Monster Paradise
1122 The Trial Ends
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1122 The Trial Ends

The Superbrain Worm, the control bug and the Multi-eyed Worm noticed that the other four bug monsters were hypnotized as soon as they were resurrected.

The Superbrain Worm sent its thought to the other two bug monsters' heads. In the next second, the three bug monsters released a spiritual wave at the four bug monsters that were being hypnotized at the same time in an attempt to wake them up.

Under the Superbrain Worm's lead, the spiritual wave spread out like an ocean wave. It pierced through the four hypnotized bug monsters' bodies.

However, the four bug monsters stood where they were without giving any response.

Clearly, the round of attempt was futile.

The Nightmare Tapir's spiritual energy had surpassed so much compared to the Superbrain Worm and the rest since it elevated two ranks up. Its hypnotization could not be shaken even though the Superbrain Worm and the rest worked together on the attack.

the Nightmare Tapir did not give them a second chance to their attempt, whereby he controlled the four bug monsters to attack the Superbrain Worm and the rest.

the Dragnet Worm and the rest of the three bug monsters that were hypnotized looked at the Superbrain Worm and the rest as if they were in a frenzy just like how they saw the Ninetails Lynx and other God Figurine's Combat Souls before. They could not wait to tear them into pieces.

The Dragnet Worm spat threads out one after another and constructed a web in the air. It went after the Superbrain Worm and the rest again and again. Although it did not manage to capture them, it brought great trouble to the three of them.

The bug monsters that looked like a toad spat arrows out like a machine gun, forcing them to dodge its attacks without even stopping for a second.

While the both of them were attacking at close range, six-winged bug monsters and sword cultivator bug monsters were chasing after them.

The Superbrain Worm and the rest looked extremely clumsy while they were attacked by the four bug monsters.

Compared to the God Figurine's Combat Souls who had powerful bodies which were immune to those bug monsters' physical attacks, the Superbrain Worm and the rest only had mediocre bodies among Virtual God rank-9 powerhouses. They could not handle the attacks forcefully. All they could do was to dodge clumsily and retreat.

Before the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the Ninetails Lynx joined the battle, the Superbrain Worm and the rest had already been suppressed and fell into defeat.

However, the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the Ninetails Lynx did not want to play the cat-and-mouse game. They soon joined the battle.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth performed its usual brutal suppression whereby it stomped its gigantic feet in the air one after another.

Hovering in the air, the Ninetails Lynx appeared without anyone seeing it coming it the battlefield like a specter.

Not long after the two God Figurine's Combat Souls joined the battle, the Ninetails Lynx caught the Multi-eyed Worm's weakness and mauled it, tearing the air.

Pitch-black slices scratched the Multi-eyed Worm's body, slicing it into half.

As soon as the Multi-eyed Worm was killed, the other two bug monsters fell into an even more difficult situation.

Within a minute, the Superbrain Worm and the control bug were crushed into mush by the Destructive Divine Mammoth one after another.

In less than ten seconds after the three bug monsters were dead, their carcasses vanished and they were 'resurrected' again.

The Superbrain Worm changed its strategy when it was resurrected.

It performed its divine skill immediately, and a white rune halo appeared before it. It combined the control bug and the Multi-eyed Worm's spiritual energy into it.

As soon as the white rune halo lit up, the white glow that shot out of it was targeted at Lin Huang who was outside the battlefield.

Even Lin Huang figured its attack was aimed at him this time. 

The white glow was alarmingly fast. Lin Huang did not plan to dodge since he knew that it was too late for him to do that. Instead, he had his eyes on the Ninetails Lynx that was not far away.

The Ninetails Lynx vanished from where it was and appeared on Lin Huang's shoulder. Lin Huang then vanished from where he was.

Almost at the same second, the white glow drowned the spot where Lin Huang had been standing earlier.

The Ninetails Lynx joined the battle again after leaving Lin Huang in the alternate dimension.

