Monster Paradise
1155 You“ll Only Be Powerful If You Go Bald!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1155 You“ll Only Be Powerful If You Go Bald!

In reality, Lin Huang wanted to collaborate with the Union Government for many reasons.

One of the main reasons was to prevent Huang Tianfu and the rest from falling back into an underground organization after he left the gravel world. It would mean that his efforts were wasted if that happened.

Collaborating with the Union Government publicly would tie Dynasty and the union organization together. By the time he left, Dynasty would only have two options. One was to merge with the union organization while the other was to remain as a neutral organization. Meanwhile, the option of rejoining the underground organization would be out of the picture completely.

Naturally, there would be clear disadvantages to doing that.

Within a short period of time, Dynasty would be a traitor to all the underground organizations. Some of them might even go after Dynasty for revenge.

Nonetheless, Lin Huang was prepared to handle that.

If there were any underground organizations that dared to go after Dynasty, he did not mind killing them to warn others.

All of the neutral organizations knew that collaborating with the Union Government had more benefits than disadvantages in the long run. Nobody dared to take the first step because they were afraid of being killed by a bunch of underground organizations before they could even enjoy the benefits.

One must know that there were many ruthless individuals among the top underground organizations.

However, Lin Huang did not care about that. He was invincible in this gravel world with his God Figurine's Combat Souls. He had the absolute ability to suppress them no matter how ruthless they were.

He would kill those who dared to come at Dynasty, he was violent like that!

On the next morning, Huang Tianfu passed down Lin Huang's requests to the underlings. Dynasty's purchasing department began searching for the Godheads, sword skills and soul crystals that Lin Huang asked for in all safety zones.

After that, Huang Tianfu spent the morning communicating with the Union Government and set the official time to visit. 

Even Lin Huang was a little surprised when Huang Tianfu informed him about it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It's settled so soon?"

"They contacted the Union Government committee immediately after hearing that it was Master Emperor who suggested that. In less than two hours, the deputy chief of the Union Government, Dongfang Bai, responded himself. We'll meet at the Union Government headquarters in First City, Division 1 on 10th December, at 9 a.m.."

"I've arranged for Senior Baiyu and myself to go with you. Wunan will stay to guard the headquarters."

"Bring Lin Xin along. You may sort out the rest." Lin Huang was worried about leaving Lin Xin alone at Dynasty's headquarters.

In reality, Huang Tianfu expected Lin Xin to join the trip, so he did not object to it. They were not going to attack the Union Government anyway, thus there was no need for people with high combat strength to go on the trip.

"Also, this morning, I've informed the purchasing department about the items that you requested last night. They're sorting it out," Huang Tianfu remembered to inform Lin Huang before he hung up the phone.

"Alright, thanks!"

Lin Huang closed his eyes slowly and began cultivating Seamless after hanging up the call with Huang Tianfu.

Although he was already invincible in this gravel world, Lin Huang did not want to depend on his God Figurine's Combat Souls. In fact, he knew very well that his personal ability had leaps and bounds to improve in. Even though he would not be able to elevate his combat strength within a short period of time, his Sword Dao, telekinesis, and Twisted Fate Scripture had yet to reach his peak. Therefore, he did not plan to waste time and indulge during the last few months in the gravel world. Instead, he was planning to improve himself as much as he could in the last few months before heading to the great world.

Cultivating Seamless was the fastest way for the results to show because he could see the increment of each telekinetic threads clearly. Compared to his Sword Dao for which he had no idea when he might break through, Seamless gave him a sense of achievement whenever he cultivated it. Therefore, Lin Huang put cultivating Seamless in his first round of self-improvement.

Ever since elevating to imperial-level, Lin Huang noticed that his speed of cultivating Seamless was much faster than before. He could split 2,000 telekinetic threads almost everyday.

He only spent six days boosting the telekinetic threads from 18,000 to 30,000 threads. He also broke through to level-5 on Seamless.

Lin Huang had gone into closed-door cultivation for merely three days when he was interrupted by a commotion. 

He glanced at the source of the commotion, and saw that it was the Evil Dominator who had elevated.

Killer had also elevated less than two hours after the Evil Dominator did. Over three hours later, Lancelot finally emerged from his cocoon.

After looking at the three brand new Monster Cards thoroughly, Lin Huang put the three cards away into his body one after another. He waited for a whole day, but Bloody had yet to complete its elevation.

