Monster Paradise
1159 It’s None of Your Business!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1159 It’s None of Your Business!

Since the first round of discussion came to an end, Guan Zhong checked Lin Huang and the other three of them into a hotel near the Union Government headquarters.

Each of them were supposed to stay in a room individually, but Lin Huang got Guan Zhong to put Lin Xin in the same room with him because he was worried. The three rooms were connected. The room Lin Huang and Lin Xin were in was in the middle while Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu's rooms sandwiched theirs.

Guan Zhong soon excused himself and left after checking the four of them into the hotel.

Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu only knocked on Lin Huang's door after waiting for Guan Zhong to leave.

"Master Emperor, the collaboration…" 

Lin Huang interrupted Huang Tianfu just when he began to speak, "Come in. We'll talk inside."

He recalled Bloody who was hundreds of meters away into her card form when the duo entered. Then, he summoned her again.

The three of them were surprised to see Bloody who had a knockout figure in her red dress.

Lin Xin was checking Bloody out rather closely since it was her first time seeing Bloody since her elevation.

"Brother, who is this chick?"

"She's Bloody."

"Bloody?!" Lin Xin was even more sceptical now. The Bloody she remembered did not look like this but was a clump of purple cloud who liked hiding in Lin Huang's sleeve. However, the person before them was clearly a human. Besides that, Lin Xin could not see any resemblance of a monster in her.

"She elevated and transformed into this," Lin Huang explained, feeling helpless.

Seeing that Lin Xin was still in disbelief, Bloody spoke using her voice from before, "Miss Xin Er, I'm really Bloody. I just underwent a significant change in form during the recent elevation."

Lin Xin only confirmed it was Bloody after hearing her familiar voice, but she remained curious. Never had she thought that a monster that was initially a cloud would transform into a human form after elevating.

Bloody turned her head and introduced herself to Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu when she noticed their surprise too, "I'm Master's summoning beast. My name is Bloody."

"This summoning beast looks terribly like a human, doesn't she?" Huang Baiyu stared at Bloody for a while and could not tell her apart from a regular human. "Even her aura is exactly the same as a human's."

Meanwhile, Huang Tianfu was much calmer. All he did was look at Lin Huang rather curiously. "Master Emperor, you summoned this summoning beast at this moment because…"

"Bloody has Supreme Intelligence. She's the one who came up with the proposal for the collaboration with me." Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu understood the reason why Lin Huang summoned Bloody as soon as he said that.

"Although she can't participate in the discussion, it's great to have a strategist who has Supreme Intelligence." Huang Tianfu grinned while nodding in approval.

"She just can't participate in the discussion publicly," Lin Huang said, "Bloody has a special technique which allows her to observe the meeting through my eyes in real life and communicate with me from far away without anyone noticing. It looks like there are only four people from our side in the discussion, but in reality, there are five of us."

Lin Huang did not go into Bloody's ability in detail on purpose when he explained. It was normal for Imperial Censors to hold back on revealing their summoning beasts' abilities to the public.

Fortunately, Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu did not focus on Bloody's abilities. Having a participant in hiding from their side was undoubtedly great news.

"Bloody, tell us what we should do next." Lin Huang threw such a question directly before everyone to prove that Bloody deserved to participate in the discussion.

"It's impossible for the Union Government to agree to our condition completely. After all, Dynasty is just a neutral organization. No matter how tempting the benefit that we're offering is, it's impossible for them to give Dynasty all the benefits that are exclusive to the union organizations. We'd be enjoying benefits exclusive to those union organizations without having to go along with their rules. Such a request is totally breaking their rules, so there's no way the Union Government will agree to that.

"However, judging from the response from the Union Government, they're eager to explore new ruins and sites. They'll only accept our request in addition to their own conditions to come to an agreement. Therefore, now we'll have to fight for what we want most as much as we can and let them reject our requests that aren't exactly important to us. After all, both sides will have to compromise to achieve a win-win situation."

Bloody's clever answer won Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu's trust completely.

Lin Xin, who was sitting on the other side, only believed that it was Bloody by then. "Now, I'm sure that you're really Bloody because none of Brother's summoning beasts are as smart as you."

Lin Huang had no idea whether to laugh or cry after hearing that. In reality, Bloody was not the only one who possessed Supreme Intelligence among the summoning beasts he had. Grimace, the Bug Tribe's Queen Mother, and the Superbrain Worm that he had just obtained earlier also possessed Supreme Intelligence. As for those monsters who did not possess Supreme Intelligence, many of them had elevated to quadruple mythical-level. Speaking of intelligence, they were actually smarter than ordinary humans. Their learning and comprehension abilities were on par with human supreme geniuses (monsters on pseudo-mythical-level only have abilities comparable with supreme geniuses).

Bloody was a little speechless by Lin Xin's compliment. She pretended that she did not hear her and proceeded to speak, "We must put the things that the Union Government definitely won't let go off into consideration when we decide which condition to give up on. Even if there are authorizations that we're eager to obtain from them, if we know that it's impossible for them to allow that, we don't have to insist on it. Instead, it's better for us to be mentally prepared about what to give up on so that we can obtain benefits in other things."

Bloody's suggestion helped Lin Huang and the rest set the direction of their discussion again.

They looked at the list and began discussing which were the things that they must come to agreement on and which to give up.

Meanwhile, the Union Government was in full-swing discussion too. They were discussing what authorization they should give to Dynasty and which to prohibit no matter what.

Time flew by and a day soon went by. The Union Government and Dynasty had their preliminary discussions drafted internally.

The next morning, Lin Huang led his people into the Union Government building again after breakfast.

Bloody, who was in the hotel hundreds of meters away, spoke to Lin Huang through voice transmission all of a sudden a moment after they had just taken their seats, "The news of the discussion between Dynasty and the Union Government has been exposed! Someone took a video of you guys entering the Union Government building earlier and posted it on the black market forum. The entire forum is in a heated discussion now."

Lin Huang went to the black market forum immediately after hearing that.

As told, the first thread on the main page of the forum was 'Emperor Of Dynasty Visited The Union Government Headquarters Secretly. Click Link for Video Proof!' 

Soon, Lin Huang saw the video after clicking on the thread. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The video was taken outside the Union Government building. It only lasted for some ten seconds and was a clip of Lin Huang and the other three walking into the entrance of the Union Government in the morning.

Lin Huang and Lin Xin's faces were not in the video, but Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu, who walked behind them, had their faces captured.

Many people recognized Huang Tianfu as soon as they saw the video. Naturally, it was not too difficult to recognize Lin Huang from his side profile. 

Heated discussions from countless underground organizations went on below the threads. Most of them condemned Lin Huang as a traitor to the underground organizations.

Lin Huang thought about it and decided to comment on the thread with his personal account.

"Firstly, thank you everyone for your concern about Dynasty and myself. As the Emperor of Dynasty, I would like to say something representing Dynasty here. Dynasty is a neutral organization now and forever. As a neutral organization, we won't pick sides. We have the right to choose who we want to work with, and that has nothing to do with a third person's will (in other words, it's none of your business!). It has nothing to do with whether it's a union organization or an underground organization as well as the size or the people involved. Dynasty is willing to work with anyone whose development philosophy is in line with ours as long as it's a win-win for both sides. We welcome all organizations to collaborate with Dynasty. Let's excel together!"


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