Monster Paradise
1126 Abundant Card Rewards
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1126 Abundant Card Rewards

After hanging up the call with Mr. Fu, Lin Huang looked into his body again.

Among the ten God Figurine's Combat Souls, the Shackle Serpent, the Creation Clock, and the Withered Flower had completed their evolution whereby they elevated all the way to Virtual God rank-3.

Out of all the remaining seven God Figurine's Combat Souls, the Nightmare Tapir had the highest combat strength which was Virtual God rank-6 (it was on Virtual God rank-7 in the battle earlier because of the Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card). The ones with the second-highest combat strength were the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth that were both on Virtual God rank-4.

The Divine Sun Tree, the Enchanted Fairy, the Undead Styx, and the Death Butterfly were all on Virtual God rank-3.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang killed Virtual God rank-9 bug monsters a total of 23 times on the 81st checkpoint. He only used his spiritual energy once to elevate the Nightmare Tapir's combat strength from Virtual God rank-4 to the peak of Virtual God rank-6.

Lin Huang took the nine bug monsters' spiritual energy and gave them to the nine God Figurine's Combat Souls apart from the Nightmare Tapir.

Within a short few seconds, the combat strength of the nine God Figurine's Combat Souls skyrocketed all the way to Virtual God rank-6.

The spiritual energy from the bug monsters that were stored in Lin Huang's body was filtered by Divine Fire rapidly. It could be absorbed by the God Figurine's Combat Souls, and they did not even need to refine them like how they did for the soul crystals.

Moreover, the God Figurine's Combat Souls completed their transformation as soon as they reached virtual god-level. They did not need four hours of transformation whenever they were elevating their combat strength. They could absorb more spiritual energy like a piece of cake. They were like little pots that had been transformed into big buckets, whereby their capacity was upgraded tremendously.

Seeing that all ten God Figurine's Combat Souls in his body had elevated to Virtual God rank-6, Lin Huang penetrated the spiritual energy from the remaining 13 bug monsters into the God Figurine's Combat Souls' bodies to elevate their combat strength once again. The Nightmare Tapir, the Ninetails Lynx, and the Destructive Divine Mammoth had achieved Virtual God rank-8, while the Divine Sun Tree and the rest got to Virtual God rank-7.

After giving out all of the spiritual energy that was stored in his body, Lin Huang looked into the Sorcerer Goddess's blood. Wu Mo did not respond to him. She was clearly still sleeping.

Lin Huang took out the soul marrow and popped it into the Sorcerer Goddess's blood. Wu Mo's aura that was initially weak was now growing.

He waited for a while, but she remained sleeping as he sensed her aura stabilizing. He did not disturb her and soon snapped back to reality.

He looked into his body again and read Xiao Hei's notifications. Then, he began to calculate the rewards he had reaped from killing monsters on the Stairway Tree for the past few days.

Although he was not given any points on the 80th and 81st checkpoints, killing monsters gave him complete cards and card pieces. Moreover, Lin Huang used Lucky Cards and Double Reward Cards whenever he went through the checkpoints.

He looked at the complete cards he had obtained first. The truth proved that many complete cards fell from the checkpoints throughout the few days to the point that he could not see the end of the line when he opened the system notification. 

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Multi-eyed Worm Monster Card (Mythical-level) x2

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Superbrain Worm Monster Card (Mythical-level) x2

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Golden Bug Monster Card (Mythical-level) x2

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Lady Black-stripe Monster Card (Pseudo-mythical-level) x318

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Giant-bellied Spider Monster Card (Pseudo-mythical-level) x276

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Scarlet-scimitar Bug Monster Card (Pseudo-mythical-level) x324"

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Gigantic Heavy-armored Bug Monster Card (Legendary-level) x 26,512

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Swift-winged Bug Monster Card (Legendary-level) x 28,356

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Ten-Colors Bug Monster Card (Legendary-level) x 31,124"

"Congratulations, you've obtained Bug Tribe Airship (Mythical-level) x 12

"Congratulations, you've obtained Bug Tribe Bio-Battle Armor (Mythical-level) x 2"

Almost two hours later, Lin Huang finally read all of the records of the completed cards in the system.

There were six mythical-level cards and numerous pseudo-mythical-level cards. Altogether, there were over 30 types and up to 10,000 cards. There were also up to 1,000 types and over 30 million legendary-level cards.

Apart from that, there were all sorts of Item Cards.

There were 18 mythical-level items, over 1,000 pseudo-mythical-level items, and close to 100,000 legendary-level items.

Those were just complete cards.

Lin Huang knew very well that he might not have even gotten 1% of what he obtained if not for the Lucky Cards and Double Reward Cards he used.

He then looked at the card pieces that the system sorted out after going through the complete cards.

"You've obtained Control Bug card pieces (Mythical-level) x12

"You've obtained Six-winged Sword Bug card pieces (Mythical-level) x2"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You've obtained Lady Black-stripe card pieces (Pseudo-mythical-level) x26,178

"You've obtained Giant-bellied Spider card pieces (Pseudo-mythical-level) x24,652"

"You've obtained Gigantic Heavy-armored Bug card pieces (Legendary-level) x5,302,898

"You've obtained Swift-winged Bug card pieces (Legendary-level) x5,809,614"

Due to the insufficient mythical-level and pseudo-mythical-level card pieces, he did lack enough to integrate them into Monster Cards. However, he had accumulated over 500,000 legendary-level complete Monster Cards from the card pieces alone. 

Gawking at the sea of cards in his body, it was Lin Huang's first time being distracted by the insane amount of cards.

The dream of building an army was lovely, but the problem was that Lin Huang's summoning authority remained at 15 monsters at the moment.

Having ten million monsters aside, even if he had up to 100 million monsters, it was useless if he could not summon them.

"Xiao Hei, can't you release my summoning authority?"

"No. In reality, this authorization exists to protect you. Even though the system is just a medium, the contract between the host and imperial monsters are tied to your soul. If the authorization is released, it would be a great burden to the operating system. Another reason is that your soul will collapse as soon you release the authorization judging from the number of complete Monster Cards that you've accumulated."

Lin Huang had never thought that the summoning authorization served to protect him. He fell into a moment of silence after hearing that and asked again, "Is there any way to realize my plan of getting an army whereby I can summon tens of millions of bug monsters at the same time?"

"You'll need to find an item or living thing to replace you to bear the contract with all these bug monsters. I can transfer the authorization of these bug monster cards over. By then, you'll be able to control these bug monsters and create a real army as soon as you own the item or living thing that bears the contract."

"A bearer of the bug monsters' contract…" Something popped up in Lin Huang's head when he heard what Xiao Hei said. He proposed immediately, "Can I use the galactic hive?"

"Theoretically, it should be fine."

Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he heard Xiao Hei's response. "We'll try that then!"


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