?" Lin Xin said while pouting.

"I think my sense of beauty is fine." Lin Huang had never thought there was anything wrong with his sense of beauty.

"Alright then." Lin Xin did not dwell on that with Lin Huang. Instead, she took out ten lipsticks and asked him after opening the caps, "What's the difference between the color of these lipsticks?"

Lin Huang glanced at the cylindrical tubes and subsequently frowned. "They're all red. What's the difference?"

"Sister Bloody?" Lin Huang turned around to look at Bloody.

Bloody glimpsed and said expressionlessly, "From left to right, it's No. 405 Tomato Red, No. 200 Muddy Maroon, No. 501 Red Bean, No. 154 Plum, No. 407 Moody Red Bean, No. 409 Dark Plum, No. 12 Pinky, No. 333 Maple, No. 80 Ruby and No. 317 Tangerine."

"You're absolutely right!" Lin Xin turned her head and smirked at Lin Huang. "What kind of opinion will you be able to give if I'm getting lipstick later?"

Lin Huang was speechless for a moment. "Alright, you win."

Lin Huang exclaimed secretly after summing Kylie and the Witch, 'Fortunately, this girl has no idea I have another four Bug Tribe Queen Mothers who take form of girls."

Kylie, who had elevated to quadruple mutation, wore a gold and purple armor dress. The material of the armor dress did not look like metal. Instead, it was more like a combination of metal and fabric that fluttered in the wind. Furthermore, the style looked luxurious. The patterns and designs on it were complex yet elegant. One could tell that it was tens of times or even up to a hundred times more expensive than an armor dress of the same rank.

She finally did not wear a mask on her face. She had a beautiful face but it was intimidating, especially her eyes. There were no eyeballs, just golden flashes of lightning that were sparkling. 

On the other hand, the Witch no longer looked like a 15 or 16-year-old little girl. She had transformed into a young lady with long, shapely legs. She wore a black short skirt, showing off her pair of legs. In addition to that, her breasts and butt were perfectly proportioned. In short, she was sexy.

Meanwhile, her face looked like it belonged to a seductive mistress. Men might not be able to help but steal a glance at her a few times. A look was all it would take to make a man fall in love.

Lin Xin was stunned since it was her first time seeing the duo's brand new look.

She only snapped back to her senses a while later. "It's better if you guys change. You're attracting too much attention. Sister Kylie, put on some sunglasses to cover your eyes."

Lin Huang contacted Xiao Mo as Lin Xin got the two girls to change.

Xiao Mo was stunned when he saw the Witch and Kylie when he got there. He could not help but ask Lin Huang who the two girls were. To his disbelief, he found out that they were imperial monsters.

It was past eight in the morning when the two girls were done changing.

Lin Huang and the gang headed towards the shopping district as soon as they left home.

The two handsome men and the four beautiful ladies attracted attention as soon as they strolled on the streets.

If everyone in Emperor City did not know who Lin Huang was, many might have thought that the city was having a parade whereby the six of them were a new band.

Lin Huang and Lin Xin had gotten used to being watched, but Xiao Mo felt uneasy.

Among the three summoning beasts, Bloody and Little Witch did not care about the attention. However, Kylie disliked the attention.

The six of them grabbed even more attention when they reached the shopping district.

It was crowded in the shopping district, and there were people everywhere. All the stores were opened and the staff on shift were busy. Undoubtedly, their efficiency was much lower than usual since they were understaffed. It caused a long queue which wasted more time for the shoppers than usual. The entire shopping district was even more packed than the average day.

"There are so many people today!" Lin Xin complained to Lin Huang, "And you said people usually stay at home on the first day of the New Year."

"Buy whatever you want now. We're having lunch with Master when we're done." Lin Huang changed the subject directly.

"How do I know what I want if I don't shop?" Lin Xin had a different logic.

Lin Huang wanted to argue her logic, but he gave up on the idea when he thought about it. He recalled something that he had heard before. 'Don't try to argue with a girl because they always think they're right.'

The two men and three human-form pets followed Lin Xin shopping from one store to another.

Lin Huang noticed that Lin Xin had no purpose when she was shopping. She had no idea what she wanted to buy.

If Lin Huang were to shop, he would first choose the item that he was looking for and exclude the rest. He would only shop for one type of targeted item.

For instance, if he was looking for a t-shirt, he would only go into t-shirt stores. If there was no t-shirt store at first glance, he would skip the entire area.

However, Lin Xin had a different shopping logic.

'Oh, they sell caps here. Let's take a look. This store has nice bags. Let's take a look too. This store has cool sunglasses. Let's go in. Wow, they have such cute dolls! Let's go. This wedding dress is so pretty. Let's take a look. This fitness store is so neat. Let's go in…'

She browsed over 20 stores in the morning alone and tested up to a hundred products. However, in the end, she bought nothing.

The other three female imperial monsters felt nothing. Perhaps because they were girls just like Lin Xin or perhaps monsters were curious about the human world, but they were happy shopping with her.

Even though Kylie did not show any emotions on her face, Lin Huang noticed that she would touch the products that she was interested in.

Xiao Mo had no expression on his face. Lin Xin would always drag him out for shopping when Lin Huang was not around, so he had gotten used to such torture.

However, to Lin Huang, shopping with Lin Xin was even more tiring than refining Virtual God rank-9 Godheads.

At least, he could see the refinement progress that increased daily whenever he refined Godheads. However, Lin Xin buying nothing from her window-shopping spree throughout the entire morning meant 0% progress to him.

After lunch with Mr. Fu, Lin Xin recovered her strength. She then brought Lin Huang and the rest to begin a new round of shopping.

Mr. Fu had asked Lin Huang what he was going to do in the afternoon at lunch. Upon hearing that he was going shopping with Lin Xin, he left with the excuse that an old man like him needed a nap after lunch.

Since it was the New Year, all the stores in the shopping district closed earlier than usual.

All of the stores closed when they shopped until almost 9 p.m. on the first day. Lin Xin returned to Dynasty's headquarters unwillingly.

At night, Lin Huang brought Huang Tianfu and the rest of the staff who stayed back out for a reunion dinner. It was considered the replacement reunion dinner that he missed yesterday.

On the second and third days, Lin Huang and Xiao Mo brought Lin Xin shopping in the morning and would go home late. They would head out at 8 a.m. and returned after 10 p.m. every day.

Throughout the three days, Lin Xin brought them to the five biggest shopping districts and seven big shopping complexes in Emperor City.

They had stopped in at least 300 stores and looked at up to 1,000 products. In the end, Lin Xin bought a pair of shoes, a shoulder tote, and some ten presents for Bloody and the other two.

She was thinking of getting Lin Huang and Xiao Mo something, but both of them declined her offer directly.

Lin Huang was finally relieved when he returned to the Emperor Place on the night of the third day of the New Year.

"The three days of torture have finally come to an end!"


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