Monster Paradise
1142 Putting It Aside
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1142 Putting It Aside

"Congratulations, you've obtained a complete Bug Servant Monster Card (mythical-level) x1"

Lin Huang was surprised to see the notification that popped up from Xiao Hei.

The effect of his Lucky Card and Double Reward Card should have worn off a while ago. Never had he thought he would obtain a complete Monster Card which was a pleasant surprise.

Moreover, this bug guardian named Busby was on mythical-level!

Lin Huang was elated to have obtained a mythical-level Monster Card out of the blue.

He returned from dreamland to reality.

In reality, Busby's body that was hovering mid-air fell onto the ground. He was killed in the Nightmare Tapir's dreamland, but his death was projected to reality.

His human form that had lost its vitality completely began fading after falling onto the ground and it soon turned back to his original Bug Tribe monster form. It was also the final form of a Bug Tribe Ultimate Elite when they died.

Lin Huang did not let the carcass go to waste. After taking his Emperor's Heart Ring away, Lin Huang summoned the Undead Styx.

The Undead Styx then spent approximately five minutes to turn Busby's carcass into an undead puppet. Now, he owned a Virtual God rank-8 super fighter.

Lin Huang only turned his head to look at the Nightmare Tapir after recalling the Undead Styx back to his body. "How is it? Do you know where the Queen Mother is now?"

"In Loner City in Division 3." The Nightmare Tapir added after he said that, "But it's a little complicated."

"Share his memory with Bloody." Bloody slithered out of his left sleeve at that juncture.

In less than half a minute, Bloody retrieved Busby's memory from the Nightmare Tapir.

Bloody then spent two to three minutes sharing the useful information with Lin Huang.

He always got Bloody to sort the information out not because he was lazy, but Bloody could help him save time browsing through tons of information in his head. 

One must know that even an ordinary person who lived until 70 to 80 years old would have their memory loaded throughout their life. Over 90% of the information in most people's memories were redundant. Browsing for useful information in the sea of information was a task that drained a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, the memory Lin Huang obtained were mostly from cultivators and old monsters that had lived for centuries or even up to 1,000 years. One could imagine how large a capacity his brain had. Retrieving useful information from cultivators' memories was undoubtedly much more difficult than doing so from ordinary people.

Therefore, it was necessary for Bloody to take up the task. With its jaw-dropping computing ability, the information sorting that would merely take a few minutes might save countless hours of Lin Huang's time.

Lin Huang frowned a little when he received Busby's memory from Bloody.

It was true that the Queen Mother and the other bug guardian was in Loner City in Division 3. However, only a bit of consciousness was left behind in the Queen Mother's body to maintain the physical operation and communication. Meanwhile, the Queen Mother's main consciousness was no longer in that body that was breaking down.

Even Busby, her Bug Servant, and the other bug guardian, Vivian, had no idea where the Queen Mother's main consciousness was hiding.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It's futile even if I find her. Even if I destroy the Queen Mother's body, she's not considered really dead as long as her consciousness exists." Lin Huang thought he could get rid of the issue of the Bug Tribe's Queen Mother once and for all after luring the bug guardian out and reading his memory. He never thought such an unforeseen situation would arise.

"Let's put the Queen Mother's matter aside for now," Bloody suggested.

"If we head over to Loner City to kill her body and the other bug guardian, she'll hide her consciousness even deeper. As soon as the bit of consciousness she's connected in the body to her main consciousness notices something is off, she can destroy the brain cells in her body and the bit of consciousness completely. The entire process will take less than 0.01 seconds. Then. the Nightmare Tapir and the Undead Styx won't be able to retrieve any useful information from her remaining body to find out where her consciousness is hiding.

"We can see from Busby's memory that this Queen Mother's body is breaking down since earlier. Even if they obtain breeding materials for her, the number of Bug Tribe monsters she can breed is very limited. This is also the reason why she carried out the Ultimate Elite Breeding Program instead of breeding a Bug Tribe army to conquer the world.

"Now that the Queen Mother's main consciousness has left the body, her breeding ability will be a few times weaker even if she takes over other female bodies. The Bug Tribe's Queen Mother is born to breed. She has a quality that no other species can compare to.

"Judging from the current condition, this batch of Bug Tribe is unlikely to regain their normal breeding quality and they're a very minimal threat to the gravel world."

"Do you mean we should forget about her entirely?" Lin Huang tilted his head and asked Bloody.

"I mean we shouldn't waste more time and effort here since we can't find her main consciousness within a short period of time. Let's put it aside, not ignore it forever," Bloody explained, "There are priorities. The Bug Tribe's Queen Mother isn't something that we must solve for now. Compared to that, you actually have many more important things at hand to handle.

"Furthermore, I believe this Bug Tribe should be lower-key within a short period of time since one of their virtual god-level bug guardians has been killed. It's unlikely that they'll come to you."

Lin Huang fell into silence for a moment and nodded eventually. "Forget it. Let's do what you said."

The reason why he made such a decision in the end was that it would be pretty meaningless to head to Loner City to kill the Queen Mother. Her body was breaking down and even her main consciousness had escaped. She would not die even if her body was killed. Instead, they would just be alerting the enemy.

On the other hand, like Bloody said, he had too much on his plate at the moment. Going after the Queen Mother's main consciousness was something that would drain his time and effort. If he insisted on dwelling on this, it would mess up his initial plan.

Another reason Bloody pointed out was that killing the Queen Mother was not something that he had to do now. In terms of priorities, it was behind many other things.

Due to the three reasons, Lin Huang chose to accept Bloody's suggestion which was to put the Queen Mother matter aside.

Lin Huang had no idea that in Loner City of Division 3, the bug guardian, Vivian, sensed Busby's death as soon as he was killed.

The Queen Mother's consciousness that was in an unknown region sensed it at the same time. She contacted Vivian through her body.

"Busby is dead. This foothold is no longer safe. Arrange the migration within half an hour."

Vivian nodded immediately as soon as she heard the Queen Mother's voice transmission. She then asked, "Queen Mother, which backup foothold should we move to?"

"Foothold No. 7."

"No. 7? Don't we only have five backup footholds?" Vivian was surprised.

"You and Busby only know there are five."

Vivian was stunned to hear that and reacted subsequently. "I get it now, Queen Mother. You're afraid that someone will read Busby's mind."

"Busby has abilities close to Virtual God rank-9. The person who managed to kill him is not to be underestimated. In my current condition, we shouldn't offend such a person. We can only avoid him at the moment." The Queen Mother's weak voice came slowly again.

"Oh yeah, why did Busby leave the foothold this time? I guess you should know, don't you?"

"He went after Lin Xie, that No. 1 genius." Vivian thought it was odd after saying that out loud. "Lin Xie is only on immortal-level. I'm afraid Busby wasn't killed by Lin Xie. He might've encountered something else along the way."

"Lin Xie…" Queen Mother fell into silence upon hearing that name before speaking again, "Inform all the members to stop all missions that are related to Lin Xie!"


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