Monster Paradise
1194 Sticky Rice Cake
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1194 Sticky Rice Cake

It was almost six in the morning when Mr. Fu sent Huang Baiyu out of his God Territory.

Lin Huang, Bloody and Mr. Fu walked out of the God Territory right after that.

Mr. Fu let out a long sigh upon seeing the sun that had just risen from the horizon far away. "It's the New Year. Ah, I can finally take a good rest."

"Rest well, Master. I'll visit you at lunch with Xin Er," Lin Huang suggested.

"Alright then, I'll take a nap. I've been really exhausted throughout these few days. It's been over 800 years since I last drained my Divine Power like this," Mr. Fu confessed with a slight smile.

Lin Huang glanced at Huang Baiyu. He carried him and walked towards Lin Xin's compound next door with Bloody.

As they departed, Mr. Fu lifted his head and looked at the sun far away. He smirked. "It's a new year!"

After watching them for a while, he then turned around and walked towards the loft behind him with his hands behind his back.

Initially, Lin Huang thought he would be able to rest during the last few days at the end of the year. Never had he thought he would be dragged into being a slave and miss guarding the year with Lin Xin. 

She was still sleeping when they arrived at her compound. Lin Huang did not wake her. Instead, he put Huang Baiyu down in a small pavilion in the courtyard and sat on the stone stool.

Bloody walked to the stone stool across him and sat down.

"Judging from Huang Baiyu's conversion earlier, I think Virtual God rank-3 is the limit of the solution. If it were Virtual God rank-4, I'm afraid it'd be difficult even for Mr. Fu to detonate the Godhead," Lin Huang told Bloody.

"It'll still work, but the controller might have to be a true god-level powerhouse when handling Virtual Gods above Virtual God rank-4." Bloody thought about and explained, "But, indeed, there are many uncertainties for Godheads that are obtained from other sources. It's very hard to figure what oddity some Godheads might have before the process begins. Even the refiners themselves are unsure of the Godheads that they've refined. Just like Huang Haoyang who underwent the conversion before Huang Baiyu, even he had no idea that he refined a Godhead with fire attribute."

"I think if Mr. Fu really wants to make this into a business, it's best not to take virtual god-level powerhouses in. He can only do it for demigods," Bloody could not help but suggest, "After all, the success rate is already so low. If he encounters those with problematic Godheads like Huang Haoyang's, death is almost guaranteed."

"I was just thinking about that," Lin Huang responded, "I really hope there are more virtual god-level powerhouses in this gravel world, and the more powerful they are, the better. However, the success rate is an issue. Also, the conversion is quite a burden to master. On the other hand, elevating demigods have a high success rate and it's easier for him."

"We can tell the people that we've only found a way to elevate demigods to Virtual Gods, but we haven't found a way to convert a Virtual God's Godhead." Lin Huang came up with a plan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Since Lin Xin was still sleeping after speaking to Bloody, Lin Huang thought of bringing Bloody out of Dynasty's headquarters. They went to the fat lady's dumpling stall for breakfast.

The fat lady and uncle were still the same, busy working in the stall.

The fat uncle saw Lin Huang's familiar face, so he greeted him with a wide grin immediately. The fat lady's temptation to pry burned strongly when she saw Bloody.

"Master Emperor, have you brought a girl to our dumpling stall today? This lady is so pretty! Master Emperor, I don't mean to be offensive, but you should bring such a beautiful lady to a higher-end restaurant."

"Aunty, your stall is pretty high-end. Look around you, which stall within 20 miles has a longer queue than yours every morning?" Lin Huang teased.

The uncle continued with a grin, "That's right. What's wrong with dumplings? Our dumplings are one-of-a-kind in Emperor City. How are we not a high-end restaurant?"

The lady narrowed her eyes until there were only two slits as she spoke, "A man is always lying with his lips! The sweeter the things he says, the more you can't believe him!"

Bloody simpered when she heard that comment. She began to understand that humans were animals who said things they did not mean.

"You can try their dumplings," Lin Huang recommended, "If you don't like them, their sticky rice cake is pretty delicious too."

Lin Huang said that because Bloody used to only eat desserts whenever she was snacking. Her favorite food was sweets, and her second favorite was sugary drinks in all flavors as well as dessert. She was never interested in savory food such as dumplings.

However, now that she had elevated to mythical-level, Lin Huang was not sure if her tastebuds had changed.

Soon, the fat uncle brought two servings of dumplings.

Bloody used her chopsticks to take a nibble out of one dumpling. She then put it down and shook her head.

"Seems like your tastebuds remain unchanged." Lin Huang smiled and called to the fat uncle, "Uncle, a serving of sticky rice cake, please!"

"Sure, coming right up!"

The fat lady brought a small serving of four sticky rice cakes.

Bloody sniffed it in confusion. Judging by the smell, it smelled sweet, but there was the aroma of sticky rice. She was unsure if it was appealing or not.

She took a small bite of one with her chopsticks. The confusion on her face morphed into joy all of a sudden. She then picked up another sticky rice cake and shoved it into her mouth quickly.

"It's yummy, isn't it?" Lin Huang knew that she would like that.

Bloody nodded enthusiastically immediately.

When Lin Huang was done with half a serving of dumplings, Bloody had finished all four pieces of sticky rice cake. Lin Huang ordered another portion for her after noticing that.

The uncle noticed this and could not help reminding, "Our sticky rice cake is pretty filling. The most I can eat is two servings and I wouldn't be able to have lunch later on. You guys can get a refund if you can't finish. Don't force it down."

"Don't worry about it, Uncle. I'll pack it for lunch if we really can't finish it," Lin Huang assured kindly.

After the uncle left, Bloody finished another serving of sticky rice cake quickly.

Before Lin Huang could finish the second serving of dumplings, Bloody had inhaled the third serving of sticky rice cake.

Lin Huang raised his eyebrow when he realized that Bloody was looking at him in hunger. "Do you want more?"

Bloody nodded immediately.

"Then, I'll order two more servings for take-away and get a serving of dumplings for Xin Er."

Bloody's take-away was ready when Lin Huang was finished eating.

The duo then stood up and returned to Dynasty's headquarters. It was past seven in the morning when they were done with breakfast, and Lin Xin had just woken up when they arrived at the courtyard.

"Wash up now and have some breakfast." Lin Huang brought the dumplings that he had packed to the first floor and put it on the dining table.

"Coming!" Lin Xin's voice chimed from the second floor.

Bloody unpacked the sticky rice cake right away and began munching away at the table.

When Lin Xin got down, Bloody had finished the two servings of sticky rice cakes that she brought back.

"Brother, where did you go yesterday? I was guarding the year last night and I waited until 1 a.m. but I didn't see you," Lin Xin asked as soon as she saw Lin Huang when she arrived downstairs after putting on her slippers.

"Master dragged me to be his slave in the middle of the night. We were only done when it was almost six in the morning," Lin Huang explained with a comforting smile. "Don't worry. It's the first day of the New Year today. I'll guard the year with you tonight to remedy for last night."

Lin Xin pouted when she heard his response, "What's the point? Guarding the year means guarding the last day of the year and watching the New Year start. It doesn't make sense to guard the year today."

"Alright, I'll do it tonight and bring you shopping tomorrow," Lin Huang extended his condition.

"No, it has to be for three days!" Lin Xin bargained.

"Alright, three days it is," Lin Huang agreed to that bitterly since he figured there should not be anything happening the next three days.


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