Monster Paradise
1182 Bloody’s Discovery
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1182 Bloody’s Discovery

Lin Huang rushed back to the Emperor's Palace as soon as the three-day meeting with the heretics was over.

There was no reason for his hurry other than Bloody coming up with the cultivation methods at noon and telling him that she found out about something through voice transmission.

Lin Huang had been holding the piece of information until he signed the agreement with the heretics. He then returned to the Emperor's Palace immediately.

The lights were shining brightly in the Emperor's Palace. In her red dress, Bloody sat with her legs crossed under Lin Huang's throne. She only got up calmly when she saw Lin Huang entering the Emperor's Palace.

"Bloody, what exactly did you find out?"

"There's no rush. Let me tell you slowly," Bloody said while smiling, "I was studying the Buddhist methods that you gave me throughout these few days. I came up with three sets of simple cultivation methods from up to a hundred Buddhist methods. When I was coming up with the third set of methods this morning, I realized that it's very similar to a set of ancient methods that I came up with earlier.

"I then compared both methods and simplified the cultivation steps. I found out that there are only three steps in these two cultivation systems to get one to virtual god-level — foundation building, accumulation of energy, and formation of the core.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"These are the differences. The first one, there's a different way of building the foundation. Secondly, there are many types of ways for the accumulation of energy whereby each method is different. Some methods to accumulate energy only have two steps while some have five. It causes the categorization of ranks to be completely different. Last would be the formation of the core. In reality, it is natural is to consolidate a solid energy substance just like the Godhead in your body. However, different cultivation systems form different energy substances."

Lin Huang recalled what the stone tablet had said before about the human cultivators in an era cultivating the foundation as the first step. However, they did not continue the topic further and they stopped at the foundation. At that time, he did not think of asking further.

"So, what's the conclusion?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"The conclusion is that the cultivation system of the gravel world that we're currently in is messed up. The accumulation of energy is placed before the foundation building, making the formation of the core difficult."

In reality, Lin Huang had heard about Bloody's conclusion from the stone tablet before. Bloody proceeded when he was going to explain that he knew about this, "However, there's a benefit out of all this mess. Without building the foundation, it would mean that one has yet to step on the path of cultivation. Your body can cultivate the methods that start with building the foundation which doesn't collide with the current system.

"To put it simply, those who are below imperial-level and haven't consolidated their Life Palace can cultivate methods that build their foundation. They can then perform the accumulation of energy and consolidate Godheads. Naturally, whether one can elevate to Virtual God or not depends on the compatibility of the methods. Also, it depends on one's potential and talent."

"How about people above imperial-level? Is there any solution to this?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"There is!" Bloody looked at Lin Huang grimly. "You can do that by destroying your Life Palace and building your foundation from scratch!"

Lin Huang was stunned to hear her answer. In reality, there should be people who had considered that in theory, but he figured not many would have the guts to actually try that.

Most of them would fear that not being able to cultivate once their Life Palace was destroyed. What if they had to be stuck on immortal-level forever?!

"Are you sure that's viable?" Lin Huang asked while frowning a little.

"It totally can, theoretically." Bloody nodded although she dared not promise that either.

"How about those demigods who failed to elevate to Virtual God? Can they fix it?" Lin Huang asked again.

"That's much more difficult than imperial-levels. Theoretically, it would work if one destroys the broken Godhead in their body. However, the impact of exploding a Godhead is different from destroying a Life Palace. I'm afraid most people can't handle such an explosion. Even if it was a broken Godhead, it's a high-density energy crystal. A major explosion will definitely take place as soon as it's destroyed. It's much easier to destroy a Life Palace because a Life Palace won't explode. It'll only collapse and disintegrate.

"But it doesn't mean that it's impossible for a demigod to fix that issue. As long as the accumulation is sufficient, theoretically, the demigods can consolidate a complete Godhead with the help of the exploding broken Godhead in their body."

"It would be great if they didn't die from the explosion. How is consolidating a new Godhead possible?" Lin Huang thought Bloody's theory was too optimistic.

"In reality, I've done a simulation. It's possible if a high-level virtual god-level powerhouse steps in," Bloody explained, "It's just that nobody has even tried this before and I haven't found a way to do it safely. The success rate at the moment is less than 3%."

"There's no need to dwell on this since the success rate is so low." Lin Huang shook his head while smiling grimly. "If a high-level virtual god-level powerhouse were to help, what's the probability of stabilizing the explosion from the broken Godhead?"

"If we rule out the nature of a person's body, the success rate is pretty high overall at approximately 83%. The higher the person's soul and body are, the higher the success rate, especially when one has a powerful soul. The reason being when the broken Godhead explodes in one's body, the first thing that will be impacted will be one's soul. Naturally, the 83% success rate I mentioned is the probability after using a soul-type god relic. Without the soul-type god relic, except for people with compelling souls, the survival rate of an ordinary person would basically be 0."

"So, what happens to people who survive the Godhead explosion?" Lin Huang asked again.

"Their combat strength will drop to immortal-level rank-9 directly because Godheads are formed by Life Palaces. As soon as the Godhead is destroyed, the Life Palace will go too," Bloody said like everything made sense. "After some time of rest and when the inner world has stabilized, one can build their foundation again."

Although Bloody made it sound very simple, Lin Huang knew that it was much more troublesome to carry out something like this. He asked again after a moment of silence, "Have you done a simulation of all that?"

"I began the simulation in the afternoon. I've done it approximately more than 5,000 times now. In reality, I'm still doing the simulation in my head at this very moment. I've only divided a part of my consciousness to speak with you now. I'm planning to do the simulation a million times and see if there's any way to stabilize the Godhead explosion."

"How long will it take for you to simulate it for a million times?"

"Judging from my current progress, it'll take around 57 days."

"I'll go into closed-door cultivation for almost two months anyway. Let's do it together." Lin Huang estimated the speed of him refining Godheads. It would take him almost two months for him to refine all of the Godheads. He would be on imperial-level rank-3 when he got out of the closed-door cultivation by then.


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