Monster Paradise
1135 A Woman’s Instinc
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1135 A Woman’s Instinc

The Nightmare Tapir retrieved tons of useful information from Zhongli Yan's mind.

The Zhongli Clan had no relation to the Bug Tribe at all. In reality, the real Zhongli Yan was dead. He was just the Bug Tribe's Ultimate Elite that the Queen Mother made out of Zhongli Yan as breeding material.

The benefit of using a supreme genius as breeding material was that these Bug Tribe's Ultimate Elites could mirror the original supreme genius's genes completely and carry on one's memory and inheritance perfectly to blend into the human foothold seamlessly. Moreover, these Ultimate Elites were born pseudo-quadruple mutated. Some of them were even born mythical-level quadruple mutated directly from breeding materials that were powerful when they were alive. 

Throughout more than 700 years, although the Queen Mother only gave birth to 31 Bug Tribe descendants, two of them were mythical-level while the remaining 29 of them were pseudo-mythical-level. One could say that they were of the best quality.

Among them, the one that had the highest combat strength was virtual god-level while the lowest was immortal-level rank-9.

In the entire Divine Alliance, only Zhongli Yan and the other three deputy chiefs were Bug Tribe members while the rest were human.

The main responsibility of the four of them was to search for information in the Genius Union to find suitable target materials for the Queen Mother.

The information in Zhongli Yan's memory eliminated Lin Huang's initial 16 targets to only four now.

Since the Queen Mother would sense if Zhongli Yan was killed, Lin Huang did not destroy him to avoid alerting the enemy. Instead, he got the Nightmare Tapir to perform long-term hypnotization on him.

After leaving the Zhongli Clan, Lin Huang spent almost the entire afternoon traveling to three footholds consecutively to hypnotize and read all three of the deputy chiefs' minds. 

Among the three deputy chiefs' memories, the information he got was basically the same as the information in Zhongli Yan's memory, which again proved the credibility of that information.

However, what rendered Lin Huang speechless was Zhongli Yan and the other three's cluelessness about where the Bug Tribe Queen Mother was currently hiding. Apart from the four of them, it had been close to a hundred years since they came in contact with other Bug Tribe comrades. All they knew was that the Queen Mother had two guards on virtual god-level, but they had no idea what their exact combat strength was.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lin Huang did not even know how his identity ended up exposed. According to Zhongli Yan and the rest's memories, they had retrieved the information from a stranger's message despite not having any idea who the sender was exactly. They only knew that the person who had exposed that was their Bug Tribe comrade because the Emperor's Heart Ring's code through which the message was sent was only known to Bug Tribe comrades.

It was past 6 p.m. when Lin Huang returned to Emperor City. He looked for Bloody in the Emperor Palace.

Bloody had already completed the analysis and modification of the bug formations. It created over 1,000 sets of bug formations with battle formations as the foundation.

After sharing the bug formations with Lin Huang, Lin Huang transferred everything to the galactic hive which then conveyed the information into all the Bug Tribe members' heads. 

When he was done with everything, Lin Huang began discussing the matter with Bloody. "At the moment, Zhongli Yan and the other four have no idea where the other 27 bugs' coordinates are at all, let alone the Queen Mother. Sadly, the investigation on my side has come to a dead end."

Bloody fell into a moment of silence and only spoke after digesting what Lin Huang had just told it, "Since we can't find them, why can't we just get them to come to you on their own?"

"Their collaboration with God Bless is over now, so they'll have to do it themselves if they encounter suitable breeding materials. Meanwhile, you're definitely the sort of breeding material that they want most eagerly."

"Do you mean that I should use myself as bait and lure them out?" Lin Huang understood what Bloody meant.

"You're in a safe zone because nobody is willing to invade Emperor City when there are two Virtual Gods guarding it. However, if you step out of the safe zone of Emperor City, you should be desired by many. After all, your combat strength is only immortal-level rank-9 on the surface while your ability is limited no matter how powerful you are. All you need to do is to use Zhongli Yan and the rest to spread the news of you being outside Emperor City. Hmm, according to my calculations, there'll be a 120% chance that the Bug Tribe will attack then!"

"Looking at the information Zhongli Yan and the rest have provided, they definitely won't let go of any chances to capture you as soon as the opportunity arises."

Lin Huang thought about it carefully after hearing what Bloody said. "Why not I pretend to hunt for imperial-level Life Base monsters at the Abyss Brink? Many people know that I'm going to break through imperial-level now, so I can use this reason to set things up."

"I think that's doable," Bloody agreed.

The duo soon confirmed all the details after some in-depth discussion.

The next morning, Lin Huang left Emperor City alone publicly after breakfast. He then walked around the black market at the foothold near the entrance of the Abyss Brink. He only left after buying some unnecessary toys and made sure that people saw him.

He even got Bloody to release Leech Pods and only told the Ninetails Lynx to send him in after seeing a large tour of a hundred people entering the Abyss Brink. He entered before the tour group did. 

Naturally, he seemed very cool whereby he walked away right after peeping at the tour group. He leaped into the entrance of the Abyss Brink with his fluttering clothes.

The tour group went nuts when they saw his appearance.

It would be forgivable if it were someone that they did not know. However, it was impossible for them not to know about Lin Huang who had been the No. 1 searched person for the past few days.

"That guy who leaped in… Was he Lin Huang?!"

"It really was him! I thought I made a mistake!"

"He's going into the Abyss Brink. I guess he's going to break through to imperial-level."

Lin Huang headed straight to the second layer as soon as he arrived on the first layer of the Abyss Brink. The reason why he chose to enter from the first layer instead of going straight into the second layer was to let more people see him.

He summoned the Nightmare Tapir in an empty corner when he arrived at the third layer after passing through the first and second layer.

"Get Zhongli Yan and the rest to inform the Bug Tribe that I've arrived in the Abyss Brink. Lure everyone to capture me now."

In a tall building in a foothold of Division 3, a man in a white shirt peeped at a message on his Emperor's Heart Ring. He walked to a majestic ceiling-to-floor window after a moment a silence before dialing a number.

"Lin Xie, the Class-S wanted target has left the safe zone. His current coordinates are in the second or the third layer of the Abyss Brink. Arrange two imperial-level powerhouses to get him in the Abyss Brink. It would be best if they're both on imperial-level purple gold-rank. The target should have more than one imperial-level summoning beast."

A deep voice soon came from the other side of the communication device. "Understand. I'll make the arrangements right away!"

A lady's voice came behind the man after he hung up the phone. "You're quick. I've just read about Lin Xie's whereabouts on the Internet."

It was a lady in her early 20s with a lollipop in her mouth. She wore a denim jacket and a t-shirt with beige patterns together with a black leather skirt. Her drawl made her sound lazy.

The man turned around and answered meticulously, "The Divine Alliance sent a notice." 

"I think you're underestimating Lin Xie. This kid might be scarier than we imagined. I think the first attempt might be a failure." She removed the lollipop in her mouth and used it to point at herself. "It's a woman's instinct."

"Well, excuse me. Just like me, you were born a male bug guardian. Your breeding material is simply a female human," the man corrected her.


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