Monster Paradise
1137 Doing It Himself
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1137 Doing It Himself

The skinny and the fat men had a completely different attack model.

The skinny guy pounced like a leopard, arriving before Lin Huang in a flash with his ten fingers turning into metal claws.

Meanwhile, the fatty's eyes turned blood red and he shot up to 1,000 telekinetic flying daggers from his sleeve. He was shooting them at Lin Huang like a storm.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

One was responsible for close-range combat while the other was responsible for long-distance combat.

Such collaboration remedied both of their weaknesses to its peak.

However, the tiger monster with sharp teeth and a long trunk next to Lin Huang lifted its head slightly and glared at the duo. Both of them paused all of a sudden. They seemed to be locked by space whereby they froze, losing their ability to move.

The telekinetic flying daggers that shot out from the fatty's sleeve seemed to have lost their power and clattered onto the ground one after another.

A moment later, the duo fell and they lost their vitality.

Lin Huang waited for Bloody to sort out the memories after the Nightmare Tapir shared the information it had retrieved with Bloody.

A while later, Bloody nodded at Lin Huang after it was done sorting the memories out.

"They got an order from a bug guardian to capture you. There's no more useful information apart from that. They've no idea where the Queen Mother and the bug guardian are hiding."

"So, where would they have brought me if they managed to capture me?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"If they managed to do that, they would've contacted the bug guardian to confirm the location to pass you over," Bloody explained, "Unfortunately, the bug guardian seems to have figured that they might've failed their mission and even took the possibility of having their minds read into consideration. He didn't reveal more information."

"The Queen Mother should be able to sense their death, shouldn't she? What will the Bug Tribe do next after this mission has failed?" Lin Huang asked again.

"Looking at their memory, capturing you is a top priority. You're practically their No. 1 target in this gravel world. If I'm not mistaken, they'll send more powerful bug monsters for a second capture within 24 hours. We can't rule out the possibility that they might even send bug guardians."

"Let's wait patiently then." Lin Huang raised his brow. "I hope that they send bug guardians so that we don't have to wait for the third round."

In a tall building in a foothold of Division 3, a man in a white shirt frowned all of a sudden. A lady in a denim jacket appeared in the room almost at the same time.

"I guess you sensed it too, hmm?" The lady pulled the lollipop out of her mouth with a loud pop.

"That two useless dumba*ses!" the man in a white shirt could not help but yell furiously, "They couldn't even capture an immortal-level!"

"I've already reminded you that Lin Xie isn't as simple as you thought." The lady shoved the lollipop into her mouth again while crossing her arms before her chest before speaking again, "Based on the time they departed, they should've arrived at the third layer of the Abyss Brink at least half an hour ago. In other words, their time of death is right after they arrived at the third layer. I'm guessing they might've been killed by Lin Xie in one blow not long after finding him."

"Do you mean he's even more powerful than our Bug Tribe's monarch-level talents?!" It was clearly a rhetorical question. He did not believe that Lin Huang's ability surpassed a Bug Tribe's monarch-level's talents. "You must understand that this is just a gravel world."

"So, is it that impossible for a ridiculous genius to surpass our tribe's monarch-level talent in a gravel world?" the lady asked him back while smiling.

The lady spoke again upon seeing the man keeping silent, "Moreover, this is a human world. The tools that are available surpass most species. In this gravel world, items such as a God Crasher can easily help an immortal-level to kill imperial-levels."

The man in the white shirt was slightly relieved to hear that. If Lin Huang really used tools such as a God Crasher, it was indeed possible to kill imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses in one hit.

"So, what do you plan to do next? Give up? Or are you sending demigods over?" With a grin, the lady stared at the man in the white shirt scarily.

"It's rare for him to have finally left Emperor City. If we give up now, I've no idea when we'll have the chance again. I'll do it myself this time since I don't trust anyone else with this," said the man in the white shirt and he took a jacket out from his storage space. He put it on and summoned a dimensional portal right away.

"Lin Xie has just been attacked for the first time. He'll definitely have his guard up now, it would be more difficult to capture him. Moreover, since he was attacked earlier, he'll most likely return to Emperor City after breaking through to imperial-level. He might even be on his way back to Emperor City now. I must seize every second. I've no time to let other people get to him." 

He opened the door and stepped into the dimensional portal right after he was done speaking.

"What an impatient man…" The lady smiled lightly. As the dimensional portal disappeared, her body began to fade away and she vanished.

A couple of minutes later, a man in a dark blue suit appeared at the entrance of the third layer of the Abyss Brink.

The man closed his eyes lightly and opened them again a moment later. His gaze was locked in a particular direction.

He then disappeared from where he was in the next second.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang, who was thousands of kilometers away, sensed the person's existence immediately by scanning the area with his Divine Telekinesis. However, he did not panic at all. Instead, he smirked lightly.

Soon, a dark blue silhouette entered deep into the valley.

The dark blue silhouette stopped and hovered less than 20 meters above Lin Huang. He looked at Lin Huang in a condescending way.

The man in the dark blue suit demanded despite knowing the truth, "Are you, Lin Xie?" 

"You're so quick to come." Lin Huang did not respond to the silly question the man asked. Instead, he took his time observing the man.

The man in the dark blue suit looked pretty handsome. He had the type of skin that most young girls would envy. However, Lin Huang knew very well that the real creature under the smooth skin was just a bug from another world.

"You knew I was coming?!" The man in the suit was taken aback.

"Of course. The senior comes after the junior has lost. Isn't that the common plot we see in novels?" Lin Huang teased.

The man in the suit was relieved to hear that.

Just when he thought Lin Huang had not seen through his real identity, Lin Huang spoke all of a sudden, "You must be one the Queen Mother's two bug guardians, am I right? Now, it seems like I can finally find out exactly where the Queen Mother is hiding."

The man's expression turned grim after merely a moment of shock. He knew what happened roughly. "You read their minds…"

"You're much smarter than I imagined." Lin Huang gave him a thumbs-up while grinning.

The man did not bother carrying on with his nonsense after knowing that his identity was exposed. He sped tens of meters ahead and arrived directly before Lin Huang. Then, he charged his claws at Lin Huang's neck…


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