Monster Paradise
1185 Chan Dou Bids Farewell
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1185 Chan Dou Bids Farewell

Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan agreed to be the first batch of experiments upon hearing Lin Huang talking about elevating to virtual god-level.

The 97% success rate aside, even if the success rate was only 67%, the duo might have agreed to that too. One must know that elevating to virtual god-level one day was what all the demigods in the world were hoping for. Naturally, that included Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan.

If someone else were to tell them that they had a way to elevate demigod to Virtual God, Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan might scoff at the person, thinking that it was a lie. However, since it was Lin Huang who said that, the impossible became possible. The duo did not hesitate at all and chose to believe him.

After Lin Huang left, Huang Tianfu contacted Huang Tufu immediately. However, he did not tell him what was it about on the Emperor's Heart Ring. He just told Huang Tufu to get back to Emperor City.

As Lin Huang walked out of the office, the first thing he did was to get to the compound that Lin Xin was staying in.

It was two days before New Year's Eve. That girl must have been complaining about him every day.

He heard Lin Xin, Xiao Mo, and Chan Dou's chatter as soon as he walked into the courtyard.

Scanning the area with his Divine Telekinises, he found out the trio's combat strength crystal clear.

Lin Xin had elevated to immortal-level and was already on immortal-level rank-6 now. Clearly, she had been suppressing her speed of elevating.

Xiao Mo had already achieved imperial-level yellow gold-rank since he was healed. Clearly, he had not slacked off.

Among the three of them, Chan Dou was the one who had the highest combat strength. He was already on imperial-level white gold-rank now and was only one step away from imperial-level purple gold-rank. Compared to a holy fire-level, an imperial-level powerhouse could advance three ranks within half a year. It was even a few times faster than Xiao Mo whose body had been transformed by the Crow God before.

Lin Huang could not help but exclaim secretly, 'He deserves to be one of the Five Princes, the highest powerhouse among the supreme geniuses!" He knew very well that if he had no conduit such as Xiao Hei, he could never compare to Chan Dou no matter whether it was talent or potential.

Talking about the real talent and potential, the Five Princes, including Chan Dou and Huang Wuji, suppressed the era in this gravel world.

Lin Huang appeared before the trio in a flash after some observation. "What are you guys talking about? It sounds fun."

The three of them were stunned to see him appear out of nowhere.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Brother, you've finally gotten out! I would have to see you next year if you didn't get out in time," Lin Xin teased him while smiling.

"You silly girl, do you think I don't know when New Year's Eve is?" Lin Huang shook his head while saying with a smile, "Of course, I went into closed-door cultivation after careful calculation."

"Master Emperor." Xiao Mo cupped his hands. He was now a Dynasty member. Naturally, he could not be as casual as he had been before when speaking to Lin Huang.

"We're family. There's no need to be so serious. I got you to join Dynasty so that it's easier for you to obtain cultivation resources. I didn't mean for you to learn all these."

"I must obey the basic rules." Xiao Mo remained respectful.

Seeing that Chan Dou did not speak, Lin Xin could not help it and informed Lin Huang, "Brother, Boss Chan is leaving." 

Lin Huang spun around to look at Chan Dou with a delighted expression. "Boss Chan, so you've made up your mind!"

"I have," Chan Dou responded while nodding, "I've been waiting for you to get out of your closed-door cultivation so that I can say goodbye. Thanks for taking care of me for half a year!"

"Don't worry about it, Boss Chan. You took care of me back when we were at the Genius Union, so I should be the one thanking you."

"Although I don't remember anything about the Genius Union, it feels good to know that I used to be your boss," Chan Dou said while smiling.

After all, Lin Huang was the mighty Emperor of Dynasty now. Moreover, he was collaborating with a few of the top organizations including the Union Government. Dynasty was one of the biggest influential organizations in the whole gravel world now, hence it made sense for Chan Dou to feel proud about being such a person's boss in the past.

Lin Huang could not help but chuckle out loud after hearing what Chan Dou said.

"You were glorious when you were the chief of the Heaven Alliance. You were on par with me. You'll remember it when your memory recovers."

"I also hope to recover my memory soon, but I can't force such a thing to happen. I'll just go with the flow." Chan Dou smiled lightly. "Perhaps, I might recall something when I return home in the environment that I was familiar with."

"It'll be New Year's Eve in a few days. I shall leave today, so I'll be able to familiarize myself since I'm going back a few days ahead. I can prevent myself from forgetting my family members and their names during the New Year."

"The Chan Clan…" Lin Huang hesitated and said it anyway, "The Chan Clan was in chaos during the six months since you went missing in May last year. Although your father is still the master of the clan, he has been challenged. The Chan Clan has been divided into three sects, and all of them are fighting to be the master of the clan. They are also fostering a supreme genius each. You must be careful in everything you do when you return. Don't be betrayed by your own family."

Chan Dou narrowed his eyes after hearing that. He only nodded at Lin Huang after a moment of silence. "Thanks for reminding me."

"But it's good for you to go back now. It's New Year's Eve. Everyone will be busy. Nobody has the time and strength to be fighting. Moreover, since you're alive, it'll be the best piece of news of the year for your father." Lin Huang patted Chan Dou's arm.

"You can consider joining Dynasty if you're eager to join an organization after you're done handling your matters at home. I've reserved a good position for you. Whether I'm in this gravel world or not, Dynasty's doors will forever be opened for you."

"I'll think about that," Chan Dou nodded in all seriousness. He was not perfunctory at all when he said that. He was really putting Dynasty the first in his list.

As Chan Dou took out a dimensional portal from his Emperor's Heart Ring, Lin Huang and the other two watched him disappeared after stepping in. (Lin Huang found Chan Dou's Emperor's Heart Ring among the loot he gotten after fighting God Bless. He then returned it to him.) 

"Brother! Why didn't you get him to stay?" Lin Xin asked while watching Chan Dou leave. "The Chan Clan is in chaos now, but he has yet to recover his memories."

"He has to face what's happening at home sooner or later. His memory didn't recover the slightest bit throughout the past half a year. He can't keep dragging it out if he doesn't recover in ten or 20 years. Moreover, for the Chan Clan, the earlier they solve the internal conflict, the better. It'll be too late to remedy it if this goes on."

"What if the people in the Chan Clan attack him for the position of master?" Xiao Mo asked all of a sudden. He was trained by the Purple Crow, so he had seen and heard about many of such filthy doings.

Lin Huang could not help but snicker after hearing what Xiao Mo said. "Don't underestimate Chan Dou. He can fight a demigod with his current ability. As long as he doesn't encounter any virtual god-level powerhouses the organizations are hiding, he's basically conquered the entire gravel world. It would be seeking death if someone stupid in the Chan Clan decides to attack him.

"You guys have only seen his gentle and quiet side throughout the half a year. That's why you're afraid that he might be bullied. Do you really think a man who was the boss of the Heaven Alliance could be bullied by just anyone?!"


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