Monster Paradise
1187 Mr. Fu Makes A Comeback
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1187 Mr. Fu Makes A Comeback

"Master, apart from guarding Dynasty, there's another reason why I'm asking you to make a comeback this time."

Lin Huang only spoke about this other thing after breaching the subject of guarding Dynasty with Mr. Fu. "Bloody found a way to elevate from the demigod-level to the virtual god-level."

"Elevating from a demigod to a Virtual God?!" Mr. Fu got excited when he heard this. Nobody has ever solved that problem since the old days. "Is there really a way?"

"Yes. Bloody had done up to a million simulations after coming up with the theory. The success rate even exceeded 97%." Lin Huang nodded.

"What exactly is it? Can you tell me?" Mr. Fu was a little curious.

"Put simply, it's done by causing the broken Godheads within one's body to explode and consolidate a new Godhead with the intense energy from the explosion," Lin Huang explained it as simply as he could. In reality, he had no idea how it would work because Bloody was the only one who knew.

"Can a person still live when their Godhead explodes? You said the success rate exceeds 97%, but I think it's more like the death rate exceeds 97%," Mr. Fu glared at Lin Huang doubtfully. He thought the solution made no sense. "Stop fooling around, tell me the solution!"

"I'm being serious! I'm not fooling around with you. I'm not exactly sure what the exact steps are but Bloody will explain to you by then." Lin Huang looked helpless. "But this process would require a high-level Virtual God that's at least at Virtual God rank-7 to take control."

Mr. Fu remained doubtful and was in disbelief. However, after giving it some thought, he asked Lin Huang anyway, "So you're asking me to help the demigods in Dynasty to elevate to the virtual god-level?"

"In reality, I was only thinking of getting Huang Tianfu and the other two to elevate to the virtual god-level. I'll get them to use a disguise god relic to conceal their combat strength so the news won't go out and attract trouble from other organizations."

"However, Bloody suggested elevating all the Demigods in Dynasty and spread the news of it later as long as the exact method of achieving this feat was not revealed. After all, even if Huang Tianfu and the other two managed to hide this, they would only be able to hide it for a while. It would be far worse if someone was to find out about it by then. Moreover, we can take in the request of other demigods request after announcing this news and charge them for the service. We believe there are many demigods would be willing to pay to elevate to the virtual god-level."

"You little rascal, always thinking of tricks like these." Mr. Fu laughed as he criticized Lin Huang. "But I love this idea of yours! All the senior demigods are filthy rich, and we've finally found the opportunity to take their money…"

Mr. Fu thought he was a little disgusting for saying that and changed his expression to one far more serious.

"Since the disaster is coming, having more Virtual Gods is a good thing to the entire gravel world. I'll be more than happy to help them elevate to the virtual god-level!"

"Hehe…" Lin Huang was speechless. Mr. Fu was showing more and more of his true colors before Lin Huang.

After their discussion, Mr. Fu decided to pack up his ship to return to Emperor City with Lin Huang.

Huang Tufu had just returned too as soon as they stepped into the dimensional portal.

"Master Emperor!" Huang Tufu went to Lin Huang immediately.

"Have you just returned, Tufu?" Lin Huang did not expect such a coincidence.

"Yeah, I've just taken a few steps out of the dimensional portal and saw you stepping out with this young brother," Huang Tufu smirked while saying.

"Young brother…" Mr. Fu was a little speechless. It had been a thousand years since someone called him that.

Lin Huang who was standing next to Mr. Fu almost laughed out loud but he explained immediately, "He's my master, Mr. Fu. Don't call him nonsensical things like that."

"Mr. Fu?! Huang Tufu was stunned to hear. He could not help but mumble to himself after a moment of observation, "Isn't Mr. Fu a short, old man according to the rumors?" 

"A… Short… old man…" Mr. Fu squinted as he heard what Huang Tufu mumbled later on.

