Monster Paradise
1138 Your Attack is Very Disappointing
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1138 Your Attack is Very Disappointing

Busby's goal was not to kill Lin Huang but to catch him alive.

As the Queen Mother's Bug Servant, he knew very well that to breed Ultimate Elites, the material had to be a living person.

Although the Queen Mother could breed Bug Tribe descendants through all kinds of dead bodies, compared to breeding with a living person, the memory and inheritance left behind would be limited. It was also quite impossible to breed Ultimate Elites via that method.

To Busby, Lin Huang was undoubtedly the best breeding material in the entire gravel world.

Although he was enraged that his identity had been exposed, he had never thought of killing Lin Huang. Since all he needed to do was to capture him alive and bring him to the Queen Mother for breeding, the secret would naturally die with him.

His attack seemed quick and ruthless, but it was meticulous. It was done just to capture Lin Huang.

The claws were coming at Lin Huang. From a couple of meters away, they locked onto him. He could not move at all as if the entire space was frozen solid.

One must know that although Lin Huang's current combat strength was only on immortal-level rank-10, his ability was comparable to an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse. Even though that was the case, he had no ability to fight back at all.

The distance between an imperial-level and a virtual god-level was like a massive moat that one could not simply cross.

After locking Lin Huang with his five fingers spread wide, Busby stretched his huge hand out and headed towards Lin Huang.

At that very moment, a yellow glow charged in the air and collided into Busby's huge hand.

The gigantic hand exploded from the one blow alone.

Busby's pupils shrunk as he recalled himself and retreated a few kilometers away. He looked at the monster close to Lin Huang with fear in his eyes.

The monster that looked like a tiger and had a trunk that looked like an elephant's was a species that he had never seen before.

What shocked Busby even more was that the monster's combat strength was the same as his, which was Virtual God rank-8.

"It's rare to hear an immortal-level Imperial Censor controlling a virtual god-level imperial monster and this brat is controlling a Virtual God rank-8 monster!" Busby studied Lin Huang. Clearly, he did not recognize the Nightmare Tapir as a God's Figurine's Combat Soul. He thought it was Lin Huang's summoning beast.

However, he finally understood why the two imperial-level purple gold-rank underlings that he had sent earlier were killed by Lin Huang in one blow after seeing the Nightmare Tapir. Having a Virtual God rank-8 summoning beast like that, imperial-level purple gold-ranks aside, even a Virtual God that was slightly weaker would be killed in one hit too.

After the first attack failed, Busby did not attack the second time right away. Instead, he began observing his opponent carefully.

"Looking at his size and physical structure, he should be great in close-range combat. Judging by his body, he should be fast in close-range combat as well as having explosive charging speed."

One must say that a person's first impression was usually very subjective and was not necessarily accurate. The Nightmare Tapir's size, including its slim body and sharp claws, clearly caused Busby to make a silly assumption. 

Naturally, he was not the first person who made such a mistake.

It was normal for people to make that mistake, judging from the Nightmare Tapir's appearance that made it seem like it was born lousy in close-range combat.

Soon, Busby changed his battle plan after some analysis. "I won't have the upper hand if I fight such a quick close-range combat monster face-on. Even if I might win, I might be beaten and drained. My target is Lin Xie. It's unnecessary for me to kill that summoning beast."

A new set of battle strategy soon came out in his head as he thought about this point.

As soon as the new battle strategy was formed, Busby carried it out without hesitation at all.

He stretched both arms out at Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir from far away. In the next second, his two arms turned into inky black liquid. The liquid looked sticky like goo but had a faint, metallic glow. It was rumbling and boiling intensely.

Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir watched the strange phenomenon happening from far away. They saw the black liquid consolidating into two mini cannons before Busby at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

The two cannons were approximately two meters high like two mini towers. They pointed at Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir with thousands of barrels of all sizes stretching out. The only similarity the thousands of barrels had was their color; they were all black.

The Nightmare Tapir did not do anything to interrupt the process while Lin Huang was watching the transformation with great interest.

"This should be the Bug Tribe's ability. It's pretty interesting. I wonder how's the power like." Golden sparks lit from the two cannons as soon as Lin Huang was done mumbling.

Countless dazzling sparks lit up the entire sky all of a sudden.

Dense, black bullets of various sizes came raining down like a storm, coming for Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir.

The thousands of barrels in all sizes had different speeds and trajectories when they were shot out. They even had different levels of power too.

Each bullet came with different attributes. Some were so fast that it would reach a person within a breath. Some were helix-shaped with great penetrative ability. Some were as thin as a needle that could be hard to capture with the eyes while some exploded like a bomb with nuclear power.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Soon, Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir were drowned in the endless fire.

Busby remained shooting calmly. He was not worried that Lin Huang would die because although this round of attack was dense, it did not have powerful intensity. As long as the Nightmare Tapir gave Lin Huang Divine Power defense, they could block the attack easily. However, such a shield would be draining for the Nightmare Tapir.

Draining the Life Power from the Nightmare Tapir's body was the main goal of Busby's attack. Apart from that, he attacked to force the Nightmare Tapir to use other techniques than close-range combat techniques.

The firing went on for some ten minutes. The Nightmare Tapir and Lin Huang were covered in the smoke from the shots since the beginning.

Although Busby could not see what was exactly happening in the smoke, he sensed with his Territory skill that the Nightmare Tapir and Lin Huang had not moved from where they were.

Busby frowned slightly. He could not really understand exactly what was happening. He clearly sensed that his attack did not miss its aim from the sound of the bullet collision.

However, the Nightmare Tapir did nothing else apart from being in defense mode while standing where it was. That puzzled Busby.

"Why isn't this guy attacking me to interrupt my attack? It's protecting himself and Lin Xie at the same time. The draining of its Divine Power should be at least twice or more than mine. Although it will drain its Divine Power even more for a short period of time if it attacks, the draining is definitely less in the long run. Or maybe he's doing this on purpose so that I'd give up attacking. Then, he'll attack me with a deadly charge the second I give up."

All sorts of thoughts flashed past in Busby's head but he could not figure what the Nightmare Tapir was plotting against him.

However, a young voice chirped out of the smoke under the dense firing, "Your name is Busby, am I right? I was anticipating what you'd do next, but your attack model remains the same after ten minutes have passed. It's very disappointing…"


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