Monster Paradise
1120 The Puzzling God Rule Power
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1120 The Puzzling God Rule Power

"What do you mean?!" The stone tablet's words shocked Lin Huang.

"You'll find out soon."

As soon as the stone tablet was done speaking, the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth were going to suppress the Multi-eyed Worm.

Two of the Multi-eyed Worm's eyes exploded, sending blood spurting everywhere.

Lin Huang was confused to witness that because the Multi-eyed Worm was harmed before the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth even surged forward.

However, the confusion on his face turned into shock in the next second.

The control bug and the Superbrain Worm that was initially dead disappeared into thin air. They were replaced by a perfectly fine control bug and a Superbrain Worm as if the scene in which both of them were killed was just an illusion.

Lin Huang looked into his body. The great spiritual energy that he had obtained when the two bug monsters died was still there. He then checked the card pieces record on Xiao Hei's side, the card pieces that fell out when the two bug monsters were killed were still there. That was enough to prove that the two bug monsters earlier were indeed killed. It was not an illusion. 

"The death of the two bug monsters wasn't an illusion. So, does that Multi-Eyed Worm have a resurrection ability?!" Lin Huang came up with such a conclusion while looking dumbfounded.

"Although your speculation isn't exactly accurate, it's not far from the truth," said the stone tablet while smiling.

"This Multi-Eyed Worm is a quadruple mythical-level monster. It'll transform to a Hundred-eyed Worm as soon as it elevates to true god-level. It'll then master the Illusory Rule. Some of the rule's abilities give it the power to turn something real into an illusion. Just like what happened earlier, in reality, the control bug and the Superbrain Worm were killed, but it distorted the reality into an illusion. It made it into something that has never happened before. That's how the control bug and the Superbrain Worm were 'resurrected'."  

"But it's not on true god-level now, so how did it do that?"

"This Multi-eyed Worm used its eyes as the price and used its blood as the link to perform that with the Superbrain Worm's divine skill. Since the Multi-eyed Worm, the Superbrain Worm, and the control bug have a combat strength of Virtual God rank-9 as well as being born with powerful spiritual energy, they have those to fuel its abilities. It enabled them to activate the god rule power that it can only execute when it gets to true god-level which allows it to distort reality."

"I've told you since the beginning that this round of team deployed from the hive is the most top-notch one under true god-level. I wasn't just talking about how powerful each of their ability is. It's more like their team members are pretty invincible."

"If one eye could resurrect one monster, judging from the number of eyes the Multi-eyed Worm has, wouldn't it mean we'd have to kill them more than 40 times to put this battle to an end?" Lin Huang asked again.

He was wondering if he could complete this round of additional trial within the next ten minutes. 

Although he knew that this round of additional trial would not affect his result on the Stairway Tree, he hoped to complete the trial as extensively as he could.

"Not exactly. This is a rule power that exceeds its ability range after all. The price it has to pay is high for it to do this by force. I think three to five times is the most number of times it can perform this. Moreover, the more monsters it resurrects each time, the lesser it can use this ability." The stone tablet offered its speculation.

"It's great to hear that." Lin Huang was slightly relieved now upon knowing that the Multi-eyed Worm's specific ability could only be used a limited number of times.

On the battlefield not far away, the control bug and the Superbrain Worm were resurrected. They did not seem to find it odd. Instead, they charged into the battle again.

The three God Figurine's Combat Souls, on the other hand, was at a blur. 

The Superbrain Worm performed its divine skill as soon as it was resurrected. It woke the four bug monsters that the Nightmare Tapir had dragged into dreamland by force up. 

The tables turned once more, and it was a 3-vs-7 battle again.

"They'll be resurrected over and over again. No matter how many times they do that, you guys must watch that the Superbrain Worm. Try your best to kill it as soon as you can! It's the core of the entire team. It's even more dangerous than the Multi-eyed Worm that masters the rule power." Lin Huang put his consciousness into the three God Figurine's Combat Souls' heads directly. "The Multi-eyed Worm and the control bug are your second targets. Ignore the remaining four for the time being."

In reality, it was not Lin Huang who said that. It was Bloody that got him to pass the message after they discussed among themselves. 

Bloody did not use voice transmission directly because it might be blocked. It then got Lin Huang to pass the message to the three God Figurine's Combat Soul using his consciousness directly.  

The Nightmare Tapir went into a frenzy when its dreamland was meddled with. Its eyes turned pitch black in the next second.

However, it did not use its range attack this time. Instead, it stared at the Superbrain Worm that had interfered with his dreamland earlier.

The Superbrain Worm looked at the Nightmare Tapir's eyes unintentionally, unable to look away.

It knew something was wrong as soon as it saw the color of the Nightmare Tapir's pupils. However, it could not help but fall deeper. The entire thing took less than a second.

The Multi-eyed Worm and the control bug next to it attempted to wake it up. Meanwhile, the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth attacked without hesitation, suppressing the Superbrain Worm that had its guard down.

At the same time that the Superbrain Worm's body turned into a pile of mush, a sea of spiritual energy rushed into Lin Huang's body. Notifications about card pieces came from Xiao Hei again.  

Clearly, the killing took place in real life. 

After getting rid of the Superbrain Worm, the Nightmare Tapir turned its head to look at the Multi-eyed Worm. It had his black pupils transfixed on the Multi-eyed Worm.

Meanwhile, the remaining bug monsters were coming at the Nightmare Tapir. However, the Destructive Divine Mammoth blocked them with its body directly.

The few bug monsters' attacks collided into the Destructive Divine Mammoth's body. The clanking of metal rang out as sparks even flew from some of the collisions, but none of them harmed him at all.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth did not bother to be stuck with them. It whipped its long trunk at the few bug monsters but did not go after them. The order it had received was to watch out for the three bug monsters before it.

Although the Multi-eyed Worm had a powerful soul, it only managed to hold on for less than three seconds before being dragged into the Nightmare Tapir's dreamland.

Just when it fell into sleeping mode and had its guard down, the Ninetails Lynx took the lead to an attack. It turned into a white silhouette and flashed through the Multi-eyed Worm's body, slicing its body into a couple of pieces. 

At the same time, the Ninetails Lynx was done with the shredding, the Destructive Divine Mammoth stomped its iron feet, turning the Multi-eyed Worm into mush. 

Although the Multi-eyed Worm which possessed the rule power was dead, Lin Huang's instinct told him that it was not the end of the battle.

As expected, the Multi-eyed Worm and the Superbrain Worm's carcasses vanished automatically as soon as the thought popped into his head. They were replaced by two perfect living things.


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