Monster Paradise
1145 “You’re So Smart!”
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1145 “You’re So Smart!”

Lin Huang began looking at the unsealed cards after the new summoning authority was granted.

Apart from Bai who was on pseudo-supreme god-level, there were 28 mythical-level cards including Charcoal, Tyrant, Kylie, Grimace, Thunder, Bloody Robe, the Imp, the Fiend, the Witch, the Eclipse Boa, the Death Knight, the Fallen Knight, the Warlord, the Herculean King, Bing Wang, the Dark Crescent Snake x2, the Bug Tribe Queen Mother x4, the Multi-eyed Worm x2, Superbrain Worm x2, the Golden Bug x2, and the Bug Servant.

These cards that were initially sealed were now unsealed to Lin Huang. In addition to that, their combat strength had elevated to imperial-level purple gold-rank automatically.

Lin Huang did not doubt that mythical-level monsters on imperial-level purple gold-rank would have an ability of at least virtual god-level. 

As soon as the summoning authority was granted, Lin Huang's overall ability experienced a significant boost without him even considering using his God Figurine's Combat Souls.

Before this, the summoning beasts Lin Huang had were just a couple of pseudo-mythical-level monsters such as Lancelot. Their combat strength was only on imperial-level yellow gold-rank whereby their abilities were on par with an imperial-level purple gold-rank at the most.

Meanwhile, mythical- and pseudo-mythical-levels were on a completely different standard. Furthermore, Charcoal and the rest experienced a two-rank boost in their combat strength, so they were on imperial-level purple gold-rank now. It made sense for them to have their abilities upgraded.

Lin Huang glanced at Bai, who was on pseudo-supreme low-level, and the other 28 mythical-level monsters such as Kylie. He had his eyes fixed on Lancelot and the rest who were on pseudo-mythical-level.

Materials were unnecessary for elevating pseudo-mythical-level Monster Cards to mythical-level. They could complete the elevation as long as there were enough Advance Cards.

Lin Huang did not hesitate to summon Lancelot, Killer, and the Evil Dominator. He then crushed 15 Advance Cards which penetrated three of them respectively.

The three of them soon turned into gigantic golden cocoons and began their elevation to mythical-level.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang could only put aside the tens of thousands of pseudo-mythical-level bug guardians, ant guardians, Lady Black-stripes, Giant-bellied Spiders, Scarlet-scimitar Bugs and the rest of the Bug Tribe Monster Cards. He did not have that many Advance Cards to elevate these pseudo-mythical-level bugs to mythical-level. Also, it was unnecessary.

Such monsters could win by sheer numbers as long as the Queen Mother was on mythical-level which gave the army their best ability. Moreover, this army already had four mythical-level Bug Tribe Queen Mothers and seven mythical-level monarch-level talents. They were considered a pretty solid deployment. He even had complete equipment including a Bug Tribe Airship, a Bug Tribe incubator, a Bug Tribe Genetic Optimizer, a Gene Extractor, and more to cultivate more Bug Tribe armies.

Lin Huang only shook Bloody out of his sleeve after applying Advance Cards on Lancelot and the rest.

"I've elevated to imperial-level. It's time to elevate you to mythical-level." Lin Huang looked at Bloody while grinning.

Including the Bug Tribe Monster Cards, Lin Huang had more than tens of millions of legendary-level Monster Cards in hand. Among them, Lin Huang thought he would not waste his Advance Cards on elevating them, but Bloody was the only one who had to be upgraded.

In reality, if not for the fact that he needed Bloody to assist him, he would have elevated Bloody since the beginning since he already had the elevation materials much earlier.

This time, Bloody did not reject the offer.

It did not even say anything. All it did was smile and nod at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang took out the materials following the sequence for Bloody to integrate them slowly. He then crushed five Advance Cards which penetrated Bloody's body.

Soon, Bloody turned into a golden cocoon which stood by Lancelot and the rest.

As Lin Huang stared at the four cocoons to observe them, he counted the mythical-level Monster Cards that he owned. At that moment, he thought the 30 available summonings were still insufficient.

He shook his head while forcing a smile. He finally moved on from his summoning beasts and asked Xiao Hei, "Now that my summoning authority has gone up to pseudo-supreme god-level, I guess there should be a boost in my Function Cards application, shouldn't there?"

"Due to the upgrade in your authority, the Function Cards are completely categorized by grades now.

"Grade-1 Card: Only applicable on living things and non-living things below transcendent.

"Grade-2 Card: Only applicable on transcendent living things and non-living things below God.

"Grade-3 Card: Only applicable on living things and non-living things below virtual god-level and God.

"Grade-3 golden card: A special grade-3 card containing grade-3 card effects. It's also applicable on specific true god-level living things and non-living things (the star on the card is golden while the star on the other cards are white).

"Grade-3 golden card is currently the highest authority you have."

"Grade-3 and grade-3 golden card… My instinct is telling me that this is a trap," Lin Huang could not help but mumble softly after seeing the grades Xiao Hei was showing him.

"The system sorted out the card reward slots too. The probability of obtaining a grade-3 golden card among grade-3 cards is 1%."

"The card reward draw has grades now?!" Lin Huang widened his eyes in horror as that was bad news to him.

"Yes, you currently have 11,697 card draws. They belong to grade-2 rewards, so you can only draw from the grade-2 card slot."

"Are they any grade-3 and grade-3 golden cards in the grade-2 card slot?" Lin Huang demanded immediately.

"There are only 1% of grade-3 cards in the grade-2 card slot. There're no grade-3 golden cards."

"How about the grade-3 card slot? What's the probability like?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"There're no grade-1 and grade-2 cards in the grade-3 card slot. You have a 97% chance of drawing grade-3 cards. You'll also have a 2% chance of drawing grade-3 golden cards and 1% for grade-4 cards."

"So, how do I activate the grade-3 card slot?!" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"The current grade-2 card reward draw that you have can be traded for a grade-3 card reward draw in the ratio of 100:1. You can draw the cards in the grade-3 card slot directly after you've done the trading."

Lin Huang's heart dropped when he heard the ratio. It would mean that 10,000 card rewards would decrease to become just 100 times.

"What a trap!" Lin Huang gasped.

"If you draw from the grade-2 card slot, although the probability of drawing a grade-3 card is only 1%, it doesn't mean that you'll definitely draw a grade-3 card from the 100 draws."

"It's another story if you activate the grade-3 card slot. The probability of drawing grade-3 cards doesn't exist. Moreover, there's a certain probability that you might draw grade-3 golden cards and grade-4 cards. Activating the grade-3 card slot is more worth it no matter what."

"What you say makes sense, but I keep feeling like I've been trapped." Lin Huang fell into deep thought while holding his chin. He asked, "So, will there be something like grade-4 and grade-5 card slots in the future?"

"You're so smart!"

Although Xiao Hei complimented him, Lin Huang was not happy at all.

He thought he had won more than 10,000 card draws and would enjoy that slowly in the future. To his aghast, he ended up with a slap in the face from the harsh reality of things.


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