Monster Paradise
1163 Misery
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1163 Misery

After the discussion with the Union Government was over, Lin Huang went back being a hermit crab on the second day he returned to Emperor City.

However, his Emperor's Heart Ring began vibrating when he had just started cultivating Seamless early in the morning.

The interference did not bother Lin Huang since he was not in closed-door cultivation. He did not turn off the communication function in his Emperor's Heart Ring. 

The reason being he knew that the collaboration between Dynasty and the Union Government would definitely create a stir. He was most probably needed to handle it himself.

As expected, it was Huang Tianfu who was calling.

Lin Huang picked up the call peeping at the name popped up on the communication device.

Huang Tianfu's full body was soon projected before Lin Huang. However, he looked bothered.

"What's wrong?" Lin Huang knew that it was pretty impossible for Huang Tianfu to contact him if there was nothing important. It was a consistent relationship that he had built with Huang Tianfu.

"Misery has just sent an invitation. They'll visit us in three days."

"Misery?" Lin Huang could not help but raise his brow after hearing that.

Naturally, Lin Huang was familiar with the name Misery. It was the No. 1 underground organization in the entire gravel world.

He had no idea how powerful Misery was. All he knew roughly was that the No. 1 rank Misery had been sitting in for hundreds of years could not be shaken by Dynasty at all.

Among the top three underground organizations, Dynasty and Inferno had been fighting for No. 2 all this time.

"How powerful exactly is Misery? They can't compare with the Union Government. Am I right?" Lin Huang asked Huang Tianfu.

"Misery is a little like the enhanced version of Saint. Compared to Saint members who are avid believers of their god, Misery worships the Death God. The Misery followers believe that life is like cruising on a sea of misery, whereby death is the only salvation and relief. They think that killing is an act to help others to achieve salvation and relief, which also cleanses their own sin."

"If death is the only salvation and relief, why don't they commit suicide?" Lin Huang could not help but ask solemnly.

"Misery followers think that committing suicide is a depraving behavior. Not only will they not be salvaged or relieved, but they'll also drown in the sea of misery after they die and they won't be relieved forever. Any form of suicide isn't encouraged, including hiring someone to kill themselves or setting someone up to kill them. All of those are considered suicide."

"What double standards of logic." Lin Huang pouted. Killing others would mean offering salvation and relief, but committing suicide would put them in the sea of misery. No matter what, they had the right to an explanation whereby they could make up anything they wanted.

"Due to the high threshold to enter Misery, their members have a compelling ability. Basically, all of their members are genius powerhouses because they worship the Death God, which makes their followers fearless of death, resulting in them having extreme cultivation and battle techniques. Only a handful of people with the same combat strength are a match for them. Their average personal ability ranks No. 1 in the entire gravel world. There's a rumor saying that Misery has a way to get their members to virtual god-level. They might have more virtual god-level members than the Union Government does. Apart from having fewer members compared to the Union Government, Misery can definitely suppress the Union Government and all of the other organizations in other aspects.

"If their average personal abilities and top combat strength are more powerful than the Union Government, then indeed, their overall ability is much more powerful than Dynasty." Lin Huang nodded lightly and asked Huang Tianfu, "Has Dynasty encountered Misery before?"

"We don't have much contact, but we've encountered them a few times." Huang Tianfu nodded.

"What do you think? Are they as powerful as what the rumor says?" 

"I personally think that the rumor is real," Huang Tianfu answered, "They have a minimum of three virtual god-level powerhouses and the most powerful one is on at least Virtual God rank-3."

"Naturally, Misery sent us the invitation right when we're in the middle of the heat. They want to show us who the boss is. The person who will come visit us three days later isn't someone to be underestimated. Master Emperor, should we get Mr. Fu…?"

"Don't worry, I'll work something out." Naturally, Lin Huang would not alert Mr. Fu about a rare Godhead that was coming his way. "I hope they send many people here with higher combat strength so that the effect of warning our enemies will be more impactful."

After hanging up on Huang Tianfu's call, Lin Huang began cultivating Seamless without any distractions.

Meanwhile, outside the Emperor Palace, the access that the Union Government promised was granted one after another. Dynasty soon began giving all sorts of access to their members.

By then, the Dynasty members gained a new level of trust in Lin Huang.

On the other hand, Huang Tianfu was communicating with the Union Government's business partners to purchase broken Godheads and Godheads for Lin Huang.

Time flew by, and two days passed. On the evening of the third day, which was the day before Misery would visit Dynasty officially, a thread on the black market forum blew up.

The title of the thread was 'Dynasty Will Be Past Tense After Tomorrow'.

The thread seemed to have been posted by someone from Misery because apart from Lin Huang and the three Grand Dukes from Dynasty, only a few of the upper echelons knew that Misery was visiting. However, the thread revealed the invitation, saying that Dynasty had received the invitation from Misery two days ago and that they would visit the next day.

Although there was no photo of the invitation attached in the thread, judging by the descriptions, the thread starter obviously knew about the visit.

However, although the thread created a stir, not many people believed it.

After all, the contents of the thread were merely words. There was no proof to show that the exposé was real.

Although the news was unreliable, many people supported it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They commented that Misery should teach Dynasty a lesson, show them the consequence of being a traitor.

Some were targeting Lin Huang, saying Misery should teach Lin Huang, the daring brat a good lesson.

Soon, the screenshot of the thread was posted on all the social media sites, causing heated discussions among cultivators.

Because Misery had been quiet for over ten years, many rookies had never heard of it. There was very little information about them on the Heart Network too. 

Many people were asking the same question. "What kind of organization is Misery exactly?"

Some of the people from the underground organizations and some senior cultivators began researching about Misery.

However, many of the cultivators were in disdain after learning about some stuff that Misery did. They became supporting Dynasty.

"I thought it was some amazing organization, but it's just a radical terrorist organization. I really don't know why such an organization exists."

"Killing others is a relief to them but committing suicide is prohibited. Such double standards make me want to laugh."

"Such underground organizations are more disgusting as you learn more about them. It seems like Dynasty is better since they decided to get out of the dark and go towards the light. Great job!"

"What times are they living in to be sending an invitation out? Do they really think they're underground bosses?!"

"If this thread is real, I hope that Lin Huang and Dynasty will be able to brave through the disaster tomorrow."

Apart from the netizens, many organizations were following the issue too.

In reality, the top organizations knew that the thread was real without having to look at the proof because they had heard about it since the beginning.

Even the Union Government was following the matter.

"Should we do something about it?" Dongfang Bai asked Jiang Shan.

"This is a conflict between Dynasty and Misery," Jiang Shan responded calmly.

"What if they really put Dynasty to an end?" Dongfang Bai asked while frowning, "Wouldn't that mean that the collaboration we had would go to waste?" 

Jiang Shan lowered his head to look at the projected screenshot.

"Since they've decided to collaborate with us, they should have the ability to bear the risk of working with us. If they didn't consider all the risks that might happen or if they weren't prepared for this prior to the discussion, we can only say that they're not the people we want to work with."

"I believe Emperor Lin and the rest should know very well that taking the first step to work with us isn't difficult. The tricky part is to maintain collaboration. If they manage to maintain it, everything will be smooth-sailing in the future. If they can't, it'll just be a dream."


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