Monster Paradise
1139 The Battle in A Dreamland
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1139 The Battle in A Dreamland

Lin Huang challenged Busby fearlessly because everything was happening in the Nightmare Tapir's dreamland. He was not there at all in reality and had only inserted a sliver of his consciousness to watch the battle.

Busby was enraged to hear the challenge. Never had he thought that an insignificant immortal-level person would ever dare to tease him like that.

"Lin Xie, I don't want to kill you, but please don't test my limit. You're not the only one on our wanted list, so killing our targets is pretty common."

"I didn't mean to challenge you. I was just telling you how I really feel," Lin Huang spoke up, "Also, if that's all your ability is about, you can get your partner to collect your body soon. Please tell them to come quick, because you'll die here in less than five minutes."

"Lin Xie, you're looking for death!" Busby was completely furious.

"I advise you to give your best if you're trying to kill me. I'm not joking." Lin Huang walked out of the smoke slowly while the Nightmare Tapir appeared on his left subsequently.

Busby saw the gravity on Lin Huang's face crystal clear as if he was telling the truth.

However, Lin Huang's words calmed him down. He could feel that Lin Huang was serious.

Without the smoke, he also saw the layer of transparent membrane covering Lin Huang's body which blocked all of the bullets that he fired. None of them got to him. Meanwhile, all the bullets that were aimed at the Nightmare Tapir hit it. However, it suffered no injuries at all.

Busby stopped his attack without hesitation upon seeing that mind-blowing scenario. The two mini cannons before him turned into black, metallic liquid again and soon disintegrated. Then, a giant cannon formed at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

The giant cannon was over 30 meters long. It was completely black and the diameter of the mouth was almost a meter wide.

As usual, the Nightmare Tapir did not interfere with the transformation.

Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir watched Busby making the giant cannon from far away.

As soon as the giant cannon was formed, a white glow which was the size of the tip of a needle lit up at the mouth of the cannon. It was growing steadily.

At first, it was so minuscule that it could hardly be seen like the tip of a needle. Then, it expanded to the size of a rice grain. It proceeded to grow to the size of a green bean, the tip of a finger, an apple, a football…

In less than a second, the tiny white glow grew to a giant sphere over a meter in diameter.

From a distance, Lin Huang sensed the great energy that the sphere contained. He was not surprised. Instead, he was excited.

"This is finally getting interesting…"

The white spherical glow seemed to explode before the mouth of the cannon all of a sudden. A white glow that looked like a waterfall shot out at a speed close to lightning and was targeted at the Nightmare Tapir.

It reminded Lin Huang of the kamehameha energy attack in an animation that he had seen back when he was on Earth.

The Nightmare Tapir vanished from where he was in a flash after realizing that the attack was aiming for him.

In the dreamland, he could use any skills that he had seen before. He was clearly using the Ninetails Lynx's teleportation skill at the moment.

Almost immediately after the Nightmare Tapir disappeared, it appeared hundreds of meters away again in the next second. 

However, the white waterfall-like glow deviated and swept towards the Nightmare Tapir.

"It's futile to run. The white glow will follow you wherever you go until it hits you. Of course, you can hide and wait for it to fade in an alternative dimension, but that would take up to three to five days."

Busby charged forward as soon as he was done saying that. This time, he aimed for Lin Huang.

It only took him a second to arrive before him.

Just when he was going to catch him with his hand, the silhouette of a golden whip came in the air and smashed hard against Busby's chest.

Naturally, it was the Nightmare Tapir that attacked. Its trunk turned into a whip and lashed out at Busby who did not even see it coming.

Busby's body shot out like a cannonball, flying out of the cannon from the attack. However, to Lin Huang's shock, his body began to disintegrate and fade in the middle of the sky.

At the same time, a shadow was forming before Lin Huang at an alarming speed. It was Busby. The one that was shot out was not himself, but a substitute.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Before his body consolidated completely, Busby stretched his arm out and attempted to grab Lin Huang again.

Seeing that Busby was getting ahold of Lin Huang, the Nightmare Tapir showed itself again.

It mauled its sharp claws in the air, creating a couple of black crescent air slices. They shot through the sky and went after Busby.

Busby's body would have been sliced into a few pieces if he did not manage to dodge the attack.

However, a gleam of determination flashed through Busby's eyes. He ignored the Nightmare Tapir's attack without dodging at all. His five fingers that were going after Lin Huang deviated and he closed his claws to form a palm, aiming for the Nightmare Tapir.

He held almost nothing back in this attack whereby he charged with all of his Divine Power. The blow landed on the Nightmare Tapir's chest. Although the Nightmare Tapir had a powerful body so the attack did not harm it at all. Instead, the impact shot him thousands of meters away.

Just when Busby's palm landed on the Nightmare Tapir's body, the air slices that came from the Nightmare Tapir's sharp claws penetrated his body.

Busby's body disintegrated directly after the attack just like what happened with the substitute he used earlier.

Just when the substitute disintegrated, a silhouette appeared behind Lin Huang. It was Busby himself.

"I made it!" Busby stretched his hand out at Lin Huang in excitement.

At the moment, the Nightmare Tapir was a few kilometers away while he was being chased after by the white glow. He could not come rescue Lin Huang at all.

Busby spread his five fingers wide and pressed them behind Lin Huang's head. However, he had a dramatic change of expression on his face at that very moment when his hand penetrated Lin Huang's head directly.

"It's just an illusion!" Busby spun his head to look around after seeing that Lin Huang's body was fading away before him. Eventually, he set his eyes on the Nightmare Tapir a few kilometers away.

A young human man was standing over there.

"That brat!" Busby glared viciously at the Nightmare Tapir. He knew it was definitely not Lin Huang's technique. Otherwise, he would definitely have seen through it. Therefore, it was definitely the Nightmare Tapir's doing.

He had no idea that everything he was seeing at was just an illusion.

Lin Huang, who was outside of the dreamland, observed Busby who was hovering midair motionlessly. He said to the Nightmare Tapir while grinning, "This guy doesn't seem to have realized that he's not in the real world even until now."


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