Monster Paradise
1165 Misery’s Visi
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1165 Misery’s Visi

Three guests arrived at the guest lounge at Dynasty's headquarters at 8.50 a.m.

The person who was leading them was a young man who looked about 20 years of age. He wore a white robe and had long hair that reached his waist. His face was so beautiful that he looked like a lady.

Huang Tianfu and the rest sensed clearly that this young man's combat strength aura was imperial-level purple gold-rank. However, he was two years older than Lin Huang at the most by the looks of it.

Of the other two gray-robed men, one was muscular while the other was skinny and slender.

They stressed the Virtual Gods Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang out even though they did not release their aura intentionally. Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang could faintly sense danger from them.

The duo could see the fear in Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang when they locked eyes. The two gray-robed visitors were at least mid-level Virtual Gods. In fact, they might be even more powerful than that.

The white-robed young man had a slight smile on his face as he observed the people from Dynasty quietly.

He only fixed his eyes on Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang for a moment and peeped at Huang Tianfu, Huang Wunan, and Huang Tufu. However, the three perfect-stage demigod-level Grand Dukes did not interest him at all.

He glanced at the three Grand Dukes and then at the few Dynasty upper echelons. However, he soon looked away, losing interest after seeing that they were demigods.

A sense of disdain flashed through Huang Tianfu's eyes but he asked with a smile on his face, "May I know how to address the three of you?"

"I'm sorry. We forgot to introduce ourselves. Your humble one is Ku Zhen." The white-robed young man put down the teacup in his hand and said while smiling, "These two next to me are Jie Sha and Zhi Lu."

Huang Tianfu and the rest experienced a slight change of expression upon hearing that. They did not know much about Misery, but they knew that the members would remove their names and given nicknames since they joined the organization.

Meanwhile, although they had never heard of the nicknames Jie Sha and Zhi Lu, they knew that the nicknames that began with 'Jie' and 'Zhi' were the earliest batch of Misery members. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

For Ku Zhen who had a nickname that began with 'Ku', he was like the Holy Son from Saint. In Misery's terms, they were called Bodhisattva. Those who would be chosen as Bodhisattvas would have to be at least supreme geniuses. They might even have abilities that were comparable with the Four Princes on the same combat strength.

"So, it's the Bodhisattva and two seniors." Huang Tianfu soon adjusted his emotions.

Naturally, the white-robed young man Ku Zhen noticed Huang Tianfu's change in emotions. He was quite impressed by his control. "I see you guys have done your homework." 

Huang Tianfu looked calm, but in reality, he was panicking.

It was a few minutes to 9 a.m., but Lin Huang had yet to show up until now. Moreover, Misery obviously came prepared. He was afraid that Dynasty might not be able to go through this easily.

As the atmosphere in Dynasty headquarters was incredibly intense, many cultivators in the cultivation world began discussing Lin Huang again.

There was no other reason why that happened no other than the scar-faced hunk sitting across Lin Huang who live-streamed Lin Huang devouring the dumplings and airing their conversation.

"Emperor Lin, you gobbling those dumplings makes me want to eat dumplings too."

"Which dumpling store is Emperor Lin eating at? Please provide the address and the store name!"

"Can you gluttons be more serious? The babe behind Emperor Lin is quite pretty. Please provide her contact number!"

Naturally, some of them were talking about serious stuff.

"I feel like Emperor Lin really doesn't care about Misery. It doesn't look like he's pretending.

"He has a meeting with Misery at 9 a.m. but he's still eating dumplings at 8.55 a.m. How serious exactly is he?"

"Somebody took a photo outside Dynasty headquarters. The people from Misery have entered the headquarters. And he's here eating dumplings (。⊙౪⊙。)"

"Emperor Lin, it's time to go back to Dynasty. Otherwise, your lair will be gone!"

"Who cares about the lair? To a glutton, eating is the topmost priority!"

Lin Huang glanced at the time when he was done with the two baskets of dumplings. It was almost 8.59 a.m.

He stood up and walked to the fat aunty to pay his bill calmly. He then spoke to the scar-faced hunk and the rest, "I'm making a move. Enjoy your breakfast." He vanished from where he was as soon as he was done speaking.

It was 9 a.m. sharp when he appeared in Dynasty's meeting room in a flash.

He looked at the time projected on his Emperor's Heart Ring just when he managed to stand still. "Ah, I'm on time."

He turned off the projection from his Emperor's Heart Ring and walked straight to the main seat in the meeting room. He took his seat and began observing the three people from Misery.

The young leader who wore a white robe was so beautiful and angelic that he did not look like a man. He had imperial-level purple gold-rank combat strength but his ability might not be that low.

The other two men dressed plainly, but Lin Huang noticed they had combat strengths of Virtual God rank-5 and Virtual God rank-6. In this gravel world, they were considered supreme powerhouses whose combat strength ranked just lower than Mr. Fu's.

Lin Huang was suspicious of the duo's combat strengths because theoretically, demigods integrating a Virtual God rank-3's Godhead should be the limit. The success rate of integrating Virtual God rank-4's Godhead was almost zero. However, the duo's combat strengths were Virtual God rank-5 and Virtual God rank-6.

It would mean that either Misery had found a way to achieve virtual god-level or they had special techniques to integrate Godheads. A gleam of judgment flashed through Lin Huang's eyes as he thought about this point.

"Yours truly is the Emperor of Dynasty, Lin Huang. I would like to represent Dynasty to welcome all of you for visiting."

The three of them from Misery focused their eyes on Lin Huang as soon as he appeared.

Everyone was curious about this No. 1 genius of the era who was also the Emperor of Dynasty. Even Misery's Bodhisattva was no exception.

Ku Zhen squinted slightly as he observed Lin Huang. He was coming up with an estimation secretly, which was his ability to find out about someone through observation.

"He has just attained imperial-level, but his aura is rather odd. He doesn't feel like an ordinary imperial-level black gold-rank. He has compelling Sword Dao in him, so I'm guessing he has reached level-6. He has powerful telekinesis too. He's almost at the peak of imperial-level. That's strange. How come he's got no Imperial Censor aura?"

Ku Zhen nodded with a light smile at Lin Huang after his attempt to read him was to no avail. "I'm Ku Zhen. I've heard so much about you, Emperor, and we've finally met today."

"So, you're the Bodhisattva. You're too kind." Lin Huang was too lazy to do his homework but he had gotten Bloody to do it for him. Bloody researched Misery a bit, so it was only natural that she knew about the Bodhisattva. 

Huang Tianfu told Lin Huang about the other two through voice transmission. However, upon seeing that Ku Zhen did not introduce them, they did not take the initiative to introduce themselves.

Lin Huang nodded quietly and lifted his head to look at Ku Zhen who was sitting across him. "I won't be beating around the bush so that we won't waste each other's time. I don't think you, the Bodhisattva, and the other two seniors happen to pass by the headquarters for nothing. You didn't state the reason in the invitation. So, why are you really here?!"


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