Monster Paradise
1193 Conversion Completed
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1193 Conversion Completed

Thinking that death was a sure thing, Huang Haoyang did not expect Lin Huang to summon ten fire dragons. Lin Huang pulled him away from the brink of death and allowed him to reconsolidate his Godhead.

He had no idea that the fire dragons were made of Divine Fire. He thought it was some technique that Lin Huang had executed.

He was also unaware of was that if not for Lin Huang, he would have exploded and died much earlier if another Virtual God had helped him instead.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Seeing that Huang Haoyang's aura had stabilized and that he began using the Divine Power from his transformation to recover his body and soul, Mr. Fu waved his hand and sent him out of the God Territory.

"Divine Fire… You sure have many secrets!" On the other hand, Mr. Fu saw that Lin Huang was using Divine Fire.

"I was lucky to obtain it unintentionally," Lin Huang admitted while smiling bashfully.

"No wonder Bloody told me that you can even refine a Virtual god rank-9 Godhead." Mr. Fu thought of something all of a sudden. "You told me that you were going to use Godhead as the foundation of imperial-level before. Did you really do that?"

Lin Huang had mentioned this when he had a phone call with Mr. Fu before elevating to imperial-level. However, since he only mentioned it casually, Mr. Fu did not take it seriously. Nonetheless, upon seeing there was Divine Fire in Lin Huang's body now, Mr. Fu figured Lin Huang might have really done it.


Seeing that Lin Huang admitted that with a nod, Mr. Fu proceeded to ask, "So, how did you elevate to imperial-level?"

"By refining more Godheads," Lin Huang answered.

"So, what happens when you elevate to virtual god-level?" Mr. Fu was a little puzzled.

"I'm not too sure at the moment, but theoretically, I shouldn't be able to elevate further when my Life Palace reaches the peak. I think I'll have to convert my Godhead," Lin Huang explained, "But I'm not sure how I'm supposed to do it exactly. I'll figure it out then."

"You're being too reckless! You should consider the consequences before doing it." Mr. Fu frowned, thinking that what Lin Huang had done was too risky.

"Don't worry about me. There are countless types of cultivation methods in the great world. I'll look around as much as I can. I'll definitely find a way to elevate to virtual god-level by then." Lin Huang was not in a rush at all, and he did not think that he had made a mistake.

"Take a rest, Mr. Fu. It's New Year's Eve tomorrow. I think it'll take a long time to convert Huang Baiyu's Godhead too." Bloody helped to divert the subject at that second.

"What time is it now?" Mr. Fu lifted his head to ask Lin Huang.

"It's already 8.30 a.m.," Lin Huang said after checking the time.

Mr. Fu said nothing more. He took out a Divine Stone again and replenished his Divine Power after shutting his eyes.

As he was not sure if Huang Baiyu needed any help with the conversion, Lin Huang could only wait in the God Territory. He began chatting with Bloody through voice transmission because he was bored. He asked about Huang Tianfu and the rest's elevation.

Meanwhile, Huang Baiyu was relieved to see Huang Haoyang appearing in Mr. Fu's courtyard, looking fine while his combat strength remained on Virtual God rank-2.

Huang Haoyang only opened his eyes slowly four to five hours later.

"What happened earlier? I saw the Emperor going into the God Territory," Huang Baiyu asked immediately.

"You can't even imagine it. The Godhead that I refined is born with a fire attribute. I almost died from that, dude! Can you believe that the gigantic fire dragons the Master Emperor summoned are a 10,000 feet long each? They can suck the bloody Divine Power in my body into their dragon stomachs like an inverted tornado. It's as easy as slurping noodles to them…" 

Huang Haoyang suddenly had an urge to boast when he saw his old friend Huang Baiyu. Huang Baiyu was stunned to hear him describe the entire process exaggeratedly

This time, Mr. Fu took almost six hours to finally replenish his Divine Power. He spent another hour to settle down before standing up to pull the last person, Huang Baiyu, into his God Territory.

Huang Baiyu was a little anxious at first. However, he was relieved to see Lin Huang there. After all, Huang Haoyang had boasted that Lin Huang was a Godsent from heaven.

"Calm down. Sit with your legs crossed and quiet your mind with your eyes closed. Begin activating your Godhead after settling down." Mr. Fu was at ease since he had the experience of handling Huang Haoyang earlier.

Huang Baiyu did as he was ordered and Mr. Fu went into the zone immediately.

Huang Baiyu's Godhead took seven hours of channeling Mr. Fu's Divine Power to be completely filled. By then, they reached the second step.

"Use six times of high temperature and high pressure first." Bloody was guiding Mr. Fu by the side.

Mr. Fu controlled his Divine Power to increase the temperature and pressure right away.

Bloody spoke again a moment later, "Seven times."

Mr. Fu made a slight adjustment immediately.

"7.5 times!"

Mr. Fu did as he was ordered.

"7.8 times!"

Mr. Fu did as he was ordered again. With his prior experience, he knew that there was no need for him to doubt Bloody's estimation.

"Alright, maintain this." Bloody finally nodded as she observed the minor changes in the Godhead in Huang Baiyu's body with Divine Telekinesis. However, she frowned a little.

"Although his Godhead is Virtual God rank-3, in reality, it's close to Virtual God rank-4. The impact of the explosion will definitely be more intense than we expected. We might need to get Master to absorb the Divine Power again," Bloody said to Mr. Fu and Lin Huang through voice transmission.

The Divine Power at the high temperature and pressure had been penetrating the Godhead for seven hours until Huang Baiyu's Godhead finally reached the brink of explosion.

After hearing Bloody's instructions, Lin Huang sat behind Huang Baiyu with his legs crossed easily while pressing both palms on his back.

A moment later, the Godhead in Huang Baiyu's body exploded. Endless white sparks flew out as insane Divine Power that exceeded their expectations spread out.

Lin Huang summoned all ten of his Divine Fires to suppress that. Ten fire dragons entered Huang Baiyu's body rapidly, spreading out toward all directions and absorbing the immense Divine Power.

Soon, ten gigantic inverted tornadoes appeared in Huang Baiyu's body one after another.

Each gigantic dragon was absorbing the sea of Divine Power like a whale guzzling water. 

The riled up Divine Power that even Mr. Fu could do nothing about was suppressed within one to two minutes.

Huang Baiyu's soul was protected behind a gigantic fire dragon since the beginning, so it suffered almost zero impact.

Bloody called off the absorption of the Divine Power after it went on for almost four minutes. "Alright, he can consolidate the Godhead as usual now."

Lin Huang then recalled the Divine Fire back into his body.

Reluctantly, a couple of Divine Fire dragons peered hungrily in the direction where Huang Baiyu's Godhead was forming before they left. They wanted more.

As the ten Divine Fire dragons retreated from Huang Baiyu's body, his inner world finally recovered its peace. A massive white whirlpool formed in the middle where the Godhead was. White gravel was quickly appearing in the core of the whirlpool at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.


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