Monster Paradise
1156 Visiting First City Again
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1156 Visiting First City Again

To Lin Huang, Bloody's elevation came at the perfect timing.

Lin Huang came up with the collaboration proposal for the Union Government after spending merely a night discussing with Bloody.

He sent the proposal he got Bloody to sort out to Huang Tianfu, asking the experienced man if there was anything that they should add or delete.

Huang Tianfu was a little surprised when he got the proposal from Lin Huang. Initially, he planned to get Lin Huang out of the Emperor Palace to discuss it with him properly. In the end, Lin Huang had sent him a complete proposal directly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He was shocked after giving it a thorough read because the proposal Lin Huang had sent him was complete. It included almost everything that he thought of, even some of the matters that he did not think of.

It was past 3 a.m. in the middle of the night when Huang Tianfu finished reading the proposal.

He peeped at the time and read the proposal all over again to see if there was anything that he could add on.

He finally went through the proposal for the second time when it was past 6 a.m. In the end, he thought Lin Huang's proposal was flawless.

Lin Huang smiled when he received Huang Tianfu's message early in the morning. "It seems like I can focus on my cultivation for two days."

Huang Tianfu's message was that the proposal was alright and that there was nothing that needed amending, so they could go on with the proposal right away.

Time flew by and two days passed. It was 10th December when the meeting was supposed to take place.

Lin Huang was done washing up at past 6 a.m. It was not even 7 a.m. when he was done with breakfast.

After preparing himself, the four of them including Lin Huang, Lin Xin, Huang Tianfu, and Huang Baiyu stepped into the dimensional portal and arrived in First City where the Union Government headquarters were at 8 a.m. sharp.

Lin Huang brought the few of them to a cafe near the Union Government headquarters. In less than three minutes they ordered their coffee, the current chief of Agency EA, Guan Zhong, arrived with his people.

Lin Huang greeted with a wide grin after seeing the familiar person, "Chief, are you here for coffee too?"

"You're funny, Master Emperor." Guan Zhong walked over to Lin Huang. "I've met Master Emperor a couple of times after all, so they sent me to ease everyone to prevent the awkwardness."

"Let me introduce you. This is Mr. Zhao Lingming, the committee chairman of the Union Government headquarters. This is Ms. Ran Ning, the deputy chairman." Guan Zhong stepped to his left and introduced the duo next to him to Lin Huang.

The man who stood on the left was tall and tanned, and he looked serious. Lin Huang could tell by the looks of it that this man must be from the military. The way he stood was so ramrodded straight that it was hard to hide the fact that he came from the military.

The lady next to him wore a pair of glasses. She looked 27 or 28. Lin Huang could not tell her actual age. This lady should be beautiful, but she wore the black-framed glasses on purpose. She even had light make-up on which was intentional, making her appear inconspicuous and easily ignored.

However, Lin Huang looked at her again because Bloody's Leech Pod sent a message to him: This lady might have Supreme Intelligence. 

Since he could not bring any summoning beasts with him to this discussion, Lin Huang asked Bloody to cast a Leech Pod in his body to observe the meeting from far away and give him real-time suggestions.

Meanwhile, Bloody cast her parasite on a handsome man in a hotel less than 300 meters from the cafe at the beginning. Bloody used him to check into the hotel. In the hotel room, the man who was parasitized had fallen into a deep sleep while Bloody observed everything from far through the Leech Pod.

Clearly, the Union Government delayed the collaboration meeting by 12 days to give them enough time to prepare. Judging from the current situation, they had done a great job preparing.

"Nice to meet you, both chairmen," Lin Huang said to both of them while smiling.

At the moment, Huang Tianfu took over the conversation and introduced him to the few people from the Union Government, "This is our Master Emperor, and this is our Dynasty's little princess, who is the Master Emperor's sister. This man next to me is Dynasty's Duke Yu, Huang Baiyu. Lastly, your humble one is Dynasty's Huang Tianfu."

Guan Zhong and the rest clearly had their eyes trained on Duke Yu for a moment when they heard his name. 

The ordinary organization members might not know it, but Guan Zhong and the rest who were the upper echelon of the Union Government knew that there were currently only two Dukes who were given official titles. They were Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang, who were both virtual god-level powerhouses. Meanwhile, those who were called Dukes like Huang Tianqi just had honorable titles that the outsiders called them. The title was not officially given by Dynasty. They knew that Huang Baiyu who was assigned the title Duke Yu was a powerhouse on Virtual God rank-3. He was considered one of the people with top abilities in this gravel world.