Realizing that he had said something wrong, Huang Tufu owned up to his mistake and apologized, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend an old man like you…"

"Old man…" Mr. Fu's expression when he was looking at Huang Tufu was getting increasingly impatient.

Lin Huang grabbed Mr. Fu's shoulder immediately. "Tufu, isn't Tianfu looking for you? Why don't you go look for him, now."

He signaled Huang Tufu to ask him to leave immediately.

Realizing that he said something wrong again, Huang Tufu left right after he cupping his hands before them in respect.

"I'll remember you, muscular brat!" Mr. Fu mumbled softly while looking at Huang Tufu leave.

"Don't be angry. Tufu always speaks before he thinks. He didn't mean it," Lin Huang comforted. 

"I'll bring you to Tianfu and Wunan now." Lin Huang said and brought Mr. Fu into Dynasty's office building.

Everyone had their eyes on both of them as soon as they entered the lobby, starting their gossip once again the moment they entered the elevator.

As they got to the highest floor via the elevator, Lin Huang brought Mr. Fu to Huang Tianfu's office.

Huang Wunan and Huang Tufu were there too.

Seeing that Mr. Fu was staring at him, Huang Tufu looked down and away immediately.

Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan stood and spoke. "Master Emperor, Mr. Fu."

Clearly, both of them learned about Mr. Fu's identity from Huang Tufu.

"It's the pleasure of those of us in Dynasty's to have you, Mr. Fu here…"

Huang Tianfu took out a tea set from his storage space after a short chat of courtesy.

Even Lin Huang was surprised. He had no idea how Huang Tianfu found out that Mr. Fu loved tea art.

Mr. Fu only spoke once he saw Huang Tianfu bringing out the tea leaves, "This is pretty good."

"These are the tea leaves from an ancient tree. I've got no idea of its background but it was Master Emperor who brought them back earlier," Huang Tianfu explained.

"I brought them back?" Lin Huang was stunned to hear this. Then, he recalled a moment later that Zhi Ji from Misery was the one who gave it to him two months ago.

Although they had no idea of the origin and type of the tea leaves, Mr. Fu started the conversation and began speaking about the art of tea with Huang Tianfu. Huang Wunan who was standing aside would chime in occasionally as well.

Huang Tufu was the only awkward one who sat exactly where he was, having no idea what he could say to add to the conversation.

The topic finally changed when Huang Tianfu distributed the tea. "Lin Huang told me that he has a way to elevate demigods to Virtual God, do you guys believe him?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What?" Huang Tufu looked lost. He told Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan about bumping into Mr. Fu as soon as he flew here. He did not have the time to ask why Huang Tianfu brought him back to the headquarters in such a rush.

"We didn't have the time to tell him yet," Huang Tianfu explained, feeling a little embarrassed.

Huang Wunan who was next to him gave Huang Tufu a simple explanation through a voice transmission immediately.

Huang Tufu's emotion stirred after he heard it. He looked at Lin Huang. "Master Emperor, can it really be done?"

"This is one of the main reasons why I brought my master here. To get him to help you guys elevate to the virtual god-level." Lin Huang nodded.

"That's awesome! I've dreamed of breaking through to the virtual god-level every single day!" Huang Tufu was so happy that he was almost jumping with joy.

'He believes it so easily…' In reality, Mr. Fu who was standing at one side heard the voice transmission Huang Wunan sent to Huang Tufu. He merely passed the news to him and Huang Tufu believed it just like that without a single doubt. 

He asked Huang Tianfu and the rest if they believed what Lin Huang said to test how much trust they had on Lin Huang. However, it seemed like Huang Tufu's belief in Lin Huang was without hesitation.

He could not help but peep at Lin Huang. Initially, he thought he would help to teach the three of them a lesson if they lacked confidence in Lin Huang's management. However, it seemed like Lin Huang was not just a respectable Emperor, but had even won over the heart of Dynasty. It was so much better than what Mr. Fu expected.


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