The Superbrain Worm's attack that was aiming for Lin Huang enraged the three God Figurine's Combat Souls.

In less than a minute, the Superbrain Worm and the other two bug monsters were killed once again. The Destructive Divine Mammoth seemed to be still in rage after killing the three bug monsters. It stomped its iron feet on the carcasses and turned them into three piles of mush.

A moment later, the carcasses disappeared again. the Superbrain Worm and the rest were resurrected again.

"This is the fourth time they've resurrected. They should have hit the limit anytime soon." Lin Huang had been keeping track of the number of times they resurrected.

This time, the Superbrain Worm was still determined. It had its target on Lin Huang again.

It moved its tentacles slightly and its divine skill was activated. Golden arrows shot out like a meteor shower. 

The Ninetails Lynx saw that and glared at the Superbrain Worm in disdain before dragging Lin Huang into its alternate dimension again.

However, the golden arrows went into the alternate dimension as soon as the human and monster entered it. That was out of Lin Huang and the Ninetails Lynx's expectations.

The Ninetails Lynx brought Lin Huang out of the alternate dimension immediately. The up to a hundred arrows pierced out of the dimension too, they were locking on Lin Huang.

the Ninetails Lynx decided to stop dodging. It turned into a white glow and charged. The white glow sparkled hundreds of times in the air within a split second. The golden arrows exploded almost at the same time. Golden sparkes lit the air like fireworks, illuminating the sky.

After the Ninetails Lynx was done solving the crisis, the Superbrain Worm was the only bug monster that lived among the three.

In a flash, the Ninetails Lynx appeared above the Superbrain Worm's head. It mauled its egg-like head.

The Superbrain Worm's plan failed again, and the three bug monsters were killed on the spot again.

A couple of seconds later, the three bug monsters resurrected again. It was the fifth time the Multi-eyed Worm activated the skill. 13 of its eyes had exploded, and that was almost half of the eyes it possessed.

However, the Ninetails Lynx attacked the Superbrain Worm before it could do anything.

Black slices appeared in the air as a result of its mauling that came without hesitation. They were going after the Superbrain Worm.

To its dismay, it could not do anything as soon as they killed it.

The Superbrain Worm did not expect the Ninetails Lynx to not give it any opportunity to attack this time. It thought it could try other ways to kill Lin Huang, but it seemed impossible now.

It wanted to get the other two bug monsters to attack Lin Huang, but the Nightmare Tapir had already controlled the Dragnet Worm and the other three bug monsters to attack the Multi-eyed Worm and the control bug.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth joined the battle almost at the same time.

Since then, the Superbrain Worm did not get any opportunity to attack Lin Huang at all.

The round of battle went on for less than three minutes. The control bug, the Multi-eyed Worm, and the Superbrain Worm were destroyed one after another.

Lin Huang and the rest waited for over ten seconds, but the three bug monsters' carcasses did not vanish. They were sure that it was the limit to the Multi-eyed Worm's skill.

After getting rid of the three most troublesome bug monsters, the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the Ninetails Lynx soon killed the four bug monsters that were hypnotized.

By then, the battle had finally ended. Lin Huang thought it should be the end of the additional trial.

However, an inconspicuous charcoal gray bug monster came out of the main hive all of a sudden after some ten seconds of silence. The bug monster popped its head out of the hive and looked at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang felt he was being dragged into another dimension the moment they locked eyes. An eye that he could not see was watching him in the dark. He could sense the eye above his head, but he could not move at all as if he was imprisoned by the dimension.

However, a loud voice came out of nowhere at the moment, shaking the entire place.

Lin Huang felt he was falling at an alarming speed. Soon, he realized he was back where he was when he snapped back to reality.

"The trial has ended! We'll send you the results later." The male voice from before echoed abruptly.

Lin Huang looked at the time on his Emperor's Heart Ring with his head down. It was still 44 seconds before the 24-hour trial period should have ended.

"Didn't you say I had to fulfil the 24 hours?"


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