Ran Ning spoke while smiling in the next second everyone fell into silence. Her eyes focused on Lin Xin who was next to Lin Huang. "So, this is Dynasty's little princess. I've heard that Master Emperor has a sister, but never had I thought she'd turn out to be a little beauty."

'It would be ridiculous if you guys don't know how Lin Xin looks like,' Lin Huang thought to himself.

However, that was not what Lin Xin was thinking about. She had her head in the clouds since Ran Ning, who was a girl, had complimented her.

"I heard that you used to teach in the firearms faculty when you were at the Martial Hunter College in Division 7. I happen to have a gun in my storage ring that I've just gotten a few days ago. I'll give it to you as a gift," Ran Ning spoke and took out an ancient gun relic. It was a black lady's pistol with many purple decorative patterns on it, holding a mysterious beauty.

Lin Xin's eyes lit up when she saw it. "Isn't this the Purple Mystic 001 that the Eagle Company has just released recently? I heard this is the first product from their Purple Mystic series? It's a limited edition with only 100 of them worldwide!"

Lin Xin had taken note of the pistol before. Although it was just an ancient gun relic, its price was nothing less than a demigod relic.

"Yeah, I know the owner of the Eagle Company and asked for one for myself knowing that demigod Gong Wei designed it. I thought it was a great collectible."

"You like Gong Wei's design too?" Lin Xin felt like she had found herself a best friend.

"Yeah, I think her design is beautiful. I collect almost every household product that she's designed. Sometimes, I get those off the market through my connection…" 

The two ladies talked about Gong Wei and ignored Lin Huang and the rest completely.

Gong Wei was one of the countable demigods in this world. Although her battle ability was not considered powerful, she was very pretty. Her dressing was classy and she landed as the focus of the media in each meeting she attended. As time passed by, she became the No. 1 fashionable person in this gravel world. She was also an idol to many females.

No matter what she designed, the product would be a hot sell-out almost every time because she had hordes of female fans who would purchase it.

Lin Huang had heard of her name before, but he had no thoughts about this lady.

The reason he remembered the name Gong Wei was that she had designed a lady's backpack two years ago. In the end, some of them realized the backpack was too small after purchasing it and posted threads online to complain that it could not contain much.

Gong Wei posted online directly after hearing about the complaints: "A bag is for one to look good. Why would you want to put anything in it? If that's what you want, why don't you just use a plastic bag?"

What she said caused a heated discussion online. Many of them complained that the things she designed were impractical. Meanwhile, there were many fans who stood by her side, supporting what she said and agreeing that it made sense.

That was the only impression Lin Huang had of Gong Wei the demigod. He did not even know that Lin Xin was also Gong Wei's fan.

Ran Ning passed the pistol over to Lin Xin after the two ladies chatted for a while. "This pistol will be my meeting gift to you."

"This is too much!" Lin Xin waved her hands immediately. Although she liked it, she did not want to take away something that someone else loved. After all, Ran Ning had used some effort to obtain it.

"Don't worry about it. I'm not a firearms master anyway. This pistol will be treated as a collectible with me, but with you, it could live its life to its fullest."

"But…" Lin Huang interrupted her when Lin Xin was about to continue with something.

"We can't take it for free. Let's trade." Lin Huang glanced at Ran Ning while smiling. "I asked the chief earlier. He told me that Ms. Ran you're a sword cultivator. Let me trade a demigod sword relic with this pistol. Such a gift exchange of the same value is a kind of friendship too. Furthermore, the gifts that we exchange are very practical for both of us," Lin Huang spoke while taking a demigod sword relic out from his storage space.

He had picked the sword with Ran Ning in mind. It was completely purple with beautiful shape and intricate patterns.

Even Ran Ning could not help but feel stunned when she saw it.

"This Purple Phoenix will be the gift Xin Er exchanges with Ms. Ran," Lin Huang said and passed the sword to Lin Xin.

Lin Xin looked at Lin Huang in gratitude and took over the sword.

Ran Ning was speechless. She wanted to get Lin Xin a gift so that Lin Xin would remember the favor. Never had she thought that Lin Huang would interfere and that it would turn out to be a gift exchange instead.

Although he did not want the demigod sword relic, she could only accept it since events had unfolded this way.

The two ladies soon exchanged their gifts under the witness of many.

Lin Huang could not help but smirk a little when he saw Lin Xin failing to take her eyes off the Purple Mystic 001 that she had just gotten while Ran Ning put the sword away into her storage space expressionlessly.

"Let's head to the meeting room at the headquarters. We'll talk over tea." Guan Zhong circled back to the topic after seeing that the two ladies had stopped their chatting. He then led Lin Huang and the rest to the office building where the Union Government headquarters were.


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