Monster Paradise
1191 100% Success Rate
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1191 100% Success Rate

Huang Tufu's elevation took almost two and a half hours to complete.

Mr. Fu was finally relieved to see the Godhead in Huang Tufu's body being formed.

Although he was upset that Huang Tufu had called him short and old, he was merely giving him attitude so that Huang Tufu would watch his mouth in the future. Although he teased Huang Tufu about knowing how much hair he had on his body, Mr. Fu was giving it his all throughout the process of elevation as he did not want any mistakes to happen.

After all, it had something to do with Huang Tufu's future and destiny. As soon as it failed, Huang Tufu's cultivation base could be destroyed or worse, he could die from the explosion.

Huang Tufu was on cloud nine when his Godhead solidified successfully. He could clearly feel that his body and soul being transformed.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Mr. Fu had retreated ten meters away with his legs crossed to replenish his lost energy by refining Divine Stones. Huang Tufu thanked him immediately, "Thank you, Mr. Fu, for helping me to get to virtual god-level!"

Mr. Fu opened his eyes to peek at him. "Stay there quietly. Don't disturb me replenishing my Divine Power."

"Yes, yes, yes. I'll shut up." Huang Tufu covered his mouth and stayed where he was obediently. He quieted down his mind to observe the transformation in his body.

Although Mr. Fu and the other two did not get out of the God Territory, Lin Huang heard the news from Bloody as soon as the elevation ended. He found out that Huang Tufu's elevation was completed successfully. He had elevated from demigod-level to Virtual God rank-1!

In the Emperor's Palace, Lin Huang was finally relieved.

The 97.1% success rate that Bloody told him about before was just data in theory. They would only find out if the plan worked when it was carried out in reality. After all, the denotation of a broken Godhead was crazy enough when one heard about it. Now that Huang Tufu's elevation was successful, it finally proved that Bloody's simulation worked and that the solution that she came up with was viable.

Approximately over an hour later, Mr. Fu finally opened his eyes since the replenishment of his Divine Power was done.

Seeing that Huang Tufu's body transformation had yet to be done, he did not chase him out of his God Territory. Instead, he leaped and appeared in the courtyard.

"The buff guy has completed his elevation and his body is still in the midst of transformation. Who'll be the second one?" Mr. Fu glanced at the remaining four demigods since Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan were absent.

"Me!" A muscular hunk who was even more muscular than Huang Tufu was the first to raise his hand.

"Pick me!" A girl with short hair who was rather tiny jumped up almost at the same time.

Mr. Fu looked at both of them carefully. "The lady goes first then. You'll be next, buff guy. The rest of you will discuss the sequence. Don't waste any time. I'd like to have a good rest during New Year's Eve."

Mr. Fu waved his sleeve again as soon as he was done speaking, and the short-haired girl disappeared from where she was directly. Mr. Fu too disappeared subsequently.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The girl saw Huang Tufu who was sitting with his legs crossed as soon as she was dragged into the God Territory. She clearly sensed that his aura was indeed on virtual god-level. While she was anxious before, she was now excited.

"It really works!"

Naturally, Mr. Fu noticed her change of emotions but he ignored that. He glimpsed at Huang Tufu who was still in mid-transformation and then spoke to the girl, "I'll send all of you out of my God Territory as soon as your Godhead is formed. You guys might interfere with the process and affect the others' elevation success rate if all of you stay in my God Territory. You guys can complete the body and soul transformation in the courtyard later."

The girl nodded. "Understood."

"Alright, calm down. Sit with your legs crossed and close your eyes. Begin activating your Godhead when you're ready. Leave the rest to me." Mr. Fu began to delve into the entire process since he had practiced it on Huang Tufu earlier.

The girl soon went into the zone and began activating her Godhead. Mr. Fu then began the first step.

Time flew by and two hours passed. The short-haired girl's forming of her Godhead was slightly faster than Huang Tufu. Naturally, she shrieked much louder than him throughout the process. Even Huang Tufu, whose body was undergoing the transformation, was woken by her screams.

Initially, he was confused about where the girl's screams were coming out of nowhere. He thought somebody was bullying a girl and was going to criticize the bully on instinct. However, when he opened his eyes, he realized that it was Mr. Fu elevating the short-haired girl. He covered his mouth immediately in fear that he might say something offensive again.

Bloody turned to Huang Tufu with a grin. Seeing him look at her, she gestured him to keep quiet.

Huang Tufu nodded and sat where he was without daring to move. He knew that it was a critical moment when the short-haired girl was consolidating her Godhead. He dared not do anything to distract Mr. Fu.

The short-haired girl's elevation was very successful as well. She triumphantly consolidated her Godhead within two hours.

Before she managed to extend her gratitude, Mr. Fu flicked his sleeve, sending her and Huang Tufu out of his God Territory.

Much to the excitement of the rest, they noticed that the duo's combat strength had changed as soon as they were sent out. 

The short-haired girl's body was still changing while Huang Tufu had finished his transformation. The people then gathered around him to ask all sorts of questions.

After sending both of them out, Mr. Fu took an hour to rest and stepped out of his God Territory again.

"Buff guy, you'll be the third one." This time, Mr. Fu did not waste even a second. He waved his hand and took the muscular guy into his God Territory.

Since the muscular guy, another two demigods underwent successful elevation. Huang Tufu got Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan to be there immediately.

The duo waited for Mr. Fu's Divine Power to recover in the courtyard. They then went into the God Territory one after another.

They took a slightly longer time, only completing the elevation almost three hours later.

After 28 hours, all seven perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses in Dynasty had elevated to Virtual God rank-1.

The success rate was 100%!

Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang were thrilled to witness the success of the seven. Although the success rate for them would be slightly lower, they were encouraged by the continuous success for Huang Tianfu and the rest.

Even Mr. Fu himself was confident since he was getting more and more familiar with the process after performing it seven times consecutively.

After Huang Tianfu was elevated, Mr. Fu rested for more than three hours. He only stepped out of his God Territory when he had rested enough to perform at his peak.

He glanced at Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang, finally setting his eyes on the latter. "You're on Virtual God rank-2, so your success rate is slightly higher than his. You'll be the first."

Huang Haoyang nodded. "As you wish."

Mr. Fu flicked his sleeve, then Huang Haoyang disappeared. Mr. Fu's body faded slowly almost at the same time…


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