Monster Paradise
1154 Picking A Good Date
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1154 Picking A Good Date

Initially, all Lin Huang wanted was to discuss things with Huang Tianfu and buy him supper. He did not expect to be surprised at the barbecue restaurant. 

He was shocked when he heard about Lin Xuan out of nowhere.

It had been three years since he found Lin Xuan. Although the little guy had only stayed for half a year with him and Lin Xin, Lin Huang treated him like family. In reality, Lin Huang had been trying to look for him for more than two years but to no avail. He knew nothing else apart from the fact that Lin Xuan had gone to the Land of Origin.

Lin Huang was finally relieved when he heard that Lin Xuan had now appeared in Winter City where the three of them had lived before. At least, he was still alive, and he still remembered Lin Huang and Lin Xin.

As for what Lin Xuan got the restaurant owner to say, he clearly knew about Lin Huang's current position and situation. To prevent Lin Huang from wasting his efforts of searching for him, he requested the restaurant owner to pass the message: 'Don't think of me, don't look for me. One day, we'll definitely meet'.

He wanted to tell Lin Huang that there was no need to waste his efforts and time to look for him. He would naturally show up when they should meet, and it would not take long for their next encounter.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lin Huang nodded while smiling at the owner after hearing Lin Xuan's message. "I get it now. Thanks for the message."

Lin Xuan might not know that his message arrived just in time. Lin Huang was planning to use Dynasty to search for him before he left this gravel world. However, now it seemed like it was unnecessary at all.

He was sure that Lin Xuan was safe now. Moreover, his freedom should not be restricted to judging his whereabouts. Lin Huang decided to respect his decision, so he dismissed the thought of looking for him and just waited for him to show up one day.

Lin Huang got the owner to excuse himself when they were almost done with the barbecue. He then began talking business with Huang Tianfu.

"Now that I've already elevated to imperial-level, I might leave this gravel world in a few months," Lin Huang told him his plan without hiding anything.

"You're leaving the gravel world when you're only on imperial-level? Isn't it too risky? Why don't you leave when you've elevated to virtual god-level? With your talent as the Emperor of Dynasty, it's just a matter of time when you elevate to virtual god-level." Huang Tianfu tried to stop him. As a Dynasty member, it was only natural that he hoped Lin Huang would stay longer. After all, Dynasty's destiny lay completely in Lin Huang's hands. He was concerned that Dynasty would be disqualified by Royal if Lin Huang died after getting to the great world.

"The reason I'm heading to the great world so soon is that this gravel world is coming to an end. I must find a solution before the disaster arrives."

"Don't worry about me. Although I'm only on imperial-level, even a Virtual God rank-9 powerhouse can do nothing to me when it comes to the ability to keep myself alive," Lin Huang said while smiling, "Otherwise, how is it possible for me to have managed to obtain rank-A authorization if I'm not capable?

"I'll relegate most of my power at Dynasty to you, Wunan, and Tufu before I leave. As usual, the three of you will manage Dynasty. I hope to see a better Dynasty when I get back from the great world."

"It definitely will be better!" Huang Tianfu nodded immediately. He knew that Lin Huang had made up his mind, and stopping him was futile.

"I need you guys to help me with a few things before I leave."


"Firstly, help me collect as many sword skills as you can. I need sword skills of all ranks, so collect as many as you can. Second, collect Godheads and broken Godheads for me. The more, the better! Thirdly, collect god-level soul crystals or god items containing a sea of spiritual energy for me."

Lin Huang took a temporary storage ring out from his storage space after he was done with the three requests. He passed it to Huang Tianfu. "Naturally, I'll pay for the things that I've personally asked for. This is the prepaid cash for you. Just let me know when you've run out."

Huang Tianfu peered at the ring as he accepted it. He was secretly shocked.

Such a ring contained almost all of the treasures that Lin Huang had obtained from ending God Bless. There were over 40 god relics alone and more than 500 demigod relics. There were also up to millions of Divine Stones as well as tens of thousands of miscellaneous items such as ancient relics.

"Handle the miscellaneous items such as the ancient relics in the ring for me."

"Sure, I'll sort it out tomorrow morning." Huang Tianfu merely looked through the contents and put the ring away into his storage space.

"I heard Tufu went to Division 3 two days ago. Was he discussing a collaboration with the Union Government of the Division 3 branch?" Lin Huang asked rather casually.

"Yes, our organization is doing great in Division 3. With your fame in the past few months, our branch in Division 3 is almost on the same par with the Union Government. They looked for Tufu this time mainly to discuss the collaboration to maintain the order in Division 3 and the follow-up work."

"Since their branch in Division 3 is collaborating with us, I think we can collaborate with their headquarters too," Lin Huang continued with a smile.

Huang Tianfu frowned slightly after hearing that. "But it would mean that we're turning our backs on other underground organizations if we do that. The other underground organizations can turn a blind eye if the branches are collaborating. After all, some of their branches have businesses with the Union Government.

"Although we're a neutral organization now, we're still on the underground organization's side after all. If we do that, we're definitely making a statement. The heretics have always said that they're a neutral organization, but they've never dared to cross the line. It's fine no matter how the underground organizations' branches want to collaborate with the Union Government and the Hunter Association, but the headquarters have to remain in opposition. Furthermore, they would sometimes stir things up on purpose just to show their status of opposition."

"Are there no neutral organizations that are officially collaborating with the Union Government at the moment?" Lin Huang asked immediately after hearing that.

"There were some few hundred years ago, but they basically joined the union and became union organizations throughout the centuries. There are not many major neutral organizations now. They're all like us and the heretics, the underground organizations that want to go neutral.

"What are the major neutral organizations like?" Lin Huang inquired.

"The Shadow Killer, the heretics, the Mystic Butterfly, and us."

Naturally, the heretics were no strangers to Lin Huang since they had met. He heard of the Shadow Killer and the Mystic Butterfly too. The Shadow Killer was the No. 1 assassin organization in this gravel world. Never had Lin Huang thought they were actually a neutral organization. Lin Huang had also heard of the other organization called the Mystic Butterfly. It was the biggest intel organization in the underground world. Above 70% of the intel from the entire underground world came from them.

"I can understand that the Mystic Butterfly is a neutral organization, but how is the Shadow Killer a neutral organization too?" Lin Huang could not understand it.

Theoretically, the No. 1 assassination organization in the world, the Shadow Killer, should be the boss among all of the underground organizations. 

"The Shadow Killer founded themselves as a neutral organization back then. Throughout the centuries, they took up almost every task as long as they made money. They also took up many jobs from the Union Government too. They're pretty much one of the earliest batches of neutral organizations that have collaborated with the Union Government and the Hunter Association."

"If they took jobs from the union organizations, many underground organizations should know about that, shouldn't they?" Lin Huang raised his brow.

"They basically know about it, but nobody can do anything to them as long as they do it well and leave no flaws behind."

"I don't think it's because they do it well and leave no flaws behind." Lin Huang shook his head as he smirked. "It's because the Shadow Killer is so powerful that the other underground organizations daren't confront them even if they have sufficient evidence."

"Plan it out for me during these few days. Pick a good date. We'll visit the Union Government headquarters to discuss a collaboration!"


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