Monster Paradise
1152 When Was the Last Time You Wet Your Bed?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1152 When Was the Last Time You Wet Your Bed?

Lin Huang and Yin Hangyi waited at the pavilion in the courtyard for the guard to inform the family about their arrival. 

Soon, the guard brought the butler over. 

The butler wore a black tuxedo as usual. He did not seem to have changed at all compared to two years ago.

Fatty was slightly emotional when he saw the butler. He almost wanted to greet him, but Lin Huang, who was next to him, stopped him through voice transmission.

"Mr. Lin, it's been a while!" The butler clearly did not recognize Yin Hangyi. He was very friendly when he saw Lin Huang.

After all, he might have been dismissed by the family if Lin Huang had not taken over Ke Lai Hotel two years ago. If the family's financial situation were already unstable, feeding another person would be a burden, let alone a butler like him who required a high pay.

"It's been over two years. I can't believe you still recognize me!" Lin Huang exclaimed with a smile.

"You're the family's savior. How can we forget you?" the butler replied politely.

"Don't say that." Lin Huang waved his hand immediately. "Is the old lady home?"

"She's waiting in the living room on the second floor." The butler abruptly noticed Yin Hangyi's existence. "May I know who this is?"

"He's a friend." Lin Huang only gave a brief response and explained no more.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Seeing that Lin Huang was unwilling to say more, the butler did not ask further. "I'll bring you guys over."

Both of them followed behind the butler and headed to the house after passing the courtyard.

After entering the house, the butler led both of them to the second floor.

An old lady with silver hair was sitting on a couch in the living room of the second floor. There was a woman sitting on her left.

Lin Huang recognized the woman who was sitting next to the old lady. She was Yin Hangyi's aunt.

"Xiao Lin, it's been so long since you last visited me!" greeted the old lady delightedly as soon as she saw Lin Huang.

Lin Huang felt nothing, but Yin Hangyi almost burst in tears when he saw the old lady.

"It's my fault. I should've visited you more," Lin Huang said with a smile.

The old lady saw Yin Hangyi who was next to him after speaking to Lin Huang. She seemed to be afraid to isolate the new guest, so she asked immediately, "This is…" 

"This guy next to me…" Lin Huang did not reveal the answer immediately. He was afraid that the old lady was not mentally prepared, so he simply said while smiling, "This is a surprise that I brought you today."

"A surprise? Are you guys performing a show for me?" the old lady asked bemusedly.

However, the old lady was actually skeptical. She peeped at the calendar secretly. It was the 26th of November. She thought about this date in her head quickly, but she did not recall anything special about the day. It was not a festival or anyone's birthday.

Though doubtful, the old lady did not ask why Lin Huang picked such a day to surprise her.

"It's a special performance," Lin Huang responded, "I think you'll like it."

"Let's begin then." The old lady could not figure out what Lin Huang was trying to do at all, but she chose to believe him.

Lin Huang signaled Grimace, who was invisible next to him, and they snapped their fingers together.

At the same time the fingers snapped, the disguise on Yin Hangyi's head was removed completely, revealing his original face.

As soon as Yin Hangyi's face was unveiled, the entire room fell into a dead silence.

The expression of the old lady, who was smiling, turned stiff before she subsequently became emotional.

The aunt sitting next to her was smiling along with her at the beginning. She had shock written all over her face when she saw Yin Hangyi's face.

Standing not far away, the butler was stunned. His mouth was opened for quite a while.

"Hangyi?!" The old lady's voice was shaking a little. "Is that really you?" She turned her head and looked at Lin Huang. She asked him, "Is this real?"

Lin Huang nodded lightly. "In reality, Yin Hangyi isn't dead. He had to fake his death back then to hide from his enemy, a Royal. He got me to put on a show with him."

"The Royal I offended came from a major organization in the core zone. I had to fake my death to prevent him from taking revenge on me. Fortunately, the clan the person came from offended someone they shouldn't and the whole clan was killed. Since then, I can finally stop disguising myself." Both of them came up with that story when they were buying clothes earlier.

"How about your appearance? Why do you look exactly the same as two years ago?" The aunt raised her doubt. She noticed that because the difference was terribly stark when Lin Huang stood next to Yin Hangyi. She still remembered clearly how Lin Huang looked like two years ago.

"The elixir that I injected had a special side effect whereby my body would remain how I was when I was injected. This side effect isn't permanent. It'll only last two to three years at the most," Yin Hangyi told her the lie that Lin Huang had come up with earlier.

The old lady finally calmed down and turned her head to look at Lin Huang. She stared at him seriously for a while before asking, "Xiao Lin, is he really Hangyi? Are you lying?"

"Grandma, I might joke about other stuff, but I'd definitely never joke about this," Lin Huang replied grimly.

The old lady nodded and turned her head to look at Yin Hangyi. She gave him a stern look before speaking, "If you really are Hangyi, I hope don't mind me asking something personal."

"Go ahead, Grandma." Yin Hangyi nodded, feeling a little helpless.

"Hangyi always wet his bed when he was younger. When was the last time he wet his bed? What were the time and date? I believe you'd remember this crystal-clear if you really are Hangyi. Moreover, it's pretty impossible for Hangyi to tell someone else this."

Yin Hangyi looked bothered as he said helplessly after peeping at Lin Huang, "It last happened when I was 11. It was summer, and the exact date should've been 18th June. I remember I drank too much water the day before, and I had a dream of me looking for the toilet the entire night. I found it eventually…"

"That's rather detailed." Lin Huang made fun of him.

"Another question." The old lady nodded. "Which of my dishes did you hate the most?"

"There are actually two answers to this question. One is onion rings and another is cold noodles because I really hate onion and coriander." Fatty shared the answer.

The old lady could not stop the tears from flowing when she heard the answer. "You really are Hangyi!"

"Grandma…" Yin Hangyi was holding back, but he could not help it when he saw the old lady crying. He could not stop weeping too.

He rushed to his grandma and hugged her. The grandmother and grandson sobbed while hugging, finally calming down a while later.

Lin Huang said nothing. Instead, he waited for the people to calm down before telling them to allow Yin Hangyi to disguise himself.

The old lady and the rest agreed to that immediately and they promised to keep Yin Hangyi's return a secret.

After handling Fatty and the family's matter, Lin Huang transferred Ke Lai Hotel's shares back to the family. He then bade farewell to the family and returned to Emperor City in Division 1.


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