Monster Paradise
1157 How’s Mr. Fu Doing?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1157 How’s Mr. Fu Doing?

Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu were speechless when they saw the building as they stood outside the Union Government headquarters. Lin Xin looked away while blushing a little. Clearly, she recognized the shape of the building.

"It's huge! It's much bigger than the video projection!" Huang Baiyu, who had been silent, could not help but exclaim.

Guan Zhong and the rest turned away. None of them were looking straight at the building.

In reality, Lin Huang had gone searching for the reason why the Union Government headquarters were designed like that out of curiosity when he got back from his visit last time.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In the end, he found out that it was not a joke the architect was trying to pull.

The buildings were designed by a powerful demigod named Gao Lou during the new era. He was hot-tempered and possessed powerful abilities.

The Union Government requested him to build a main building and two subsidiary buildings with the main building being so tall that it soared into the sky like a giant sword. Meanwhile, the subsidiary buildings had to be beautiful and tasteful.

In reality, the two subsidiary buildings were three to four times bigger than what they were now compared to the draft. Apart from that, the main building looked more like a sword that pierced into the land. It should be taller and thinner than what it was at the moment.

However, the Union Government was unsatisfied with the draft. They thought the main building was not tasteful enough and that the subsidiary buildings were too attention-seeking. They got the architect to change the sizes again and again.

After amending the draft for more than 20 times, Gao Lou could no longer take the Union Government's warped sense of beauty and decided to drop the job entirely. The last version he drew was the current ratio of the trio.

The Union Government went looking for Gao Lou after he dropped the job, but he disappeared. 

Unable to do anything else, the upper echelon looked for other architects. However, none of them wanted to take the job.

There were very few demigods in the entire world back then whereby there were only less than ten of them. As the only demigod-level architect, Gao Lou was the best architect in the field and was an idol to many architects.

The act of the Union Government offending Gao Lou would mean they offended everyone in the architectural industry.

Without having any idea what to do, the Union Government built the headquarters using the last draft version that Gao Lou designed since the previous ones were all gotten rid of.

Ultimately, it turned out to look like this, a Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon.

The current the Union Government would have definitely chosen a dimensional demigod relic or god relic as their headquarters instead of constructing a building from scratch.

However, the discovery of ruins had yet to take place when the Union Government was founded 800 years ago during the new era. Not many people had demigod relics, let alone dimensional demigod relic and god relic.

"It's windy outside. Let's get in." Eventually, the committee chairman, Zhao Lingming, broke the awkwardness and gestured for Lin Huang to go in.

They followed Lin Huang into the main building and arrived at the 198th floor, which was the highest floor of the Union Government office building by elevator.

Both sides sat at the table after entering the meeting room, and they fell into silence again.

After the staff served everyone tea, Guan Zhong finally broke the silence, "The chief found the tree of these tea leaves in a grade-5 ruin over 100 years ago. It's considered an ancient tea. They brought 12 trees back, but only one survived. I think this should be the only ancient tea tree in the world."

Lin Huang took a sip. All he tasted was a light sweetness and fragrance that lingered on his palate. There was no bitterness at all.

"How's the annual production of these tea leaves like?" Lin Huang carried on with the topic.

"The annual production is extremely low with only approximately a pound a year. The chief usually serves 50% of them to our guests, sets 30% aside as a reward, and keeps 20% for himself."

"One pound is indeed a little low," Lin Huang responded.

As the few of them chatted about tea leaves, they soon moved on to something else. The atmosphere in the meeting room that was initially silent was now livelier.

Not long later, a few new people soon came into the meeting room one after another.

There were faces that Lin Huang was familiar with, such as the deputy chief of the Union Government, Dongfang Bai, and the press representative, Han Yao. 

Both of them always appeared in the Union Government official news site, so it was hard for people not to recognize them.

Apart from the two familiar faces, there was another old man with silver hair who was the committee deputy chairman of the Union Government just like Ran Ning.

There was also a middle-aged man who was clearly a security guard or some sort who came with Dongfang Bai. He had the same combat strength as Huang Baiyu, which was Virtual God rank-3. He sat next to Dongfang Bai and almost never took his eyes off Huang Baiyu as soon as he came in.

Huang Baiyu merely peeped at him and ignored him completely.

Everyone introduced themselves courteously after entering. They then found themselves a seat after chatting out of politeness.

When it was almost 8.55 a.m., the Union Government chief, Jiang Shan, finally walked into the meeting room. He was the last to arrive.

As soon as he showed up, everyone in the meeting room including Lin Huang and the rest stood up to welcome him as a sign of respect.

It was Lin Huang's first time seeing Jiang Shan in real life. This man looked 35 or 36 years old and was almost 1.9 meters tall with a strong body. He wore a neat, light gray suit. Among everyone present, he was the most formally dressed.

Lin Huang could not help but hold his head down to look at himself after seeing how Jiang Shan was dressed. He thought he might have dressed too casually.

Jiang Shan looked through the room while standing at the door. His eyes soon landed on Lin Huang, and he walked toward him while smiling and gripping Lin Huang's hand.

"Mr. Emperor, it's such a pleasure! I've heard of the name Lin Xie around half a year ago. I told myself I must meet you if I had the chance for you're such a talented young man. I never thought the No. 1 genius would become the Emperor of Dynasty in the blink of an eye! I couldn't believe it when I heard the news. And now, you're here as an organization leader. We should never underestimate the younger generation!"

"Well, I can only say that life is unexpected. I didn't expect myself to be the Emperor of Dynasty as well." Lin Huang smiled while nodding.

"It's fate now that I think about it. You're Mr. Fu's disciple. He's taught me before as well, so I'm considered his half-disciple. We're pretty much senior and junior brothers of the same sect." Jiang Shan soon found common ground.

"It's nice to meet you, Senior Brother!" Slyness flashed through Lin Huang's eyes. He did not think that calling Jiang Shan Senior Brother was a loss to him. After all, Jiang Shan was older and held a high position. Now that he was his junior, it would benefit him in the discussion later.

"How's Mr. Fu doing?" Jiang Shan asked out of politeness.

"Pretty great. His injury has recovered." Lin Huang's answer surprised everyone.

The reason he revealed that at such a time was that Mr. Fu had informed him last night that he had elevated to Virtual God rank-9. Moreover, he told Lin Huang that he could use his name when he needed to.

Even Jiang Shan was stunned to hear the news. He asked immediately, "Are you serious?"

"Of course, I'm serious! I never joke about things like that," Lin Huang replied grimly.


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