Monster Paradise
1144 Summoning Authority: Pseudo-supreme God-level!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1144 Summoning Authority: Pseudo-supreme God-level!

Lin Huang could clearly feel that his ability had increased by more than a level since he elevated to imperial-level.

His ability was only on par with ordinary imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse when he was on immortal-level rank-10. However, he had the confidence to kill demigods now.

Naturally, he was not sure if he could fight virtual god-level powerhouses before he fought one officially.

After the transformation was completed, Lin Huang only sank in the changes in his body for a moment and looked into his body to check the Life Palace immediately.

Just when he laid his eyes on the Life Palace, a projected box popped up from Xiao Hei's side before he could check through his Life Palace thoroughly.

"Life Palace: Monster Paradise

"Territorial Range of the Life Palace: Radius of 100 kilometers from the Life Palace owner (potential to grow)

"Life Palace Ability 1: Within the territorial range of the Life Palace, the dead summoning beast's soul will return to the Life Palace with its body reconstructed and revived. Those that have broken souls will have their broken soul pieces recalled and recovered.

"Ability Restriction 1: Each summoning beast can only be revived ten times within 24 hours. Their soul will disintegrate when the revival surpasses ten times and they won't be able to return to the Life Palace (potential to grow)

"Ability Restriction 2: Each summoning beast can only have their soul recovered three times within 24 hours. Their soul will disintegrate if the recovery surpasses three times and they won't be able to return to the Life Palace (potential to grow)

"Derivative Ability: If the Life Palace owner dies within the coverage range, he can choose to use a summoning beast to substitute his death. The summoning beast that is chosen as the substitute won't be able to be summoned within 72 hours (potential to grow)"

"Remarks: The Life Palace owner's death can only be substituted three times within 24 hours. He can only be substituted once if his soul disintegrates (potential to grow)

"Life Palace Ability 2: Within the territorial range of the Life Palace, the Life Palace owner and his summoning beasts will experience a double boost in their strength, speed, and spirit. The opponent will experience a 10% increase in their strength, speed and spirt (potential to grow).

"Remarks: The Life Palace owner can turn off the boost and undermining effect as he wishes."

Lin Huang was stunned to see the projected box. He subsequently read it thoroughly

The first question he had after going through it was, "Xiao Hei, did you turn my Life Palace into a card directly? Why am I looking at the Life Palace information in card form?"

The reason why Lin Huang asked that was mainly that the Monster Paradise Life Palace earlier had been a card. He wanted to know if the Life Palace that he had just constructed was turned into a card due to the integration with the Monster Paradise as soon as he saw the card information. He wanted to know if that was the reason why he was seeing the card information directly.

Fortunately, Xiao Hei's answer was not what Lin Huang was thinking about.

"It's not been made into a card. It's just that a new 'check details' function has been added since the new authorization. You can read the items' information as long as they belong to you."

"I see."

The second thing Lin Huang did was to look at his personal card after his doubt was solved. In reality, his main purpose was to see what kind of changes were made to his summoning authority.

"Host: Lin Huang

"Gender: Male

"Age: 19

"Combat Strength: Imperial-level

"Title: Godslayer (Obtained God Rule: God-slaying Power)

"Integration Item: Origin God's Heart, Galactic Hive, One Page Sword Scripture

"Inheritance: Demigod's brain, Sorcerer Goddess…

"Secret Skills: Superhuman Strength, Seraphic Speed, Substitute, Golden Cicada…

"Life Palace: Monster Paradise

"Sword Dao (Level-6): Possesses Sword Heart, Sword Spirit

"Sword Skills: Moonlit Night, Silent Snow, Buddha Killer, Instantaneous Slash, Almighty Surgical Knife, Killer, Star Dome, Royal Sword…

"Gunfighting Technique: Thunderstorm, Sandstorm, Torrent…

"Movement Skills: Wandering God, Thunder Steps, Imperial Flight…

"Minor: The Twisted Fate Scripture, Seamless, Fatal Tactic, Undefeatable Warrior, Heaven's Wrath, Omniscient Nature…

"Monster Skills: Divine Telekinesis, Divine Regeneration, Holy Power, Elemental Immunity, Leech Pods, Absolute Control, Divine Purification Light, Revival, Immortal Warrior Body, Vampire Particles, Divine Strength, Divine Defense, Lightning Lord, Mirror, Doll forbidden skill, Punishment, Divine Witchcraft, Knight, Integration, Mechanical Building (God-level), Mechanical Recovery (God-level), Evil Blood Substitute, Divine Disguise.

"Summoning Authority: Activated (Pseudo-supreme God-level)

"Available Number of Summons: 30Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Remarks: I guess it's passable."

Lin Huang glanced through his personal card. Apart from the title and integration item columns that were added, nothing much had changed. Only many of the monster skill names were changed.

For instance, Purification Light was now Divine Purification Light, Warrior Body was now Immortal Warrior Body, Lightning Control was now Lightning Lord, Dark Mirror was now Mirror, Doll secret skill was now Doll forbidden skill.

In reality, those skills that still had the same names had undergone a major change.

The monster skills that Lin Huang extracted from the monsters were a reflection of the monsters' skills. Since the extracted skills were more powerful now, things on Lin Huang's side also changed. Meanwhile, the monsters that Lin Huang extracted the skills from had evolved into quadruple mutated mythical-level now, and their skills experienced a boost by more than a level. Naturally, the extracted skills would change as well as they were boosted.

What Lin Huang cared about the most was the summoning authority and the available number of summons.

The summoning authority was upgraded from mythical-level to pseudo-supreme god-level, and Lin Huang was elated about that. He initially thought that it was highly possible to elevate to mythical-level. However, if it only elevated to mythical-level, it would take a while for Bai, who was on pseudo-supreme low-level, to be summoned again. Fortunately, the summoning authority was boosted to pseudo-supreme god-level this time. None of his Monster Cards had summoning restrictions now.

Meanwhile, to his surprise, the available number of summons was doubled from 15 to 30. He thought it would only be boosted to 20. After all, the available number of summons increased from 10 to 15 when he was breaking through from holy fire-level to immortal-level.

Overall, Lin Huang was very satisfied with his personal card after looking through it because many changes had exceeded his expectations. 

He then looked at the bunch of Monster Cards left in his body after putting his personal card away.

The cards that reached the summoning authorization went straight into the Monster Paradise Life Palace. Meanwhile, those that were below the authorization, namely the mythical-level and pseudo-supreme god-level Monster Cards, remained in his body.

As Lin Huang studied them, the orange Monster Cards turned into orange glows one after another and shot towards the Life Palace like a meteor shower. There was even a golden glow among them, which was Bai on pseudo-supreme god-level.

Within the span of a breath, all the Monster Cards penetrated Lin Huang's brand new Life Palace.


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