Monster Paradise
1132 He’ll Pay to Fix the Door
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1132 He’ll Pay to Fix the Door

It was two in the afternoon when Jian Fei and Lin Huang decided to have the welcome party.

However, all of the seats were not filled. There were only some 60 people in the meeting room that could accommodate 100 people.

Jian Fei, Gu Fei, and the other upper echelons did not look very comfortable.

Lin Huang figured what happened roughly and said to Jian Fei through voice transmission, "How many of them aren't here?"  

"Over 30. I've invited 100 people to this meeting." Jian Fei did not hide the truth.

"Let's not wait. Let's start right away," Lin Huang spoke through voice transmission.

Jian Fei nodded and walked to the podium in the middle. He spoke after glancing at the people present, "I'd like to say something that has nothing to do with the welcome party first. I, Jian Fei, the acting chief of the Heaven Alliance, would like to officially announce that the newcomers who didn't make it to the welcome party will have their names removed from the list."

Even Lin Huang was a little surprised when Jian Fei said that. The rest of the upper echelons had disbelief written on their faces.

The 60-odd newcomers below the podium were discussing among themselves.

Jian Fei ignored the buzz down there and proceeded, "Firstly, we've already sent out the notice two days ago that the meeting is at 2 p.m. today. Those who can't make it at the last minute could've informed me, but now that they didn't show up when the welcome party has started or inform me in advance, it shows that they're irresponsible. The Heaven Alliance doesn't welcome people like that.

"Secondly, these people refused to come to the welcome party at the said time. It also shows that they have no sense of belonging to the Heaven Alliance. Since they've no sense of belonging to us, let's send them off happily to other organizations in order for them to find their sense of belongingFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"These are the two things that I wanted to say. Next, let's start our welcome party officially!"

Jian Fei began his speech as the acting chief of the Heaven Alliance after he was done talking about removing the members from the list.

The speech included mostly about the history of the Heaven Alliance and some important incidents. He passed the podium to Deputy Chief Gu Fei after he was done with the speech.

Gu Fei's speech was very simple, and she was done within five minutes. She then passed the podium to Lin Huang.

The newcomers started clapping as soon as Lin Huang appeared. They hollered and cheered loudly.

"Hey, everyone. My name is Lin Huang. Perhaps you guys are more familiar with another name of mine, Lin Xie. However, to me, Lin Huang or Lin Xie is just a name. I'm the Deputy Chief of the Heaven Alliance, and I'm also the Emperor of Dynasty. I am me, and I won't change regardless of my title or identity."

The people cheered again after Lin Huang's self-introduction.

"That's all I'm going to say about myself. I'm not the star today. You guys are. As the Heaven Alliance new members, all of you are the hope of the Heaven Alliance's future…"

Lin Huang began his speech after he was done with his self-introduction.

"I welcome all of you here to be one of the Heaven Alliance members officially today. All Heaven Alliance members will forever be the Heaven Alliance partners no matter whether it is now or when you have left the Genius Union in the future…"

His speech was not very long either. He only took seven to eight minutes including the self-introduction at the beginning.

Just when Lin Huang was going to pass the podium to the acting chief of the Heaven Alliance, Jian Fei, after he was done with his speech, the meeting room door was kicked open all of a sudden.

A bunch of young men rushed in. Lin Huang glanced to see that there were over 20 of them.

The leader was a young man with long, dark-red hair who stared at Lin Huang ferociously.

"Lin Xie, I had always admired you. I even treated you as my role model. You've disappointed me. You fell so hard and become one of the underground organization members. I can't believe I've always treated you as my idol this past year. I must be blind now that I thought about it. I would've really be deceived and joined the Heaven Alliance if I didn't see the live stream this morning."

"Who is that?" Lin Huang asked Jian Fei through voice transmission, feeling ridiculous.

"He's the general of the Union Government's Immortals, Li Hongfei," Jian Fei replied through voice transmission in a disdainful tone. 

"I thought people from the Union Government are prohibited from joining the Genius Union." Lin Huang was surprised to hear that.

"They prohibited that in the past, but they've abolished that rule after the New Year this year. Those who pass the assessment can join as they wish. Throughout the half-year, up to a hundred people joined the Genius Union successfully from all the military groups and the Agency EA from the Union Government."

After hearing Jian Fei's explanation, Lin Huang roughly figured that the Union Government must have taken the abyss disaster that would happen in the near future into consideration for them to be abolishing the rule.

"The people behind him are basically from the Union Government's Three Elite Troops," Jian Fei added.

"Li Hongfei, am I right?" Lin Huang glanced through the 23 intruders and had his eyes on Li Hongfei who eventually emerged as leader. "It's great that you guys aren't joining the Heaven Alliance. Your names have been removed."

Although Jian Fei had announced removing those who were absent from the list in the meeting earlier, he had yet to do that since the welcome party was still going on. Naturally, Li Hongfei and the rest had yet to receive the notice that they were removed.

The 23 of them were clearly stunned to hear what Lin Huang said.

"What makes you think that you can remove our names?! You're just a Deputy Chief. Only the real chief or the acting chief has the right to remove our names."

"Li Hongfei, it was I who removed your names, not Deputy Chief Lin." Jian Fei stood up at that second and told them the reason for removing their names again. "I've stated the reason that I did that to the 67 new members earlier. You lack of responsibility and have no sense of belonging to the Heaven Alliance. We don't need people like that."

