Monster Paradise
1180 You’re Such A Nice Person
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1180 You’re Such A Nice Person

They finally got in business after a while of chatting.

Lin Huang did not bother to beat around the bush, so he went straight to the topic.

"Presiding Judge, we're happy that you guys are visiting Dynasty. However, I still don't know what your purpose of visiting is since our chat earlier. Can you tell me more about that?"

"Purpose?" Sun Zhuo raised his brow when he heard Lin Huang. "Of course, we're looking into collaborating."

"Didn't you guys invited people to collaborate with Dynasty in the video a few days ago? Here we are," said the Vice Presiding Judge Zhou Tong sitting on Sun Zhuo's left while digging his nose.

Lin Huang frowned at what Zhou Tong was doing. Since he entered the meeting room, he had been picking both of his nostrils alternately with his left little finger as if he would feel uncomfortable if there was no finger stuck up one of his nostrils.

Noticing that, Lin Huang frowned at Zhou Tong. Sun Zhuo explained softly through voice transmission immediately, "Zhou Tong has always had this peculiarity since way back. He loves digging his nose. Don't mind him, Master Emperor."

"I see. I thought something was wrong with his nose," Lin Huang smiled while replying through voice transmission.

After looking away from Zhou Tong, Lin Huang unintentionally caught sight of Cao Ya who was sitting next to Zhou Tong. She was biting her fingernails.

Just when Sun Zhuo wanted to explain, Lin Huang spoke through voice transmission, "Peculiarity. I get it."

Among the three people that Sun Zhuo brought along, Xia Yu was the only one who appeared normal.

Lin Huang could not help but sympathize with Sun Zhuo. It was pretty tough to lead such an odd team.

Hearing what Zhou Tong said, as the one responsible for all matters in Dynasty, Huang Tianfu spoke, "What kind of collaboration are you looking at?"

Sun Zhuo laughed when he heard that question. "Of course, collaboration in all aspects." He signalled Cao Ya who was biting her fingernails after he said that.

Cao Ya took her finger out from her mouth calmly and projected a document from her Emperor's Heart Ring.

Lin Huang looked at the projected document while Huang Tianfu next to him turned on his Emperor's Heart Ring and accepted the document Cao Ya shared.

Lin Huang glanced through the outline of the documents roughly. Apart from the financial collaboration, the heretics listed many other aspects in the outline. It seemed like they were planning to form a thorough collaboration with Dynasty.

"I'll get Tianfu and the rest to look at the proposal. Let's chat." Lin Huang turned his head and said to Huang Tufu, "Tufu, get the kitchen to prepare some desserts."

He thought of something all of a sudden just when he said that. He asked Sun Zhuo, "Is there anything that you guys don't eat or are allergic to?"

"I'm allergic to nuts," Cao Ya answered before Sun Zhuo could speak.

Sun Zhuo shook his head helplessly. "Only Xiao Ya is allergic to nuts. The rest are fine."

"Alright." Lin Huang nodded and said to Huang Tufu again, "Get them to avoid nuts in the desserts. And ask them to prepare a few glasses of fruit tea."

Huang Tufu nodded and left after standing up.

Lin Huang began chatting with Sun Zhuo since Huang Tufu left. Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan, on the other hand, began to study the heretics' proposal.

Soon, Huang Tufu had returned.

Sun Zhuo and the rest were surprised when they saw him taking desserts out from his storage space because he had just left for less than two minutes.

"That's quick!"

Huang Tufu smiled while nodding. "I got them to prepare this beforehand, so it was ready even before you guys get here. I told them to leave out the two desserts with nuts and brought the rest here."

Lin Huang smiled while speaking upon seeing Huang Tufu bring the fruit tea out. "Try the tea. It's a secret recipe that our back kitchen had just come up with earlier. You can only taste it at Dynasty at the moment."

There were many food cultivators in Dynasty's back kitchen, including some retired Food Hunters with amazing cooking skills. They had many secret recipes that they would not share with anyone. A particular chef might be the only one who could make that specific dish in the entire gravel world. The fruit tea that Lin Huang mentioned was clearly one of those secret recipes.

Hearing that it was a secret recipe, the people from the heretics could not help but sip it immediately.

"It's so delicious!" Cao Ya and Xiao Yu exclaimed almost at the same time.

"It feels like we're slurping on a frozen watermelon in summer," Zhou Tong said with a dazed smile after taking a sip.

"Sweet, fragrant, and a magical taste that lingers." Sun Zhuo nodded lightly. "This fruit tea is interesting."

"Try the desserts. We have a pastry chef in our back kitchen. His skill ranks among the top three in the entire gravel world." Lin Huang promoted again.

"Is he Master Zhou?!" Xia Yu asked immediately.

"Yes, he only stays with Dynasty for three days per month. He happens to be here today. These three desserts we have today are made by him." Lin Huang did not tell them that the reason Master Zhou was here was that Dynasty had gotten him back after the people from Misery visited yesterday.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Xia Yu's eyes lit up when she heard about the chef. She had loved desserts since she was a kid.

"Master Zhou has a store called Hearty in the business district near my house. The store opens at 8 a.m. but there will be people queuing from 5 a.m. until they close at 10 p.m. There's always a queue. It's even crazier during the weekends. There would always be more than a hundred people queueing. It's the most popular store in the entire business district. It even boosted the business of hiring someone to queue and purchase pastries for you. I'll have to hire someone to buy it for me every time I'm craving for their desserts."

"There's one near my house too. True, there's always a queue everyday," Cao Ya agreed.

"Those pastry chefs at Hearty were trained at the academy that Master Zhou owns. It isn't Master Zhou who teaches them but some of his students. Sometimes, it's even the students of his students. Nonetheless, the desserts that we're having today were made by Master Zhou himself this morning." Huang Tianfu could not help but interrupt them after hearing them talking about the desserts.

"Come and try," Lin Huang invited while smiling. He picked up a piece as well.

"It's so heavenly!" Xia Yu and Cao Ya cried out almost at the same time again.

"It's never too much for me to eat ten pounds of these everyday." Zhou Tong shoved the desserts into his mouth immediately.

"To be honest, I'm not a dessert person, but I can eat this every day," Sun Zhuo said while grinning after eating one.

"Boss, I think we should include Master Zhou in this collaboration. Let him work for the heretics three days a month too!" Zhou Tong announced in a muffled voice as he spoke with his mouth full.

"If he can't do three days, one day will work too!" Xia Yu offered.

Sun Zhuo was speechless.

"We can't be deciding this for Master Zhou, but since he happens to be here today, I'll bring you guys to see him after our discussion is over later. You guys can discuss the part-time matter with him," Lin Huang said while smiling.

"Emperor Lin, you're such a nice person!" Cao Ya looked grateful while Xia Yu next to her nodded.


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