Monster Paradise
1189 A Grand Reunion of Dynasty’s Fines
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1189 A Grand Reunion of Dynasty’s Fines

Mr. Fu only got down to business after they were done with their discussion about Lin Xin.

"Get Bloody to give me the steps to elevate a demigod to a Virtual God then."

Lin Huang nodded and summoned Bloody who was wearing a red dress when she appeared.

Mr. Fu was clearly stunned when he saw Bloody who had such a beautiful body. He only asked a while later, unsure about what he was seeing, "She's Bloody?"

Ever since Bloody elevated to the mythical-level, her form was not the only change she went through. Even her aura was now completely different.

"Did she elevate from a quadruple mutation?" Mr. Fu could not get his eyes off Bloody. "This is my first time seeing a quadruple mutated monster that's alive…"

Lin Huang nodded and smiled as he saw Mr. Fu's curiosity. "Yes, she has elevated from a quadruple mutation." 

"Apart from your form, is there anything that's different compared to before?" Mr. Fu asked Bloody.

"Major changes, it's like a thorough transformation." Bloody replied honestly while smiling. "There are plenty of boosts in all aspects, I've also obtained much more abilities."

"What about the boost in your abilities?" Mr. Fu asked again.

"This probably varies from individual to individual. I've had a significant boost in my abilities because after all, my previous form was unsuitable for battle. On top of that, I've mastered plenty of human battle skills and secret skills. I wasn't able to do any of these things in my previous form. With my current form, I can pretty much perform all the human secret battle skills," Bloody explained in full detail.

"How about the skills like Supreme Intelligence that had before this? Is there a boost as well?"

"Yes, my computing skills has had a significant boost as well." Bloody nodded. "Moreover, I can feel that my Supreme Intelligence is at its peak now. If I elevated one more time or if this skill experiences a boost, it could possibly grow toward an even more powerful direction."

Mr. Fu only recalled the serious things after discussing a quadruple mutation with Bloody for some time.

"Oh yeah, that kid Lin Huang told me that you've found a way to elevate demigods to Virtual Gods. He also told me that the solution is to use the broken Godhead in a demigod's and cause an explosion. Is that true?" Mr. Fu was still doubtful of the solution until this moment.

"Put simply, that's about it." Bloody nodded and admitted. 

"But one would have to follow my steps throughout the entire process or the success rate would be almost zero." Bloody continued as she walked in front of Mr Fu. 

"I'll share the complete steps of the simulation I have concluded with you." Mr. Fu nodded and closed his eyes. Bloody then pointed her finger between Mr. Fu's brows. The tip of her finger was two to three millimeters before Mr. Fu's skin.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If one was to observe with Divine Telekinesis, one would see the colorless and formless particles that were so small they were almost invisible. They accumulated into threads that looked like lightning and pierced through between Mr. Fu's brows.

A moment later, Bloody retreated her finger after all of the particles had been transported.

Mr. Fu kept his eyes closed, delving into his body as he sought out the new information Bloody shared with him.

Mr. Fu was silent for more than ten minutes.

He looked deadly serious when he opened his eyes.

"How did you get the data of this simulation?"

"I obtained the preliminary data from Huang Tianfu and the rest. Such elevation can only be done by perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses who have converted 100% of their Life Power to Divine Power. Although Huang Tianfu and the other two have rather higher data compared to ordinary perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses, they range within the normal standard," Bloody explained, "I gotten the average rate after quantifying all kinds of data from the trio's bodies."

Mr. Fu nodded and asked again, "There's one step that I don't understand throughout the whole simulation. I can understand that the re-accumulation of Godhead after the broken Godhead exploded would need massive amounts of energy. However, why is high temperature and pressure required?"

"The function of high temperature and pressure is actually polymerization. Without the high temperature and pressure, it would be tough for the polymerization to happen if energy is the only thing that's provided. I've also got this inspiration from knowledge of other worlds."

Bloody peeped at Lin Huang who was next to her as she spoke to this point. In reality, she gotten the inspiration from the hydrogen bomb's nuclear fusion that Lin Huang told her before.

"Alright then. I heard from Lin Huang that you've done over a million simulations and the success rate was 97%?" Mr. Fu asked again.

"It's 97.1% to be exact," Bloody corrected him.

"Perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses can elevate to Virtual Gods through this but how about those Virtual Gods who have been refining someone else's Godhead? Theoretically, they should be able to consolidate their own Godhead through the same method as well, right?"

"Yes, but the success rate will be much lower. The reason is that it's even tougher for a complete Godhead to explode but the impact would be stronger. Furthermore, those Virtual Gods who achieved the virtual god-level depending on refining Godheads are flawed in flesh and soul. The death rate would be even higher if they were to elevate this way."

"According to my current simulation, if one was to refine a Virtual God rank-1 Godhead, the success rate would only be 88.7%. Refining a Virtual God rank-2 Godhead would have a success rate of approximately be 81.6%. If one was to refine a Virtual God rank-3 Godhead, the success rate would only be 72.3%. These are already the best case scenarios from my simulations, especially the difficulty would be much higher in reality and pull the success rates even lower."

"It can work on Virtual Gods as well?!" Lin Huang was wondering if Virtual Gods who managed to achieve the virtual god-level through refining Godheads could use the same way as well. He held his tongue because he thought it was virtually impossible but now that he heard Bloody's explanation, he realized that Virtual Gods could do the same thing as well. "Is there any way to increase the success rate?"

"There's no way. At least there's no way that I know of before my Supreme Intelligence transforms again." Bloody smiled helplessly as she waved her hands.

"I must inform Baiyu and Haoyang to see what they think about this."

"There's no need to wait, you can do that now. Also, gather all those perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses who are eager to elevate in these few days," Mr. Fu said to Lin Huang.

"It'll be New Year's Eve the day after tomorrow, do we have to rush it?" Lin Huang raised his eyebrows.

"It's better to settle this before New Year's Eve." Mr. Fu nodded.

"Alright then, I'll get Tianfu to make the arrangements." Lin Huang nodded and called Huang Tianfu right away.

Huang Tianfu had no complaints when Lin Huang delegated the responsibility to him. He merely replied, "Alright, I'll handle it."

Mr. Fu on the other hand was discussing the details with Bloody.

When it was almost lunch, Lin Huang had to interrupt them since they were still deep in discussion.

After lunch, Lin Huang left Bloody behind with Mr. Fu to answer his questions while he brought Lin Xin and Xiao Mo out for shopping.

Under Huang Tianfu's arrangements, a couple of perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses rushed back to Dynasty's headquarters in Emperor City one after the other.

Including Huang Tianfu and the other two, there were a total of seven perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses in Dynasty. All of them were present.

The last time the seven of them gathered was when Lin Huang was enthroned as the Emperor.

It was not only the seven perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses, but Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang who Huang Tianfu informed of the matter were here as well.

Powerhouses wielding the top combat strength throughout Dynasty were now gathered in the same room.


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