Monster Paradise
1174 The Cat-and-Mouse Game
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1174 The Cat-and-Mouse Game

In reality, Zhi Ji already had speculation about the ability Lin Huang was hiding when Jie Sha and Zhi Lu were killed. He guessed that his ability should be above Virtual God rank-7. Now that he saw Lin Huang and noticed his two Virtual God rank-8 imperial monsters, he developed new speculation about Lin Huang's ability. He felt that Lin Huang had techniques to fight a Virtual God rank-9. 

Even though he thought he had overestimated Lin Huang's hidden ability, he never expected Lin Huang to summon a Virtual God rank-8 imperial monster and defeat almost all of Misery's core team in one go.

Seeing the other members on the ground, Zhi Ji and Jie Wu glanced at each other and saw the fear in each other's eyes.

"This guy is definitely quadruple mutated! Be careful." Zhi Ji guessed that only the Nightmare Tapir was quadruple mutated earlier. However, he was sure of it now. "I'll distract him and you can check on the rest of them."

Jie Wu nodded lightly and appeared next to the other members in a flash. He was relieved after checking on them. He then spoke to Zhi Ji through voice transmission, "They're just unconscious, but they're alright."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In reality, both of them knew very well that the low-level and mid-level Virtual Gods were still alive because the Nightmare Tapir held its power back. Clearly, Lin Huang hoped to take over the complete team after he won the battle.

Seeing the nine of the 11 fall while the remaining two had adapted to his attack and were walking, the Nightmare Tapir finally began the first round of attack.

The thunderous roar that screamed in their heads stopped all of a sudden. Zhi Ji and Jie Wu's heads were peaceful now, and they felt like the world was beautiful again.

To prevent the battle from affecting the remaining nine, Jie Wu dragged them into his God Territory.

On the other hand, Zhi Ji used his Divine Telekinesis to check the floors below. He was completely relieved when he found out that the floors outside the defense layer were not affected.

"Don't worry. This is just a sparring session. I know my limits." The Nightmare Tapir's voice came into their ears slowly. "If you give your attention to something else, both of you might be killed by me in the next attack!"

Jie Wu glared at the Nightmare Tapir madly without saying anything.

Meanwhile, Zhi Ji nodded at the Nightmare Tapir calmly. "Indeed, we were a little distracted earlier, but we'll pay attention now."

The Nightmare Tapir grinned when both of them adjusted themselves and paid it all of their attention. "That's more like it."

Seeing the Nightmare Tapir encouraging his opponents, Lin Huang, who was watching the battle outside the dreamland, was speechless. "Why are you encouraging them? Don't be reckless and lose the battle!"

"Don't worry. They can't defeat me in my dreamland!" The Nightmare Tapir's response made Lin Huang even more speechless now.

"Where exactly did you learn to be so full of yourself?" Lin Huang could not help but mumble softly.

"It's the God Figurine's Combat Soul that you visualized. Naturally, their consciousness is a reflection of your own." The stone tablet's voice came all of a sudden.

Lin Huang had no idea how to argue back after hearing that. "I'm only full of myself occasionally, alright?"

The stone tablet paused before speaking again after waiting for Lin Huang to admit it himself, "Of course, apart from the reflection of consciousness from you, the God Figurine's initial consciousness will remain, as well as the monster tribe's bloodline that you visualized. If you must categorize the God Figurine's Combat Soul's consciousness in detail, the reflection of your consciousness would occupy approximately 50% while 30% comes from its own consciousness and around 20% from its bloodline."

"Are you doing this on purpose? Don't you need to breathe when you speak?"

In reality, Lin Huang knew that his God Figurine's Combat Souls were very different from others. 

The Combat Souls that he consolidated from his visualization were complete individuals whereby their combat strength would not be restricted by his own combat strength. If there were enough resources, their combat strength could almost elevate endlessly to the limit they could bear.

Moreover, the Combat Souls were consolidated through the visualization of Protoss's God Figurine as the foundation and the powerful monsters on the True Spirit Guide as the mold and the sea of spirit energy. Their level easily surpassed quadruple mutation.

Apart from that, his God Figurine's Combat Souls came with complete personal consciousness and even had terrifying learning abilities.

Meanwhile, the combat strength of the Combat Souls belonging to the rest of the people in this gravel world would be restricted by their master's combat strength. The highest the God Figurine's Combat Souls could go would be their master's combat strength. The Combat Soul's level would also be limited by the monsters they hunted. Most of them were triple mutated. There were very few that were triple and a half mutated. As for the Combat Soul's consciousness, only their battle consciousness was left behind. They would only move by command without any ability to think.

Even though they managed to refine a God Figurine and integrated the Combat Soul, they would only have a God Figurine's puppet.

Compared to normal Combat Souls, their God Figurine's Combat Souls were not much different from the normal Combat Souls apart from the fact that their bodies were slightly more powerful and had a better ability to carry out the skills that the God Figurines could initially do.

Because of all these reasons, many people thought Lin Huang's God Figurine's Combat Souls were his summoning beasts when they saw them. Under normal circumstances, only summoning beasts had complete self-consciousness and high intelligence.

In reality, due to the God Figurine's Combat Souls' numerous flaws, many powerful genius powerhouses were unwilling to spend time refining them. To them, God Figurine's Combat Souls were not a great help. Besides draining an immense amount of Divine Power, their combat efficiency was only so-so, hence they would rather fight on their own. They would rather elevate their own combat strength or cultivate battle skills than spend the time to refine God Figurine's Combat Souls.

However, Lin Huang broke many limitations of the God Figurine's Combat Souls and they became his trump card.

It gave him the ability to conquer the entire gravel world with his imperial-level combat strength.

Meanwhile, the Nightmare Tapir was at ease as it fought the duo in the dreamland. In reality, it already had the ability to kill Virtual God rank-9s when it was on Virtual God rank-5 back then. Even though Zhi Ji and Jie Wu's abilities were slightly more powerful than normal a Virtual God rank-9's, there was a limit to it. Moreover, it was no longer on Virtual God rank-5 now.

The Nightmare Tapir had been holding back its abilities and merely performed at Zhi Ji and Jie Wu's level to play a game of cat-and-mouse.

Since it had the ability to copy the skills that it had seen in the dreamland, Zhi Ji and Jie Wu were having a tough time fighting it.

Lin Huang, who had been watching the battle, said nothing. After all, the Nightmare Tapir needed the opportunity to practice and he was worried that it would be excluded from performing techniques that were on par with True God.

Meanwhile, Zhi Ji and Jie Wu were extremely clumsy in the dreamland.

The Nightmare Tapir's ever-changing techniques made them fail to expect what was its next move at all.

Within half an hour, they had drained more than half of their Divine Power.

In reality, the duo only managed to attack efficiently only a few times together and they spent most of the time running away from the Nightmare Tapir's attacks. The draining of their Divine Power was mainly caused by the impact of the Nightmare Tapir's attacks.


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