To his relief, the next evening, Bloody finally elevated.

However, Bloody looked completely different from before its elevation.

Lin Huang was stunned for a moment upon seeing the silhouette that came out of the cocoon.

A lady with a drop-dead gorgeous body strolled out of the cocoon. There were circles of red mist lingering around her body. She had purple hair that reached her waist, and each strand of her hair looked like they were mumbling softly as if they were alive.

"Bloody?" Lin Huang questioned, feeling unsure although he saw the panel information that was projected from far away.

"Master." Bloody appeared before Lin Huang in the blink of an eye. She was so quick that Lin Huang did not even see her trajectory clearly.

"Is there… anything wrong with your elevation?" Lin Huang could not help but ask. He thought that it was absolutely strange that Bloody had elevated to such a form.

"I think it's great! This human form allows me to showcase my battle ability to the max!" Bloody was satisfied with her brand new form.

She had learned endless human knowledge and read countless Martial Dao books as well as obtained the inheritance of countless human powerhouses. Her human form was the best form that could allow her to showcase what she had learned.

Lin Huang realized what Bloody's purpose of changing form was after hearing her talk about her battle ability.

He had no doubt that Bloody's progress in cultivating the human Martial Dao might be terrifying given the intelligence and knowledge that she had in store. He even faintly felt that she might be able to master the true meaning of Martial Dao faster than he could.

"Won't this form affect your computing ability?" Lin Huang enquired.

"No, this elevation boosted my computing ability to become tens of times more powerful. Moreover, each of my hair is an extension of my brain. Each of them gives me an approximate 1% boost in computing skills. I have over 100,000 strands of hair which will give me thousands of times of boost in my computing skills. In other words, the most computing skills I'll have would be tens of thousands of times more than before," Bloody explained, "The only disadvantage is that such overloaded computing with that much of a boost will make my hair shed as soon as it lasts for a long time. They'll only grow back in 48 hours."

'So, it's true that you'll only be powerful if you go bald. This makes sense.' While Lin Huang teased secretly, he could not help but check Bloody's card details.

"Monster Card: Bloody

"Rarity: Mythical-level

"Monster Name: Wise Queen

"Type of Monster: Wisdom-type / Unknown Tribe

"Nickname: The Wise

"Combat Level: Imperial-level Yellow Gold-rank

"Major: Intelligence, Parasitism

"Major Skills: Divine Parasitism (includes hundreds of parasitism skills), Absolute Administration, Heart of Knowledge, Inheritance Plunder…

"Minor Skills: Supreme Intelligence, Divine Telekinesis, Immortal Tinder, Consciousness Transfer…

"Summon Authority: Activated

"Card Remarks: Recommended to train with maximum effort!"

Bloody had similar skills as Divine Parasitism, Absolute Administration and Supreme Intelligence before. Lin Huang knew the rough effect of the few skills after only taking a glance.

However, there were some new skills that he could not understand what exactly their effect was. He tapped them open to read carefully right away.

"Heart of Knowledge: Extreme eagerness to learn, a 100-time boost in the learning ability for all knowledge."

"Inheritance Plunder: Allows one to plunder a host's memory inheritance by force even if the inheritance is sealed (the success rate of plundering isn't 100%; it depends on how much the inheritance is sealed.

"Immortal Tinder: The main body can create nine Immortal Tinders that contain his complete memory and inheritance. When the main body is dead, the tinder will be activated automatically and transform the host rapidly to be replaced by the main body.

"Remarks: This skill is best combined with Consciousness Transfer.

"Consciousness Transfer: The main body can preserve his complete consciousness and transfer it to a specific host.

"Remarks: This skill is best combined with Immortal Tinder."

Lin Huang thought Bloody's overall ability was countless times more powerful than it had been before after roughly reading her card.

Not only did she have the talent to be a military advisor, but the three abilities including Inheritance Plunder, Heart of Knowledge, and Supreme Intelligence were also sufficient to make her the ultimate genius that no human could compare to. 

If given enough time, she could absorb all the knowledge in the entire world and become an invincible existence who knew everything and was capable of everything.

"I've been sleeping for more than ten days. Is there anything that you need my help with?" Bloody asked Lin Huang just when he was done reading the card details.

"Your elevation came just in time. I'll be discussing a collaboration with the Union Government in two days. You can help me plan out how to maximize the benefits for Dynasty and me as well as create a win-win for the Union Government."


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