Monster Paradise
1175 I’ll Be A Little More Serious
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1175 I’ll Be A Little More Serious

In the dreamland, the 999th floor of the Sky Pagoda was thrown into chaos. 

Jie Wu was running while panting hard. His eyes were a little bloodshot and he was obviously in disbelief.

Not far away, Zhi Ji's chest was going also heaving up and down. However, his eyes were clear while he maintained his calmness.

"Theoretically, this guy's Divine Power should've been drained many times more than ours. However, it doesn't seem tired at all and its Divine Power has remained at the same level. It proves that it might have some special technique to replenish its Divine Power. No matter what the reason is, our chances of winning will drop if this goes on," Zhi Ji said to Jie Wu through voice transmission.

"I've told you to kill it since the beginning, but you told me to preserve our Divine Power and find the opportunity to fight back. Now, it's been half an hour. This monster with the trunk has attacked us more than 4,000 times and we've only attacked it four times together," Jie Wu mocked through voice transmission. The mustache above his lips looked like it was flying away.

"Indeed, I miscalculated," Zhi Ji admitted his mistake.

"So, what's the plan? Do we take his attacks on directly, fight him for one round and mess up his rhythm?" Jie Wu asked first and gave his own suggestion later on.

"We can't do that. It'll drain too much of our Divine Power." Zhi Ji shook his head to decline the suggestion. He only spoke a moment after thinking it through, "I'll defend. You'll be responsible for attacking."

Zhi Ji took out a god relic shield as soon as he was done speaking. He stopped running all of a sudden after inserting Divine Power into it. Then, he spun around and defended the Nightmare Tapir's air slices from mauling him by force.

Jie Wu hid behind him in a flash.

The golden shield created a half golden sphere shield after being inserted with Divine Power. It protected the duo.

Seeing that the duo changed the battle model all of a sudden, the Nightmare Tapir could not help but raise a brow. It subsequently revealed a delighted expression that looked human instead of feeling stunned.

In reality, chasing and suppressing the duo was boring for it. Clearly, the duo's defending and retaliating was much more interesting.

"Fight me now. That'll be more interesting." The Nightmare Tapir was smirking in joy. 

Zhi Ji headed towards the Nightmare Tapir swiftly, holding the golden shield.

Meanwhile, Jie Wu followed closely behind him. The tip of the spear that he was holding had a white glow the size of a rice.

Just when Zhi Ji was 100 meters away from the Nightmare Tapir, it did not seem to have sensed the danger around it. Instead, it stood where it was. However, behind Zhi Ji, Jie Wu vanished in a flash.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jie Wu arrived around ten meters before the Nightmare Tapir when he appeared again.

Before the Nightmare Tapir could react, he charged with the bronze spear in his hand. Endless white glow shot out of the tip of the spear and drown the Nightmare Tapir in it.

"Is it over?!" Jie Wu and Zhi Ji thought of that almost at the same time.

However, a voice entered their ears at the moment. "What are you guys waiting for? Are you looking for me?"

The duo spread their Divine Telekinesis as soon as the voice boomed. They searched anxiously for the Nightmare Tapir's coordinates.

However, Zhi Ji had goosebumps as soon as he spread his Divine Telekinesis. The Nightmare Tapir was just ten meters behind him!

'If he hadn't spoken earlier and attacked directly, I think I might've been dead now.' Zhi Ji saw a whip coming at him just when he thought about his mortality. The whip was growing at an alarming speed, so he backed off immediately. At the same time, he inserted Divine Power into the shield.

Meanwhile, Jie Wu, who was on the other side, noticed that Zhi Ji had lured the Nightmare Tapir to attack him. He flashed and swung his spear at the Nightmare Tapir again.

The silver spear charged like a lightning, arriving before the Nightmare Tapir in the blink of an eye. The stars that were shining at the tip of the spear were pointing at its head.

Almost immediately, the Nightmare Tapir mauled it with its claws which collided with the silver tip of spear.

The intense contact flung Jie Wu out.

On the other side, the Nightmare Tapir's trunk collided with Zhi Ji's shield almost at the same time. Zhi Ji also flew out with the shield. 

If the Nightmare Tapir did not hold back its ability, the duo would have definitely died from the collision.

However, since the Nightmare Tapir suppressed its ability to be on par with Zhi Ji and Jie Wu, they only shot out from the collision instead of suffering any physical injuries.

The duo adjusted themselves and went back into their high-morale battle mode.

The intense battle began again!

Since their collaboration went well, Zhi Ji and Jie Wu were becoming more and more in sync.

The three silhouettes collided over and over again in the air.

Zhi Ji was not always the one who was responsible for defending whereby they would exchange their responsibilities occasionally, causing a bit of trouble for the Nightmare Tapir.

However, the Nightmare Tapir's Divine Power remained stable as time passed by. No matter how it attacked relentlessly, the Nightmare Tapir's Divine Power seemed to be bottomless.

Meanwhile, Zhi Ji and Jie Wu, on the other hand, could not do the same. The draining of their Divine Power was clearly faster than before since they initiated the attacks.

Their Divine Power was almost non-existent within the short 20 minutes. Zhi Ji and Jie Wu were helpless.

"It seems like we're losing. My Divine Power is only sufficient for one last attack!"

"Mine too."

Naturally, the Nightmare Tapir noticed the changes in the duo's Divine Power. It knew that they were coming to a dead end.

"The both of your Divine Powers are finished. To show my respect, I'll be a little more serious in my last attack. You guys will lose in vain if I keep dragging you around like this."

Zhi Ji and Jie Wu were puzzled.

"This guy held back his abilities? Who is it kidding?"

"I think it's just bragging. After all, everyone knows how to brag."

A gleam of disdain flashed through the Nightmare Tapir's eyes again when it saw that they were in disbelief.

With an aggressive swing of its trunk, a red glow lit up in the sky all of a sudden.

All Zhi Ji and Jie Wu could feel were the red glow approaching them at the speed of light. They were drowned in the red glow before they could even react.

They flew out directly, the very last drop of Divine Power in them evaporating.

Without the support of Divine Power, their god relics retreated back into their bodies. Their bodies that had lost the protection of the god relics were fragile under the immense suppression, so their bones were crushed completely.

Zhi Ji and Jie Wu gaped at their bodies in shock. Their bones began to be pulverized from the chest spreading all over their bodies. From their shoulders to the tip of their fingers, from their pelvic bones to their toes, and from their chest to their back…

At that very moment, Zhi Ji and Jie Wu sensed the very horror of death.

As their bones were crushed, their organs turned into mush. They watched their bodies become distorted and sunken. It was the longest and scariest one second that they had ever experienced in their lives.

Fortunately, all of the bone-crushing and tremors came to a halt abruptly right before the horror spread to their skulls.

Only able to move their heads, they felt like they were fish on the chopping board at the moment, waiting for death.

Until then, they finally realized their differences in abilities compared to the Nightmare Tapir.

However, the Nightmare Tapir did not tell them that that was not even its maximum performance level.


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