Monster Paradise
1158 The Union Government’s Weakness
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1158 The Union Government’s Weakness

Apart from Lin Huang and Lin Xin, everyone was shocked by the news of Mr. Fu being healed.

Most of the people had no idea about Mr. Fu's exact combat strength. However, Jiang Shan and the rest of the Union Government upper echelons knew about it.

To many, Mr. Fu, who had been severely injured over 800 years ago, was like a tiger who had lost its teeth. He was nobody to be feared of. He was nothing no matter how powerful his combat strength was because the more Divine Power he used, the closer he was to his impending death. Therefore, they were sure that Mr. Fu would not retaliate. 

However, the situation was totally different if Lin Huang was telling the truth.

Virtual God rank-8 was close to the limit that this gravel world could contain. Meanwhile, the most powerful seniors in all the top organizations only had a combat strength of Virtual God rank-3. At least, that was what was known to the public. 

To a Virtual God rank-8 powerhouse, comparing a Virtual God rank-3 person was like comparing a baby less than a month old to an adult hunk that could carry 300 kilograms of weight. Their abilities were on entirely different levels.

Having had his ability recovered, Mr. Fu was considered a person who should be feared in this gravel world.

Naturally, the Union Government was doubtful of what Lin Huang told them.

After all, it had been over 800 years since Mr. Fu had been injured, and he had yet to heal throughout the years. Moreover, it was such a coincidence for Lin Huang to come with the news. They could not rule out the possibility that he had come up with a lie to win more benefits in the discussion.

Lin Huang knew that Jiang Shan and the rest would most probably doubt him if he were to tell them the news. The purpose of him revealing the news was not for them to believe in him, but to make them worry.

Jiang Shen took the main seat after chatting with Lin Huang for merely a moment.

Everyone in the meeting room also returned to their seats.

There were not many people in the entire meeting room. There were a total of eight people from the Union Government's side, including their chief Jiang Shan, deputy chief Dongfang Bai, committee chairman Zhao Lingming, the deputy chairmen Ran Ning and Qiu Xu, press representative Han Yao, and the two Virtual God rank-3 powerhouses who were responsible for their safety.

Meanwhile, the people Lin Huang brought from Dynasty only made up half of the number of people from the Union Government. They were Lin Huang and his sister, one of the three Grand Dukes, Huang Tianfu, and the Virtual God, Huang Baiyu.

Jiang Shan spoke directly seeing that it was close to 9 a.m. which was the scheduled time of the meeting, "Emperor Lin, you've been keeping the collaboration's agenda and direction a secret. Can you share it with us now?"

Lin Huang picked the cup up and took a sip of the tea before saying slowly, "I'm sure every one of you from the Union Government knows that the organization behind Dynasty is Royal from the great world. Am I right?"

He then proceeded to speak after seeing that everyone from the Union Government nod. "I passed the Royal Trial and became a Royalty officially before being chosen as the Emperor of Dynasty."

In reality, the Union Government upper echelons including Jiang Shan knew about this, but they listened patiently.

"The reason I have the confidence to collaborate with the Union Government is that I have Royal's support. This looks like a collaboration between Dynasty and the Union Government on the surface, but in reality, I'm representing Royal to propose a business opportunity with the Union Government."

The people from the Union Government looked solemn as they listened. Although they figured the bargaining power Lin Huang might bring, they could not help but anticipate it when they heard Lin Huang mention it out loud. 

"Although there are many ruins and sites in this gravel world, it's been over 800 years since the new era began. The resources available in those ruins and sites that were explored for many times are depleting. Moreover, there are fewer and fewer new ruins and sites throughout the centuries. Sometimes, we can't even find a single one throughout a year.

"I know you guys restricted the participants' combat strength and time to enter the newly opened ruins and sites throughout the centuries. You guys are also trying your best to control the number of old ruins and sites being explored as well as prolonging the interval in between explorations so that the ruins and site can grow more resources. However, the resources that everyone can get from the ruins and sites are still dropping every year.

"After all, the world that we're currently in is merely a gravel world, whereby the number of ruins and sites are limited. The resources will continue to decrease as more people explore those ruins and sites that are already limited. It's a fact that you can't change no matter how much you guys want to restrict and manage them. The number of ruins and sites make the resources limited.

"Meanwhile, the bargaining power I have to bring to the table today is the solution to increase the number of ruins and sites!"

"Let's hear it!" Jiang Shan and the rest were giving him all of their attention at this point.

"Royal has countless mini-worlds under them, and the number of ruins and sites continue to go up every day. Well, I have the authority to explore these ruins and sites."

The eight from the Union Government were a little restless as soon as Lin Huang said that.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even Jiang Shan did not expect Lin Huang to hold onto the Union Government's weakness as soon as he showed up. However, he was accurate.

Naturally, it was not Lin Huang who came up with that idea. Instead, it was Bloody who was in the hotel hundreds of meters away that transferred the information into his head through her Leech Pod while he merely repeated the information he was fed with.

It was also the plan Lin Huang and Bloody came up with, which was to get Bloody to participate in the discussion.

Just like what Bloody got Lin Huang to say, the Union Government had indeed done everything they could to maintain all the ruins and sites. However, there were a limited number of ruins and sites after all which resulted in limited resources.

As the Union Government members and the military department had been growing throughout the 800 years, they had more and more requirements for all cultivation resources. Meanwhile, there were fewer and fewer new ruins and sites as well as resources throughout the past century. That was the biggest issue that put the Union Government's development to a halt as of late.

They had been looking for solutions but their attempts were to no avail. They had opened all the ruins and sites in this gravel world. Although there were new ruins and sites that appeared occasionally, it was just a drop in the ocean which did nothing much to help the issue.

Jiang Shan finally spoke again after they discussed among themselves through voice transmission for a while, "Emperor Lin, what do you guys want in return for the authorization to be extended to us?"

"An extensive and comprehensive collaboration, including sharing of information that's circulated in the union organizations. Basically, the sharing of resources and authorization that other union organizations can enjoy." Lin Huang went all out.

"Whatever you're requesting is exclusive to our union organizations. If Dynasty really wants to enjoy these benefits, you can actually join the union organization directly," Deputy Chief Dongfang Bai said to Lin Huang while smiling.

"We're a neutral organization and we won't pick any sides," Lin Huang rejected him directly.

"Emperor Lin, why don't you give us a day to discuss it? Let's end today's meeting right here." Jiang Shan called off the meeting immediately upon noticing that Dongfang Bai and Lin Huang were staring at each other and nobody was backing off.


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