Monster Paradise
1150 Fatty“s Resurrection
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1150 Fatty“s Resurrection

It was drizzling in Nanmu Town that was 1,300 kilometers away from Baqi City.

The weather was gloomy as if the sun had set when it was only noon.

Apart from Memorial Day, nobody would visit the cemetery in the eastern suburbs of the town, let alone on such a drizzling day in early winter when the chill seeped into one's bones and made them ache.

However, a silhouette stood before a tomb in the cemetery at that moment.

It was a handsome, young man who looked only 20. He wore a dark gray windbreaker and held a black umbrella. He only mumbled to himself after standing before the tomb for a long time, "Little Fatty, you should be well-rested since you've been sleeping for two years. It's time for you to get up and chase your dream of being a Food Hunter."

The young man moved his finger lightly as soon as he was done speaking. A silver metal egg appeared by his side all of a sudden.

The egg turned into a bald head that looked human. It was shiny under the sun.

Yes, that was the new look that the Warlord gave himself ever since he elevated — a bald robot man.

To be honest, Lin Huang could not understand the Warlord's standard of beauty at all.

In reality, he could totally get himself a wig, but he decided to go bald like an egg. Lin Huang gave his order after ignoring the Warlord's baldness.

"Warlord, get me the coffin under this tomb."

The Warlord opened his machinery space storage, and two tiny mechanical creatures that looked similar to armadillos rolled out of it. They drilled underground as soon as they appeared.

Soon, the tomb collapsed while the two mechanical creatures dragged a black coffin out.

"Do we open it?" asked the Warlord Lin Huang in his mechanical synthesized voice.

Lin Huang put the umbrella away and created a giant, black umbrella-shaped mirror above him and the coffin. He nodded at the Warlord after blocking the rainwater completely. "Open it."

A mechanical creature heard the order and shoved its sharp claws between the gaps on the lid of the coffin. It pulled hard and dragged the coffin open.

Lin Huang took a step forward and looked at the corpse at the bottom of the coffin.

Fatty's corpse was now a skeleton. One could not tell how his body had looked like when he had been alive.

Lin Huang stopped walking while a grin appeared on his face. He turned on the camera on his Emperor's Heart Ring with the playful intention of taking a couple of photos. "This should be the skinniest Fatty would ever be in his life. I should take pictures for memory."

Lin Huang took out the Revival Card slowly after taking those naughty photos. He crushed the card after aiming it at Fatty's corpse.

After the Revival Card disintegrated into countless pieces, they soon turned into golden streams of various sizes and penetrated Yin Hangyi's skeletons that were left behind.

Almost the second when the golden streams penetrated the bones, Lin Huang saw the lifeless skeleton begin growing flesh and organs at a remarkable speed.

Within a couple of seconds, Fatty's body had completely recovered. He looked exactly the same before he died two years ago. Even the flab on his body came back exactly the same.

A moment later, Lin Huang heard heartbeats from Fatty's chest.

Meanwhile, Fatty's vitals were waking up and getting stronger.

After some ten seconds, his vitals finally stabilized. Lin Huang felt that the effect of the Revival Card had faded completely.

However, Fatty, who was lying in the coffin, did not wake up. Just when Lin Huang wanted to find out what happened, he heard Fatty's snoring from the coffin.

"This guy…" Lin Huang was dumbfounded. "Get him out!"

The two mechanical creatures turned the coffin over mercilessly after hearing Lin Huang's order.

Fatty, who was in deep sleep, turned around and sat on the ground immediately after the fall. He looked around in annoyance.

"Who's that?! Can't you let me sleep?!"

Just when he said that, he saw Lin Huang who was standing not far away from him. He observed him while feeling odd for a moment before saying, "Hey, you look like my friend, but you're taller and stronger…"

Lin Huang took out a set of clothes from his storage space and tossed it at Fatty. "Put these on."

Fatty looked down and realized that the clothes on him were torn. Some of his private parts were exposed, so he covered them immediately.

"Who put these torn clothes on me?" Fatty said and suddenly realized that what he was wearing was familiar. "That's not right. I think this is mine. Why are they torn?"

He then glared at Lin Huang with his guard up. "What exactly did you do to me? I'm telling you that I like girls. Don't you dare come closer!"

"Think carefully. What else do you remember?" Lin Huang ignored Fatty's nonsense and asked directly.

"What do I remember?" Fatty was stunned for a moment. Images were playing back in his head one after another as he opened his mouth wider and wider in shock.

After a long time, Fatty looked at Lin Huang, appearing lost.

"I was dead?"

Lin Huang nodded at him.

"So, why am I…?" Fatty looked down at his hands. He wanted to use his Emperor's Heart Ring to project how he looked like, but he realized the ring on his finger could no longer be used.

Lin Huang turned his Emperor's Heart Ring camera on and projected Fatty's image.

Fatty was confused to see himself sitting on the ground with torn clothes and a perfectly fine body. However, soon, he noticed the coffin next to him and realized something.

"Did you revive me?"

Lin Huang nodded again.

"Are you Lin Huang's relative? Why do you look so much like him?" In Fatty's memory, Lin Huang was still a young man who was 1.7 meters tall. The difference with the current Lin Huang was significant.

"I'm Lin Huang." Lin Huang finally revealed his identity. "It's been more than two years since you died."

He told him what happened briefly since Fatty still looked puzzled.

The memories were coming back to Fatty. The images in his head finally matched what Lin Huang said as he recalled all the details that happened two years ago. Nostalgia flashed through his eyes when he thought of Zhang Mengmeng, but he soon hid his emotions.

Fatty seemed excited after accepting the truth that he was revived. "Since you managed to revive me, you must be a transcendent now. I'll rely on you from now onwards!"

"Can you put the clothes on first?" Lin Huang looked at Fatty who was in torn garments in disdain. He could almost see what was behind Fatty's shredded pants at his crotch.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fatty recalled that he was still in torn clothes. He hid behind a tomb immediately and put the clothes on.

Clearly, Lin Huang's clothes were not Fatty's size. He could not button the pants and it was too long. The shirt and jacket were too tight, so his big belly was showing.

"Your clothes are too small," Fatty complained after putting the clothes on.

"You're too fat."

"Where are we going now?" Fatty asked again.

"We're going home!" Lin Huang passed him a black umbrella.


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