Monster Paradise
1167 Lin Huang’s Trump Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1167 Lin Huang’s Trump Card

Everyone was bewildered to hear what Lin Huang said.

Even Huang Tianfu and the rest had no idea what trump card he had to be saying that.

The people from Misery were shocked while Jie Sha and Zhi Lu were completely enraged.

"You imbecile! I'll catch you alive today and send you to the Ghost Prison after sealing you. They'll torture you every day with cruel punishments. I bet that'll teach you a lesson!" Jie Sha glared viciously at Lin Huang.

Naturally, Lin Huang knew what kind of place the Ghost Prison was. It was the darkest and cruelest place in the black market. Almost all the high-quality slaves in the black market came from that place. It was said that no matter how strong a person's will was, they would be turned into a slave physically and mentally as long as they stayed in the place for a long time. It was impossible for them to ever find themselves again.

However, Lin Huang grinned when he heard the threats. "Your suggestion sounds great, but I don't usually like to leave anything behind. I won't spare your life to prevent you from escaping the Ghost Prison. You'll just be wasting my time if I go after you should you be out there playing tricks again."

"I'd like to see if you can still be so high and mighty when I got you!" Jie Sha attacked as soon as he was done speaking. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He stretched his hand from where he was, and a huge golden hand arrived before Lin Huang in the next second. Seeing that he was going to get Lin Huang, Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang did not bother helping him at all.

However, the golden hand caught nothing but thin air. Besides Lin Huang vanishing, even Huang Tianfu and the rest disappeared.

Instead, the trio from Misery was astonished to see a monster that looked like a tiger with a long trunk appeared next to the golden hand out of nowhere. 

"Where did all of the Dynasty people go?" Ku Zhen did not see how Lin Huang and the rest disappeared at all, so he asked both of them.

However, Jie Sha and Zhi Lu did not see it clearly either.

"They must've been teleported away by this monster with some sort of technique," Zhi Lu explained while frowning. He subsequently said to Jie Sha through voice transmission, "Be careful. I can't sense this monster's combat strength."

However, the long-trunked monster mauled with its claw as soon as Zhi Lu spoke, crushing Jie Sha's golden hand instantly.

In the next second, the long-trunked monster vanished from where it was.

Jia Sha's pupils shrunk and he backed away immediately. However, the long-trunked monster appeared behind him as soon as he did that.

Then, he abruptly realized pain radiating all over his body. He held his head down and it dawned on him that his head was separated from his body.

Ku Zhen and Zhi Lu were shocked. All they saw was blood spurting out of Jie Sha's body and him being sliced into pieces.

Even the god relic on his body retreated back into his body from the single attack alone.

"What!?" Zhi Lu gulped. As Jie Sha's partner, he knew his ability very well. Although he had a slightly more powerful ability than Jie Sha, there was a limit to it. Since the monster managed to kill Jie Sha within a second, it would mean that it was easy for the monster to kill him too. Although it might not kill him in one blow, it could definitely kill him with two to three hits.

Ku Zhen was completely dumbstruck. Never had he thought the two people that he brought along would die. His mind went blank at that moment.

Just then, the long-trunked monster turned its head slowly and glared at its second target — Zhi Lu.

Zhi Lu had goosebumps when he locked eyes with the long-trunked monster like a terrified cat. He dared not move at all, afraid that any action he took would trigger the monster to attack him.

However, the long-trunked monster stepped out anyway and disappeared.

Zhi Lu did not see its movement at all, but he retreated quickly by instinct. He gripped his god relic battle sword in front of his body in a defensive stance.

Just when he was moving, he felt an immense strength shaking his battle sword. His right arm that was holding the sword was crushed!

The terrifying impact pierced through the battle sword and crashed into the god relic battle armor on his chest.

At the same time that Zhi Lu was thrown out, he felt the Divine Power in his body being drained. Without the support of Divine Power, the god relic battle sword and battle relic retreated back to his body automatically.

Although Zhi Lu was not killed by the attack, his Divine Power was drained fully and he lost an arm. Apart from that, the ribs under his chest were all crushed.

"Such insane ability! It has to be on at least Virtual God rank-8 or even Virtual God rank-9!" A glimmer of fear flashed through Zhi Lu's eyes. Never did he expect Lin Huang to have such a trump card.

However, he had no idea that the Nightmare Tapir held back a significant amount of his ability. In the dreamland that it had created, the Nightmare Tapir was just revealing peak-stage Virtual God rank-8 ability.

Therefore, Zhi Lu was not killed instantly by the attack.

If the Nightmare Tapir was to give his all, he might be able to kill a Virtual God rank-9 in one hit.

"How is Lin Huang controlling an imperial beast on such a level?" Just when Zhi Lu was having doubts, he saw a yellow silhouette appear above him in a flash.

He looked up to see a pair of cold eyes staring at him.


Just when Zhi Lu thought that, his body was cleaved into pieces.

He saw his body separating from his head at the very last moment when he was still conscious. Meanwhile, his body that was sliced into pieces fell onto the ground pathetically.

Within three seconds, Ku Zhen saw two Virtual Gods being killed consecutively. His throat felt dry and constricted as his mind that had gone blank earlier was now in chaos. He could not understand how Lin Huang was controlling such a powerful monster at all.

As the Nightmare Tapir walked to him step by step, he felt like the Grim Reaper was approaching with every step he took.

Just when he was giving up hope, an idea popped into his head all of a sudden.

"Lin Huang! I'm only on imperial-level. You're being a bully, summoning a virtual god-level monster! Do you dare to accept my challenge to make this a fight between imperial-level?"

The Nightmare Tapir stopped walking after a moment of silence, and Lin Huang revealed himself next to it.

"Such prodding is so low." Lin Huang patted the Nightmare Tapir's head while smiling.

Upon seeing that, Ku Zhen was sure that the Nightmare Tapir was Lin Huang's summoning beast. His heart plummeted, but he had yet to give up his last hope of fighting.

"Let's have a fair match. You can do anything to me if you win. If I win, you'll have to let me go."

"I heard that people from Misery aren't afraid of death, but it seems like a Bodhisattva like you cherish your life," Lin Huang teased while smiling.

"I'm not scared of death, but death can be as light as a feather or as heavy as a mountain. I just hope that I won't die in vain," Ku Zhen argued.

Lin Huang continued smiling without saying anything. Naturally, he did not believe in a thing that Ku Zhen disputed.

"You want a fair match, don't you? I'll give you that."

Ku Zhen's eyes lit up when he heard his promise.

Lin Huang grinned. "You won't be fighting me, but him."

A man wearing a black cloak and a hat appeared next to Lin Huang as he uttered those words.


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