"I get it now. So, the Heaven Alliance is on the same line with Dynasty now." Li Hongfei scoffed after hearing that. The remaining 22 of them glared at Jian Fei and the rest as if they were their enemies now.

"The Union Government's Three Elite Troops have such low recruitment standards. Are they now recruiting people who can't understand basic logic?" Gu Fei could not take it and finally spat out.

"Woman, stop your slandering nonsense." Li Hongfei and the rest of the people from the Three Elite Troops glared at Gu Fei.

"Did I get it wrong? According to your logic, we're being bribed by Dynasty just because we trust Lin Huang. There are up to 100 million people on the Heart Network who support Lin Huang. Are you saying that all of them were bribed by Dynasty?! You don't even have basic logic. How dare you say that I slandered you with your filthy mouth?!"

"You…" Li Hongfei was speechless at the moment.

"Li Hongfei, I've told you guys the reason your names are removed loudly and clearly. Moreover, we know Lin Huang better than you guys rather than from just rumors. He has joined the Heaven Alliance for almost a year and a half now. We've been watching everything he's done, the hardships he's experienced and the doubts that he went through throughout his journey. This is the reason why the Heaven Alliance is still standing by him because we know he's worthy of our trust," Jian Fei said.

"Only people who don't understand underground organizations would say sh*t like trusting Lin Huang. Do you guys know what kind of position the Emperor of Dynasty is?! He is one of the biggest underground organization leaders. He's almost equivalent to our Union Government chief! Do you guys believe that a person who has such an identity is a good person?! I think you guys should really feed your brains to Swine Beasts! It's just an act no matter how friendly and how trustworthy he is! You guys are being deceived!"

"Li Hongfei, let me ask you two questions," Lin Huang finally spoke again.

"There are at least millions of people in the Union Government in all the 12 safety zones including the staff. Can you say you're 100% sure that there's nobody who deserves to die at all? Can you say that none of them are corrupted, have taken bribes, abused their power, used people for their personal gains?! Do you dare to say that?!"

"I…" Li Hongfei was speechless at the moment. He knew very well that such a thing was being practiced by many.

"Let me ask you again. There are at least tens of millions of underground organization members in the 12 safety zones. Can you say you're 100% sure that there's none of them who don't deserve to die?" 

Li Hongfei fell into silence again.

After a moment of silence, Li Hongfei lifted his head again and looked at Lin Huang defiantly. "I won't argue with you about silly things like that. I challenge you. Do you dare to accept it without summoning your monsters?!"

"Li Hongfei, it's not fair for you to challenge him like this. He's an Imperial Censor and you're skilled in close-range battle. Wouldn't you be tying his hands to challenge him if you challenged him to not use his summoning beasts?" Gu Fei could not resist mocking.

However, Lin Huang smiled when he heard that. "Why wouldn't I dare to accept that? All 23 of you can come at me at the same time."

"You can't summon your monsters!" Li Hongfei emphasized again.

"I don't have to," Lin Huang responded while smiling.

The newcomers discussed among themselves upon seeing that.

"This guy has such thick skin!"

"23 versus 1, and he asked Lin Huang not to summon his monsters? This guy is too much."

"But it's not a challenge if Deputy Chief Lin really summon his monsters."

Lin Huang shoved both his hands in his pockets and looked at Li Hongfei with a smirk. "Are you guys ready?"

"Go!" Li Hongfei shouted. The 23 of them moved almost at the same time.

However, Lin Huang removed his right hand from his pocket almost at the same time. In the next second, 23 silver glows shot out from his sleeve like lightning bolts.

Li Hongfei and the rest did not see the trajectory of the silver glows at all. Their heads exploded instantly and their bodies disintegrated rapidly.

In the next moment, the silver glows retreated back and vanished into Lin Huang's sleeve.

He shoved his right hand into his pocket again as if he had never moved before.

Everyone was stunned to see the 23 silhouettes disappear out of nowhere. Apart from a minority of them who managed to see the sparkling silver glows in the air faintly, most of them could not see anything at all.

After all, Lin Huang's ability was comparable with an imperial-level purple gold-rank's. It was too advanced from their abilities.

Until then, they realized that they had been underestimating Lin Huang. Everyone thought that Lin Huang managed to break through the Stairway Tree because he was an Imperial Censor who had powerful summoning beasts. Now, it seemed like his personal ability was so powerful that it was terrifying.

Many of them knew that half of the 23 people who just had been killed in one strike were on immortal-level rank-9. Li Hongfei did not only have immortal-level rank-9 combat strength, but he was also a supreme genius. His ability would rank top ten even if he were to be compared with the top Genius Union's alliances such as the Heaven Alliance and the Hong Alliance.

However, such a powerhouse was like an ant before Lin Huang as he was killed on the spot. He did not even manage to survive the first round.

Lin Huang could not help but speak upon seeing that the people were still stunned for a long time, "Clean it up. Let's proceed with the welcome party."

Lin Huang turned his head to look at Jian Fei after that. "Chief Jian, send Li Hongfei a message. He'll pay for the points that will be used to fix the meeting room door. Ask him to look for me if he has something to say about that. I welcome him to visit me both online and offline."


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