Monster Paradise
1177 Misery’s Announcemen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1177 Misery’s Announcemen

After adding Misery to Royal's list, then getting Zhi Ji and Jie Wu's signature as well as stamping the list with Misery's chop, Lin Huang finally owned his second affiliated organization.

Since the registration was done, Lin Huang delegated the responsibilities to Zhi Ji and Jie Wu after holding a simple meeting with the 11 Misery Virtual Gods.

Naturally, he did not forget to return Jie Sha, Zhi Lu, and Ku Zhen's bodies to Misery before leaving so that they could be buried.

It was almost noon when he returned to Emperor City.

Huang Tianfu was the first to welcome him after seeing his return. "Master Emperor, how was the discussion with Misery?"

"It was pretty successful," Lin Huang said with a wide grin. "They'll publish an announcement either today or tomorrow to verify the fact that Dynasty has been pulled out of the underground world."

"Wow, the people from Misery let you off so easily?" Huang Tianfu was baffled to hear that.

After all, Lin Huang had killed people from Misery, so it was pretty impossible for them to be so friendly to him.

"They're Buddhist cultivators after all. They'll listen as long as what I say makes sense," Lin Huang explained smugly. He did not utter the last sentence that he wanted to say, 'Everything makes sense when you have a bigger fist!'

The impression Huang Tianfu had on Misery was different. Hearing how Lin Huang made it so simple, the more he thought that Lin Huang's ability was unfathomable.

"Oh yeah, how's the gathering of the Godheads and the rest that I asked you to collect for me?"

"We didn't collect many Godheads. There are only 11. Very few organizations are willing to sell that. We have slightly more broken Godheads. There are over 200 of them. There are also very few high-grade god-level soul crystals. We've only collected three."

Huang Tianfu took out a temporary storage ring and gave it to Lin Huang who then patted Huang Tianfu's shoulder.

"Thanks for the hard work. Continue to collect them and let me know if the money is insufficient. Don't use Dynasty's money. These are things I personally asked for after all."

"Your humble one understands." Huang Tianfu nodded.

"Anything else? If not, I'll go into closed-door cultivation in the Emperor's Palace." Lin Huang could not wait to refine the Godheads that he had just obtained.

"I can basically handle the rest here! However, the heretics sent an invitation this morning saying that they'll visit us. I think it's better for you to be present, Master Emperor."

"The heretics?" Lin Huang was stunned to hear the familiar name. "Why are they visiting us?"

"They didn't specify the exact reason. They only said that they're visiting since they're also a neutral organization," Huang Tianfu informed the reason the heretics included in the invitation helplessly.

"It does sound like what they would say." Lin Huang could not help but recall the time when he fought the heretics. They were insane like that. "Let them come then. We'll just chase them out if they stir trouble up here. I won't be going into closed-door cultivation these two days then. Let's see what the heretics want."

Lin Huang began sorting out the loot he had obtained that day as soon as he returned to the Emperor's Palace.

It was a rewarding trip to Misery this time. Misery had more than a hundred Godheads of all grades alone and up to 1,00 broken Godheads. There were more than ten types of god-level soul crystals and at least ten different treasures containing spiritual energy.

Lin Huang had retrieved the methods the people from Misery cultivated from Zhi Lu and the rest's memories. Nevertheless, he got Zhi Ji to make a copy of all of the methods that they excavated from the ruins.

After sorting out the loot, Lin Huang did not go into cultivation immediately. Instead, he summoned Bloody.

"There are up to a hundred Buddhist cultivation methods here. Most of them can get one to virtual god-level. You can refer to them and see if you can integrate them with the ancient methods that I gave you before coming up with a few sets of new methods."

"I'll try." In her red dress, Bloody sat with her legs crossed in the Emperor's Palace after getting the Buddhist methods from Lin Huang. She then began to study those Buddhist methods that she had just obtained.

Lin Huang, on the other hand, took out the god-level soul crystals from his storage space and summoned the Shackle Serpent. 

As a control-type of God Figurine's Combat Soul, the Shackle Serpent had mediocre battle ability but remarkable sealing ability. Lin Huang had taken some time to think about it before deciding to pick it as the fourth God Figurine's Combat Soul to be elevated to Virtual God rank-8. 

He tossed the soul crystals at the Shackle Serpent which opened its jaws wide and swallowed all the 18 soul crystals into its stomach.

Subsequently, Lin Huang took out the treasures containing spiritual energy and fed them to the Shackle Serpent one after another.

Although the Shackle Serpent's aura was being upgraded, it was still some distance away from elevating its combat strength after finishing all the materials.

In reality, the elevation of the God Figurine's Combat Soul's combat strength was the easiest to Lin Huang. As long as he had sufficient resources, the upgrade was possible. However, now that the resources were insufficient, their combat strength elevation would become a long, arduous journey.

Since Lin Huang knew that, he did not feel troubled at all. He patted the Shackle Serpent's head and recalled it back to his body.

Lin Huang left Bloody alone upon seeing that she was in the zone with her legs crossed.

He took out all of the Godheads and broken Godheads, then tossed them into his body without hesitation. The Godheads and broken Godheads he obtained this round combined together with the Virtual God rank-9 Godhead he had were sufficient to get him to imperial-level rank-3.

However, since the heretics were visiting tomorrow, he had to wait for a day before he could go into closed-door cultivation.

Sensing the broken Godheads being refined automatically in his body one after another and flowing into his Life Palace after turning into Divine Power, he could clearly feel that the Divine Power provided by the broken Godheads was decreasing.

"The broken Godheads' effect is dropping immensely before I've even gotten to imperial-level rank-2. I think the broken Godheads would lose their effect entirely when I get to imperial-level rank-3. Furthermore, the effect of the Virtual God rank-1 and rank-2 Godheads would have dropped by heaps by then."

Considering that he had something to deal with tomorrow, Lin Huang refrained from refining the Godheads. He was afraid that he might be unwilling to stop as soon as he got into refinement mode.

He thought about it for a while and sat with his legs crossed. Then, he began cultivating Seamless.

However, Lin Huang had no idea that the entire cultivation world was stirred up not long after he stepped into the Emperor's Palace.

The announcement published by Misery was the reason for the uproar.

This was the rough content of the announcement: "After a friendly discussion between Misery and Dynasty, Misery feels sorry that Dynasty is pulling out of the underground organization. However, we respect the decision that Dynasty has made, and we wish Dynasty the best in their development as a neutral organization."

The simple two sentences caused many different encryptions by countless people.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Most of them thought Dynasty had bribed Misery. They must have come to a secret agreement for which Dynasty might have paid a big price.

Only organizations such as the Union Government that knew Lin Huang's ability very well could figure out this matter might not be as simple as it seemed.

In the Union Government headquarters, Jiang Shan looked out of the floor-to-ceiling window while frowning a little. "Lin Huang's ability is so much more powerful than we estimated!"


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