Monster Paradise
1172 I’ll Give You Two Options
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1172 I’ll Give You Two Options

Foothold No. 1A13, Nirvana City in Division 1 was where Misery's headquarters was located.

The tallest building in the entire Division 1, the Sky Pagoda, was in this foothold.

The 999-story Sky Pagoda was over 3,000 meters high. It stood tall in the central zone of the entire foothold with the building penetrating into the sky.

Although it was an underground organization's headquarters, many tourists would visit this place every year. The adventurous ones might even visit more than one foothold under the jurisdiction of the underground organization. In reality, they knew very well that the safety in those footholds where the underground organization headquarters were was not as lackadaisical compared to the Union Government.

Safety would affect the number of residents directly which, in turn, would affect the number of investors. The number of investors would make or break the economy of a foothold.

Therefore, the footholds where the underground organization's headquarters were based would usually be bearable. At least, it was for the commoners on the surface.

Even most of the underground organizations welcomed tourists to visits their footholds because tourism made good money. The effect also spilled over to many other businesses which was beneficial for the foothold's economy.

Nirvana City was one of the underground organization's footholds that was considered wealthy in tourism.

The Sky Pagoda was the highest artificial building in Division 1, and it attracted many tourists each year. Misery even made the areas around the Sky Pagoda into tourism zones with all sorts of amenities.

At the moment, an elevator containing many tourists was rising from the foot of Sky Pagoda.

The Sky Pagoda was an attraction not to be missed when one visited Nirvana City. All the tourists flocked to it.

Almost all of the ten or so tourists in the elevator were snapping videos and photos.

A little boy of seven or eight pulled his father's hand all of a sudden. "Dad, look! Someone's flying over there!"

His exclamation drew many people's attention, so they looked where he was pointing.

A silhouette to the right of the elevator was flying high at a speed tens of times faster than the elevator.

"It's a transcendent!" someone exclaimed out loud.

The elevator erupted into chaos all of a sudden. Many people began adjusting the angle of their cameras in an attempt to document this moment.

However, the silhouette soon disappeared into the clouds above.

"Dad, why is the transcendent flying above the pagoda?" piped up the little boy again.

The kid's father looked pretty young. He was speechless from the question as he had no idea how to explain it.

At that moment, an uncle next to them said, "Kid, this Sky Pagoda has a total of 999 floors, but this elevator that we're taking can only go to the 990th floor. We can't access the last nine floors. I heard that the nine floors above are the headquarters office. The office area has no elevator, so you can only fly if you want to get in. The person who was flying should be a member of Misery."

As those tourists were talking about Misery's headquarters, Lin Huang had passed through the clouds and arrived on the 999th floor of the Sky Pagoda. 

"Why didn't the Dynasty's Master Emperor notify us about your arrival? We must roll out the red carpet." A deep male voice came from not far away just when Lin Huang stood still.

A man in a red robe walked out of the dark slowly. There were ten people in gray robes who followed behind him.

Lin Huang noticed that most of the 11 of them were glaring at him like an enemy while a minority of them had no expression on their faces. Meanwhile, the leader had a faint smile on his face.

Clearly, these people had heard about Ku Zhen, Jie Sha, and Zhi Lu's death and knew that he would come.

"Didn't you guys know that I was coming?" Lin Huang smirked and said to the person who was leading the group. He could sense that the person's aura was nothing below the Master God's clone of God Bless. He should be Misery's leader.

Secretly, he observed the person. Both his height and features looked mediocre. He was one of those who looked inconspicuous if he were to be thrown into a crowd.

"Let me introduce myself. Your humble one is Zhi Ji. You can say that I'm Misery's current abbot," the red-robed man said calmly.

"Lin Huang from Dynasty." Lin Huang gave a simple introduction of his identity. He was sure that everyone knew who he was anyway.

"Master Emperor, you came alone. What a man," Zhi Ji said while smiling lightly.

"You guys sent people to visit Dynasty, so I thought I'd visit Misery myself. It's reciprocity, I guess," Lin Huang replied.

"Let's talk in the meeting room then." Zhi Ji gestured for Lin Huang to take a step forward.

Lin Huang did not decline the invitation and stepped out directly.

He had the Ninetails Lynx hiding in the alternate dimension and the Nightmare Tapir which had shrunk to hide in his sleeve anyway. The duo would fight if anything were to happen. 

Everyone sat around the table after following Zhi Ji and Lin Huang into the meeting room. Zhi Ji sat at the main seat while Lin Huang sat across him.

A bald man in a gray robe served every one tea after they had settled in.

"Master Emperor, try this snow tea. I brought a few of these tea trees from a ruins over 500 years ago. They only sprout when it snows. I plucked this batch of tea leaves during the first snowfall half a month ago," Zhi Ji introduced graciously.

Lin Huang picked up the teacup and took a sip. He was not afraid that the tea might be poisoned since he had Divine Fire in his body. As long as it could not kill a True God, anything could be refined with Divine Fire. Meanwhile, according to Zhi Lu and the rest's memories, no poisoning techniques were found in the inheritance from the ruins.

The tea was sweet. Indeed, the tea leaves were considered the best Lin Huang had ever tried. It could almost compare with the batch of ancient tea the Union Government chief, Jiang Shan, had.

The people from Misery were surprised to see Lin Huang drink the tea without hesitation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A few of them were waiting for Lin Huang to refuse the tea. They thought they would have a chance to tease Lin Huang. However, Lin Huang sipped it instantly, so their anticipation was short-lived. Some were a little pissed, so they held their heads down and refused to speak.

However, Zhi Ji remained calm since the beginning. He pretended as if nothing happened and told the story about the tea leaves.

Lin Huang was just as patient. He was chatting with Zhi Ji happily as though he was not there to seek trouble.

After a few cups of tea, Zhi Ji was done with his story. Lin Huang smirked slightly. "Now that we've drunk the tea and talked about other things, shall we get down to business?"

The atmosphere that was eased in the meeting room became heavy all of a sudden after everyone heard what Lin Huang said.

"Do you guys not want to know why I visit you?" Lin Huang looked at Zhi Ji and smiled wryly.

"Lin Huang, you killed…" A bald hunk in a gray robe stood up all of a sudden. However, Zhi Ji applied pressure to his shoulder from far away before he could finish speaking.

"Sit down, Jie Se." Zhi Ji's voice was soft. The bald hunk wanted to say something, but he held his head down upon seeing Zhi Ji's expression. He dared not say anything.

Zhi Ji then looked at Lin Huang after stopping the bald hunk and continued smiling.

"Master Emperor, so what's the purpose of you visiting us this time?"

Lin Huang smiled since they were finally on track.

"Zhi Lu gave Dynasty two options when he visited us this morning. One was to cancel the collaboration between Dynasty and the Union Government and dismiss ourselves as a neutral organization. The second choice was to eradicate Dynasty from this world entirely, sparing nobody's lives.

"I'll also give Misery two options now. One is to serve me unconditionally and become the second organization under me. The second is to be killed by me, sparing nobody's lives!"


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