Monster Paradise
1164 A Thoughtful Lamb
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1164 A Thoughtful Lamb

It was at the beginning of winter during mid-December in Emperor City. The temperature was between 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Many citizens began wearing thin coats while the cultivators donned long pants and jackets. 

White frost could occasionally be seen on the damp ground in the morning while the nights were chilly.

To the commoners, 15th December was just an ordinary day. It was the same for most people in Emperor City.

However, almost all of the top organizations in the entire gravel world had their attention on Emperor City that was tens of thousands of miles away from them because something important was about to happen there on that day.

The underground organization that ranked No. 1 throughout hundreds of years was 'visiting' Dynasty.

Everyone who was following this matter knew that 'visit' was just a nice term. In reality, it was a fight.

It would not only be just a fight between Misery and Dynasty, but it was also a fight for order.

If Misery won this match, it would not only mean that Dynasty would be destroyed, but it would also mean that the old order could not be broken, and there would not be a second underground organization who would confront them for at least hundreds of years. There would also not be a second neutral organization who would work with the Union Government.

If Dynasty won the match, Misery would be defeated and a new order would be in place. By then, more organizations would become neutral and more neutral organizations would work with the Union Government. One could say that Dynasty would begin a brand new era as soon as they won the match.

That was the reason why all the top organizations were following this incident closely.

The minor organizations and cultivators who were following this matter did not look that far into the future. All they thought was that the match between these two top organizations would be interesting. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

To them, Misery was the No. 1 giant while Dynasty was the latest talk of the town. This match had to be an intense one. In reality, they had no idea exactly how powerful Misery was, and neither did they know what trump card Dynasty was holding.

The three Grand Dukes and another two virtual god-level dukes were preparing for the day to come.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang had been shutting himself away in the Emperor Palace.

He was not nervous at all and had been cultivating Seamless throughout the past few days. He even had a faint feeling that his Divine Telekinesis was improving a little each day.

By the time it was 8 a.m., Huang Tianfu finally could not wait any longer and called Lin Huang.

In reality, he had sent Lin Huang a message past six in the morning. He told him that Misery would arrive before 9 a.m., but Lin Huang did not respond.

However, Lin Huang hung up the second the call was connected.

Huang Tianfu received a message a moment later.

"Alright, I'll get out after I take a shower and have changed."

The reason why he had been dragging and refused to leave the Emperor Palace until now was that he was 200 threads away from reaching 50,000 telekinetic threads at 6 a.m. As a man who had slight OCD, he only insisted on getting out after he had broken through to 50,000 telekinetic threads. In reality, he paced himself so he would only take two hours the most. He was sure he would not be late to meet Misery.

Lin Huang opened his eyes all of a sudden less than ten seconds after hanging up Huang Tianfu's video call request with his telekinetic threads.

He had finally consolidated the last thread for the 50,000 telekinetic threads!

Lin Huang only sent Huang Tianfu the message after recalling the telekinetic threads back into his body. He then got up and walked to the bathroom.

After washing up and changing, he walked out of the Emperor Palace feeling fresh. He lowered his head to check the time. It was 8.18 a.m.

"It's still a little early. I have time for breakfast," Lin Huang mumbled softly and disappeared in a flash.

He arrived at the fat aunty's dumpling store when he appeared again. However, he was speechless to see the long queue at the entrance.

"Such good business!"

"Master Emperor, haven't you had breakfast?" the fat aunty greeted him in a friendly manner. "What would you like? I'll get it for you."

The couple knew Lin Huang's identity, but they did not really understand what the Emperor meant. They thought he was a governor of some sort. Although they respected him, they treated him as an ordinary person since they were already familiar with each other by now.

Everybody else gawked at Lin Huang after the fat aunty said that.

A few of the customers were cultivators who came from foreign lands to check out the dumplings. They began taking videos secretly as soon as they saw Lin Huang.

Nonetheless, Lin Huang did not stop them when he noticed that since he had gotten used to people filming him secretly.

Initially, he wanted to cut the queue after hearing what the fat aunty said. He did not do that when he realized that everyone in the queue was staring at him in respect, and there were two kids in the queue too.

"Don't worry about me. I'll queue," Lin Huang said and went to the back of the line. Including the two kids, there were 14 people before him. He looked at the time to see that it was 8.20 a.m. He estimated the time and figured he could still make it, so he decided to wait patiently.

In the beginning, the speed of the queue went smoothly. However, a young lady could not make up her mind and took up quite some time. Later on, there was a kid who wanted to have fried buns and fried eggs. The fat uncle started frying the buns, leaving the fat aunty alone which slowed the line down.

It was almost 8.50 a.m. when it was Lin Huang's turn to order.

After ordering two servings of dumplings, Lin Huang turned around and realized that all of the tables were basically taken. There was only one seat left at a table for two. Nobody dared to sit there because there was a hunk with a scar on his face sitting at the table. He was bald and appeared fierce.

Lin Huang walked straight to him. "Is this seat taken?"

In reality, he sensed that the hunk was a cultivator and had rather high combat strength. He was a transcendent on high immortal-level.

"N-No." the hunk had been filming Lin Huang secretly. When he saw Lin Huang walk over, he panicked.

"You can film me if you want. There's no need to hide," Lin Huang said after seeing the hunk cover his left hand with his right, revealing the camera shutter on his Emperor's Heart Ring between his fingers.

"Can I do that?" The hunk did not expect Lin Huang to be so easygoing.

"You guys would still film me even if I said no. There are already over ten cameras pointing at me now, so it doesn't make a difference if you're filming me too," responded Lin Huang and he began eating the dumplings with the dipping sauce.

The scar-faced hunk sitting across him could not help but ask when he had eaten half the dumplings, "Isn't Misery visiting Dynasty today? Why are you still having breakfast at such a time?"

"Is it 9 a.m. already?" Lin Huang peeped at the time and asked casually.

"But… shouldn't you be getting ready?" the scar-faced hunk asked again, "They're from Misery after all."

"What should I prepare?" Lin Huang asked him back. He then shoved the last dumpling in the first basket and began munching on it quickly.

The scar-faced hunk could not answer that question. He could not help but question again when Lin Huang devoured the second basket of dumplings a moment later, "Do you have the confidence to handle the crisis?"

"Crisis? I don't understand what you're saying. All I'm seeing is a thoughtful lamb hopping onto my chopping board."


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