Monster Paradise
1147 Two Specific Cards
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1147 Two Specific Cards

After shoving the Godheads into his body, Lin Huang merely peeped at the refinement progress and stopped looking at it. Instead, he asked Xiao Hei, "You told me that grade-3 cards only work on virtual god-level. So, does that mean a grade-3 Healing Card can be used to heal Mr. Fu's injury?"

"Yes. If it's a grade-3 Healing Card, almost all injuries can be healed for people below true god-level."

"Alright, I'd like to trade a grade-3 Healing Card."

"Are you sure you want to trade directly? If you trade a specific card directly, it'll take ten times more of your card rewards. Moreover, your card rewards are grade-2, so the ratio to trade in a grade-3 card would be 100:1. In other words, it'll take up to 1,000 card rewards for you to trade a grade-3 Healing Card."

"I know. Do it," Lin Huang confirmed. He knew about the specific card trading condition since the beginning. After all, he had done that more than once.

"Alright then. You currently have 11,728 card draw rewards (grade-2). You'll only have 10,728 card rewards left after this grade-3 card trade which will drain 1,000 card draws."

"Congratulations, you've obtained a specific card, the Healing Card (grade-3) x1"

"Can I trade the grade-2 and grade-3 card draw rewards as I wish? Can I trade them back if I trade them now and regret it a few days later? Are there any restrictions?" Lin Huang thought about it and raised a few questions.

"You can trade three times freely with no condition. However, trading will be prohibited completely if you do that more than three times."

"I get it now. Trade in the remaining grade-2 card draw rewards which are 100 to 10,000 times of the grade-3 card draw rewards then. Put the remaining 728 times aside." Lin Huang fell into a moment of silence before ordering Xiao Hei.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Xiao Hei reconfirmed with Lin Huang again. After all, he was only allowed to do that three times and would lose a chance if he did it now.

"I confirm!" Lin Huang nodded right away without hesitation. A grade-2 card draw reward was nothing much to him as the remaining 700 or so times would be completely sufficient. If that was insufficient, he would trade them back with grade-3 card draw rewards.

"Consuming card draw rewards (grade-2) x 10,000 for card draw reward (grade-3)…

"Congratulations, you've obtained card draw rewards (grade-3) x100

"Below are the available card draw rewards you have:

"Card draw rewards (grade-2) x 728

"Card draw rewards (grade-3) x 100"

Lin Huang stared at the box that popped up and asked all of a sudden, "Are there any cards among the grade-3 cards that can revive a person?"

"There's a Revival Card, but it can only be used to revive level-1 lives. It won't work on level-2 lives above holy fire-level. If you'd like to revive a level-2 life, you'd need at least a grade-4 card."

"The Revival Card is a Special Card that involves the rule power. Such a card will be restricted by the world rule that you're currently in, which causes this grade-3 card to only have a grade-1 effect."

"I know. I only need it to revive a level-1 life." Lin Huang nodded and paused subsequently before asking again, "Will the person I revive have any after-effects due to the card?"

"No, this card revives the deceased with the rule power. The deceased's body and soul will be recovered and regain exactly the same condition one had before death. There won't be any strangeness and after-effects."

"That's great." Lin Huang was finally relieved. "Trade me a Revival Card then."

"Trading a specific Revival Card will consume ten times of your grade-3 card draws. Are you sure you want to do that?"

"I confirm it!"

"Consuming card draw rewards (grade-3) x 10 for a specific card!

"Congratulations, you've obtained a specific card, the Revival Card (grade-3) x1"

Lin Huang summoned the card immediately after the trade was successful. 

The front of the card was a moving image. The image depicted a burial place during midnight. All of a sudden, a tomb in the middle of the burial trembled and a man crawled out of it slowly.

The man had dirt stuck to his clothes, but he did not look like a dead person at all.

The man stared at his hands in disbelief after crawling out of the grave. He then placed his right hand on the left side of his chest. The card turned black while a flutter of heartbeats could be felt clearly in the dark. 

Lin Huang smiled after finishing the little story. He then turned the card around.

"Revival Card

"Type of Card: Special Card

"Rarity: Grade-3

"Function: The card can revive a specific living thing once activated.

"Remark 1: This card cannot be recalled once it's been activated, so the user has to specify a target within three minutes. The card will disintegrate automatically if no target is specified in three minutes.

"Remark 2: The target has to be within ten meters from the user. The card cannot be used on a target that is out of range.

"Remark 3: The target has to be a part of the deceased flesh or soul. It can be the deceased's body, ashes, hair, blood, soul fragment, and so on.

"Remark 4: The target has to be a living thing. It cannot be a collective of consciousness. If it's a living thing with many individual consciousnesses, the card can only revive ten consciousness randomly. Use more cards to revive the other consciousnesses that are excluded from the ones that have been revived.

"Remark 5: This card can only be used on level-1 lives."

Lin Huang read the details at the back of the card thoroughly before nodding. He then recalled the card.

Naturally, he put this Revival Card aside for the fatty, Yin Hangyi.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Although Fatty was talkative, lazy and had many bad habits, he was a remarkable person who had great cooking skills. Most importantly, he treated Lin Huang as a friend.

Three years ago, Lin Huang had no friends when he just arrived in this world.

On a certain level, Fatty was actually the first friend Lin Huang had in this gravel world. Although he knew Li Lang much earlier, they only met once back then, so they were not considered friends at all.

Fatty's death had been on Lin Huang's mind for the past two years.

Although he would always say that it was Grandmistress Wei who killed Fatty and that he had avenged Fatty for killing the mastermind, he knew very well that he was indirectly the reason why his friend was killed.

If he did not kill Wei Shan and offend Grandmistress Wei, Grandmistress Wei would not have sent Lily to kill him. Then, Fatty would not have encountered Lily and he would not have been killed.

Now, the matter that had been bothering Lin Huang could finally be solved.


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