Monster Paradise
1128 Has His Identity Been Exposed?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1128 Has His Identity Been Exposed?

After he was done sorting things out for a day, Lin Huang checked his Emperor's Heart Ring that he turned off for the whole day after delegating the remaining work to Bloody.

A missed call showed on his communication page. He tapped it open and realized it was from Jian Fei of the Heaven Alliance.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There was also a message, it was also sent by Jian Fei. There was only a short sentence, "Reply me when you see this."

Lin Huang did not look at other things and called Jian Fei's number right away.

Soon, Jian Fei picked up the video call and his chubby face appeared.

"Is there anything you need from me, Chief Jian?" Lin Huang asked directly upon seeing the video call connect.

"Deputy Chief Lin, have you elevated to imperial-level yet?" Jian Fei probed immediately.

"Not yet, but I'm doing the final preparations during these two days."

"That's great. Can you take a half-day to log into the Genius Union within these few days?" Jian Fei did not beat around the bush and requested right away. He knew that Lin Huang preferred to communicate straightforwardly.

"Since you broke through the Stairway Tree, many people in the Genius Union who didn't belong to any organization joined the Heaven Alliance. Some of the members from other organizations even withdrew from the organizations they joined initially and joined us instead. There are some good buds among them who we've already assessed. We hope that you can spend some time logging in before you elevate to imperial-level. Treat it as a welcome party for them. After all, those guys came for you, so I thought you could get together with them while you still log in."

"Sure!" Lin Huang agreed while nodding right away.

Although he suspected that Jian Fei was using his fame to recruit members, he wanted to see the Heaven Alliance grow. Chan Dou shared the same wish too.

"You guys can set the time, but it's best to do it within these three days because I'm almost done with my preparation to elevate to imperial-level."

"Sure, I'll inform you as soon as the arrangements are made." Jian Fei agreed right away. He then began to stutter, "There's s-something e-else… Many media representatives have been looking for me these past two days. They want to interview you."

Lin Huang glowered. In reality, he was unwilling to be interviewed by the media.

Most media would create topics and ask odd or sensitive questions. They would then exaggerate his words and stir things up just to attract attention. In reality, they did not care what kind of person he was exactly. They only cared about the attention they could get from his words and the number of clicks they could rack up.

Figuring that it might be the last thing he could do for the Heaven Alliance, Lin Huang nodded and agreed eventually. "I can accept being interviewed, but get Xu Qingya to do that. Let her be the one who interviews me for the second time, so those who missed the first interview can watch it when the second interview is released."

"Sure, I'll arrange the time with Xu Qingya and inform you by then."

Lin Huang shook his head while smiling after hanging up the call with Jian Fei.

In reality, Jian Fei was a benevolent person, but his intention of using one's fame was a tad bit too much. However, Lin Huang understood why he did that.

As the acting chief, Jian Fei was eager to prove himself since there was Chan Dou, the charming Fourth Prince, before him and Lin Huang who was a ridiculous genius. He wanted everyone in the Heaven Alliance to see that he had the ability to hold the position as the Chief of the Heaven Alliance.

In reality, Jian Fei had pretty impressive abilities. He had proven his ability since he managed to take the position of deputy chief when Chan Dou was still there. However, it was difficult for any star to shine no matter what when there was Chan Dou, who was like a brilliant moon, and Lin Huang, a scorching sun, shining over him. He could only admit that he showed up at the wrong timing.

Lin Huang understood Jian Fei's mindset. If he did not achieve anything during his appointment as the chief, the members would condemn him. It would harm the Heaven Alliance's growth in the long run.

Although he was not fond of Jian Fei using him, for the sake of the Heaven Alliance, Lin Huang chose to conform to his arrangement without much hesitation.

Jian Fei sent him a message in the afternoon. The interview and the Heaven Alliance welcome party were set on the same day which was the day after tomorrow. The interview would be in the morning while the welcome party would be in the afternoon.

Lin Huang was satisfied with the arrangement because he would not have to spend two days doing both things.

After lunch, he took out the bizarre seed and began activating it by inserting Divine Power into it. Since it was not convenient for him to refine Godheads now, he found something else to do.

However, this bizarre seed was just like the last one. No matter how much Divine Power he inserted, it showed no response.

The next morning, Lin Huang was reading the news on the Heart Network and the other forums after breakfast.

All of a sudden, he saw a thread about him on a black market forum. The entire forum was stirred because of this thread. The title of the thread was 'Exposing Lin Xie's Real Identity'.

Lin Huang could not help but frown when he saw the title. He clicked on it immediately and frowned even harder after he was done reading it.

The author of the thread was anonymous. The person revealed that Lin Xie was also Lin Huang and that he was the Emperor of Dynasty!

Although the author did not give any solid evidence throughout the entire thread, the author clearly knew the truth.

Since he did not give any evidence, almost all comments below the thread were ridicule, saying that the person who posted the thread was just stirring things up for publicity. Meanwhile, there were tens of thousands of comments below. Less than 1% of them believed the thread.

Most of them had the same opinion: We will believe you if you give us solid proof.

The first thing Lin Huang felt was doubt when he read the thread. Not many people knew about his identity, but the author who wrote the thread was clearly one of them. However, Lin Huang was not too sure who that was.

The first name that popped into his head was Jian Fei, but he dismissed the guess right away.

Although Jian Fei loved stirring things up for fame, exposing Lin Huang as the Emperor of Dynasty would bring negativity to the Heaven Alliance. It might even make the newbies think twice about joining the Heaven Alliance. After all, most people loathed the underground organization in the entire cultivation world. As the Emperor of Dynasty, Lin Huang was one of the top underground bosses.

Apart from Jian Fei, he could not think of anyone else.

However, Lin Huang did not dwell on the issue. Instead, he began thinking about how to deal with it.

The first solution was to ignore it completely and pretend that he did not see it. Since many people did not believe it, the topic would soon pass if he ignored it.

The other solution was to seize the opportunity to reveal his identity whereby he would integrate both of his identities.

Although it would not bring him any benefit to admit it on his own, if he did not do it now, he would be in trouble if someone found evidence of him having two identities in the future.

Soon, Lin Huang made up his mind after some pondering.


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