Monster Paradise
1134 The Bug Tribe Invasion that Man Has Yet Discover
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1134 The Bug Tribe Invasion that Man Has Yet Discover

On the next day, Lin Huang received the coordinates Huang Tianfu sent in the afternoon. All 16 Divine Alliance members' coordinates were marked clearly.

Lin Huang looked at the first screenshot while smirking slightly. It was a tall, big hunk with muscles bulging all over. He had rather tanned skin while his face was crude and fierce. He had a buzzcut that made him look like a prisoner. His hair was so short that one could see his shiny scalp.

He wore a black shirt in the picture. If he wore a thick gold necklace on his neck and a gold watch on his wrist, he would totally look like an underground boss.

"Zhongli Yan," Lin Huang called out softly.

In reality, Lin Huang was familiar with the man's face and name.

Almost everyone in the Genius Union knew the chief of the Divine Alliance, Zhongli Yan. Moreover, this guy always ranked highly in the annual leaderboard. He was almost always in the top five, sometimes even ranking top three.

If the Divine Alliance had secrets, as the chief, Zhongli Yan would definitely know about it.

That was the reason why Lin Huang targeted him first.

Zhongli Yan was currently at No. 1A21 foothold, the Golden Light City in Division 1.

Lin Huang walked out of the Golden Light City dimensional portal around 1 p.m. and headed northwest.

The dimensional portal in the foothold was situated in the south of the Golden Light City while the Zhongli Clan was located on the northwestern side from the city center.

Lin Huang only spent some ten minutes to get to where the Zhongli Clan was.

He summoned the Nightmare Tapir when he arrived at the door. Then, he walked into the house with it.

Everyone including the security guard at the entrance, the gardener who was trimming the plants in the courtyard, and the cleaning lady who was cleaning the house seemed not to notice Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir at all.

Lin Huang walked past them one after another just like that. None of them lifted their heads to look where he was.

Using the Nightmare Tapir's detection, Lin Huang soon found Zhongli Yan's current location. He was working on something in the study room on the second floor of the loft.

Lin Huang passed through the courtyard directly and entered the loft. He ignored the two family members on the first floor of the loft and headed straight to the second floor.

The two people on the first floor did not seem to realize Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir's existence at all.

Lin Huang pushed the study room door open when he got to the second floor.

Zhongli Yan, who was sitting at the desk, glanced at the door, feeling strange. However, he was looking at the door behind Lin Huang. His vision penetrated Lin Huang's body directly to his surprise. Just when he was going to get up to close the door, Lin Huang closed the door casually.

Zhongli Yan was shocked to see the door closing by itself.

At that very moment, Lin Huang showed himself slowly.

"Hi, Chief Zhongli."

Lin Huang's sudden appearance shocked him. However, he soon calmed down. "Lin Huang! I think it's inappropriate for you to invade a private property!"

"You wouldn't dare to see me if I didn't trespass, right?" Lin Huang walked to Zhongli Yan with a grin. He sat on the desk and looked at Zhongli Yan in a condescending way.

"I'm very busy. I've no time to deal with your nonsense. Say what you want directly, but please leave after you're done and I'll pretend this never happened." Zhongli Yan still attempted to take control of the situation.

"Since you say that, I'll ask you directly then." Lin Huang smiled and subsequently asked, "You were the one who got someone to expose my identity on the Internet. Am I right?"

"That's right. That was my doing" Zhongli Yan admitted right away, "I exposed the truth and didn't spread any rumors, so what's wrong with that? I think the people who you've deceived have the right to know about you hiding your identity."

"Are you a reporter? I can't believe we're even talking about this." Lin Huang chuckled when he heard his demand. "Since we're on the topic of people having the right to know the truth, let's have a chat. I believe everyone should be surprised that the so-called the chief of the Divine Alliance isn't human at all."

Lin Huang stared at Zhongli Yan while grinning.

Clearly, Zhongli Yan did not expect his identity to be exposed. He only managed to calm down after a shift in expression. He denied stiffly, "That's such a cheap and low rumor."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Is it?" Lin Huang asked while smiling.

"Everybody knows that only human beings can log into the Genius Union," Zhongli Yan argued, providing reasoning. 

"Not exactly. There may be some aliens that can break through the Stairway Tree system," Lin Huang said while smiling, "But don't you worry, I've my way to determine whether you're a human or alien."

The Nightmare Tapir revealed itself slowly as soon as Lin Huang was done speaking.

"This pet of mine has hypnotization abilities. I'll be able to tell if you're a human or an alien as soon as you agree to be hypnotized by him."

"Lin Huang, this isn't the Heaven Alliance or Dynasty. I won't show mercy if you go on with your nonsense. Perhaps I'm no match for you, but the Zhongli Clan has two demigods!" Zhongli Yan knew very well that he might not be in the same league as Lin Huang, so he used the two old demigods in his family to threaten him.

"Seems like you're not going to conform." Lin Huang raised his brow. "Fortunately, I knew this would happen. Ah well, you'll have to conform today whether you want it or not."

The Nightmare Tapir's eyes turned pitch-black as soon as Lin Huang was done speaking.

Zhongli Yan's eyes became lost in the hypnotization too.

Lin Huang began the interrogation after hearing the Nightmare Tapir's voice transmission that the hypnotization was a success.

"What kind of species are you exactly?"

"Bug Tribe. I'm a Demonic Magic Bug." Zhongli Yan's voice became strange when he answered that question. It sounded like the buzzing when insects flapped their wings as though his voice was overlapping.

The Bug Tribe?!

Never had Lin Huang thought that Zhongli Yan was from the Bug Tribe. The various bug monsters in the gravel world were just distant relatives of the Bug Tribe branches. Although he had fought many types of Bug Tribes on the Stairway Tree, he had never seen a real one before.

He had always thought that this gravel world was not invaded by the Bug Tribe. However, it seemed like the Bug Tribe might have penetrated the world completely.

"How many members are there in this gravel world?" Lin Huang asked again.

"Not many. There are currently only 31 that survived."

Lin Huang was slightly relieved to hear that answer.

"How long have you guys invaded this gravel world?"

"It's been 763 years."

"So, only 31 survived throughout the over 700 years? Why is that?" Lin Huang was rather puzzled.

"The Queen Mother is severely injured, so we can only carry out the Ultimate Elite Breeding Program."

"The Ultimate Elite Breeding Program?!"

"We only pick other supreme genius species as breeding material and boost the quality to the max during each breeding season."

Lin Huang finally understood why these people took Chan Dou away. They wanted to use Chan Dou as breeding material and use his genes as the template to breed Bug Tribe's descendants.

"How come you guys can log into the Genius Union?" Lin Huang raised another doubt of his.

"All Ultimate Elites have two forms. One is the form as breeding material, another is the Bug Tribe form. All of our breeding materials are human supreme geniuses. They have almost the exact same genes as humans when they turned into human forms. They can cheat the Stairway Tree system like a piece of cake."

"Alright then." Lin Huang asked a few more questions subsequently and ended it after the Nightmare Tapir was done reading Zhongli Yan's mind.


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