Monster Paradise
1183 Circles
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1183 Circles

After sending the people from the heretics off, Lin Huang informed Huang Tianfu before going into closed-door cultivation.

This time, he was no longer cultivating Seamless but breaking through his combat strength by refining Godheads.

Together with the two Virtual God rank-9 Godheads that he tossed into his body as well as the 136 complete Godheads and 1,528 broken Godheads, they were enough to boost him by two ranks.

His leveling up to imperial-level was completely different from the rest. He did not have to look for Life Base monsters and killed them to obtain its Life Base. All he had to do was to refine enough Godheads to transform his Life Palace automatically.

In reality, compared to obtaining his Life Base, this was much easier. The only problem was that it was time-consuming.

Fortunately, there was a boost in his Divine Fire since he elevated to imperial-level. The speed of refining Godheads was a few times faster than when he was on immortal-level.

Initially, he would only refine 1% of Virtual God rank-9 Godheads throughout a full day of maximum effort. Now, he could refine over 3% per day which would take him a month to complete refining all of them.

Lin Huang merely peeked at Bloody who was focused on the simulation in the Emperor Palace and glanced away. He also found a space to sit with his legs crossed. Quieting his mind, he began to activate the Divine Fire in his body to refine the Godheads.

The 1,500 or so broken Godheads that he put in his body earlier were refined by the Divine Fire automatically within an hour. Throughout the three days, even though he did not refine them on his own, more than 40 Virtual God rank-1 and rank-2 Godheads were refined by the Divine Fire. Even half of the Virtual God rank-3 Godheads were refined.

As Lin Huang activated the Divine Fire himself, the refining speed skyrocketed six to seven times faster.

Lin Huang looked into his body and could even see 21 Virtual God rank-3 Godheads melting rapidly at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

In less than half an hour, half of the Virtual God rank-3 Godheads were melted by Divine Fire fully and turned into clumps of golden gravel.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Some ten hours later, all of the Virtual God rank-4 Godheads were refined.

Over 20 hours had passed, and all of the Virtual God rank-5 Godheads were refined.

Later on, Lin Huang spent two days refining the 13 Virtual God rank-6 Godheads.

He then spent approximately half a month to refine all of the other Godheads apart from the two Virtual God rank-9 Godheads. He soon arrived on the brink of breaking through to imperial-level rank-2.

However, he was not sure if it was a lack of Divine Fire intensity, but the speed of refining the two Virtual God rank-9 Godheads was one fold slower when they were refined together. Fifteen days had passed, but only a quarter of them was refined.

Lin Huang did not rush nonetheless. No matter what, looking at the progress, they would be completely refined completely one and a half months later.

Time passed by. Lin Huang's aura was growing almost every day in the Emperor Palace.

Meanwhile, the collaboration between Dynasty, the Union Government and the heretics were getting on track since half a month had passed.

Since the trading system opened, the members of three organizations soon familiarized themselves with the new trading model.

The transformation of the trading system added more choices. It also caused the members of the three organizations to be more enthusiastic to hunt for resources to purchase the items they desired.

Apart from the trading system, Dynasty's intel department also began working with the Union Government and the heretics. They expanded Dynasty's intel channel by heaps as well as boosted the efficiency of obtaining information.

The heretics gained many benefits from the collaboration.

On the underground organization's side, Misery also carried something out throughout the half a month.

Using Dynasty's pulling out of the underground world as an excuse, Misery began engaging in all aspects of the underground world and came up with a series of new regulations. They seemed like they were going to take charge of the entire underground world.

Everyone in the underground world was discussing it.

Many thought that Misery must have been triggered by Dynasty. However, the top organizations could tell that Misery was using it as an excuse and was taking the opportunity to integrate the entire underground world. 

Although Misery had many fans, they had many haters too.

The promotion of Misery's new regulation throughout the half a month was considered a failure, and they even received many objections.

As Lin Huang was refining the last two Godheads with all of his might, it was getting closer to New Year's Eve.

Usually, all the organizations would slow their activities down when it was close to New Year's Eve because most people would spend time with their families.

However, since Dynasty had just collaborated with the heretics and the Union Government this year, both neutral organization members were extraordinarily active.

On the union organization's side, the Union Government had begun their exploration in Dynasty's trial zones.

Before Lin Huang went into closed-door cultivation, he had given Huang Tianfu the authorization, so his closed-door cultivation did not affect the Union Government going into the trial zones.

Apart from that, the underground boss, Misery, had preliminary success in promoting the new regulations.

They even killed two organization members who were playing tricks secretly to warn the people for the sake of promoting the new regulations.

The few top underground organizations including the Purple Crow and Saint dared not object any longer.

The consecutive activities in the union organizations, the neutral organizations, and the underground organizations made the last month before New Year's Eve even more crowded than before.

Naturally, not all the organizations were merely watching.

As the top spy organization in the entire world, the Mystic Butterfly was the first to notice something going on with the heretics.

They went prying around after realizing that the people from the heretics became more hardworking. They were familiar with the heretics, so they knew about their casual and lazy way of handling things. Finally, they found out about the truth.

They were surprised to find out that the heretics were collaborating with Dynasty and working with the Union Government indirectly. They had even obtained internal trading access to the Union Government.

The Mystic Butterfly did not blow things up after learning that. Instead, they visited Dynasty secretly.

Although they did not get to meet Lin Huang during the visit, the discussion was smooth with Dynasty's three Grand Dukes. They only spent two days coming up with the agreement. They became Dynasty's third collaboration partners after the agreement was signed.

The Mystic Butterfly obtained the trading access they desired while Dynasty obtained access to the Mystic Butterfly's data.

After the Mystic Butterfly joined Dynasty, the Union Government also got the Hunter Association within less than three days. However, the Union Government reserved the leading position for the Hunter Association coming in instead of Dynasty.

Dynasty and the Union Government were the core of the collaboration circle. It grew stronger after involving a few organizations within less than two months. 

Even Huang Tianfu and the rest did not expect that the collaboration method Lin Huang came up with could attract so many people to join them within such a short period of time.

They had no idea that it was called a circle on Earth. However, the circles on Earth were mostly created by business moguls and not the entire organization joined them but individuals.


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