Monster Paradise
1119 It’s Too Early to Get Excited
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1119 It’s Too Early to Get Excited

The control bug with a spiral shell on its back attacked first. Circles of invisible sonic waves spread towards the Destructive Dine Mammoth and the other two God Figurine's Combat Souls were. It even reached Lin Huang.

Fortunately, he summoned the bruised corpse at the same time that he recalled the four God Figurine's Combat Souls to protect himself, so he was not affected by the control bug's attack.

As for the three God Figurine's Combat Souls, although their combat strength was only Virtual God rank-5, the spiritual energy in their bodies were filtered with Divine Fire which caused them to be extremely pure. They managed to take on the round the hypnotization by force.

Almost at the same time when the control bug attacked, the Multi-eyed Worm attacked with its illusion skill together with the Superbrain Bug's divine skill.

The Superbrain Bug did not use the divine skill to attack this time. Instead, it was using a technique to mess up its opponent's sensing ability. It attacked together with the Multi-eyed Worm's illusion to enhance the probability of their opponent of getting hit by the illusion.

As expected, their collaboration worked exceptionally well.

Apart from the Ninetails Lynx who managed to dodge the attack by hiding in its alternate dimension in time, the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the Nightmare Tapir were struck.

Both of the God Figurine's Combat Souls stood frozen, shocking Lin Huang.

"Even the Nightmare Tapir is hit?!"

The 3-vs-7 battle turned into a 1-vs-7 battle right away.

Although the Ninetails Lynx was rather anxious upon realizing that both of its comrades were hit, it was not worried. It knew very well that physical attacks could do little damage to the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the Nightmare Tapir.

Watching the three attack bug monsters strike the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the Nightmare Tapir without hesitation, the Ninetails Lynx was traipsing quietly in its alternate dimension. Its eyes were locked on the Superbrain Worm.

When the battle began, Lin Huang commanded the three God Figurine's Combat Souls through voice transmission to get rid of the Superbrain Worm first.

The Ninetails Lynx walked above the Superbrain Worm's head. It then barreled out of its alternate dimension all of a sudden while charging its claws at the Superbrain Worm's egg-like head.

However, the Ninetails Lynx's attack was blocked by a layer of invisible bubble above the Superbrain Worm's head. A couple of pitch-black slices struck the bubble, creating ripples as if a pebble had been thrown into the water.

The Superbrain Worm came prepared. Nobody knew when it had set a layer of defense with divine skill up secretly.

While the Ninetails Lynx failed the attempt, the Dragnet Worm in black armor attacked. It opened its mouth that was filled with fangs, and tens of thousands of white thread shot out of its mouth wildly.

The threads that were thinner than a strand of hair would connect with the threads around them to become thicker and tougher. They could be separated following the Dragnet Worm's demand to connect with other threads in order to form a web.

The white threads coming out of its mouth soon formed a web that flew after the Ninetails Lynx.

Although the Ninetails Lynx was rather surprised by its failed attempt, it reacted quickly and disappeared after giving the Dragnet Worm a vicious glare, returning to its alternate dimension again.

The Dragnet Worm's web caught thin air.

Meanwhile, the three attack bug monsters' attack targeted the Nightmare Tapir.

They chose to attack the Nightmare Tapir which defense ability was clearly lower. After all, one could tell it was impossible to kill the Destructive Divine Mammoth within a short period of time since it had a high defense ability judging from its size.

Although the Nightmare Tapir looked ferocious too, its body size was obviously smaller and looked more like an easy target. It made sense for them to pick him as the first target.

However, something strange soon happened. The three bug monsters' attack passed through the Nightmare Tapir's body. His body faded slowly later on.

Even Lin Huang was surprised to see that. He knew very well that the Nightmare Tapir was definitely not killed by the three bug monsters in one hit because they could not break God Figurine's Combat Soul's powerful body just like that. What he had no idea was that when exactly did the Nightmare Tapir created the illusion that even he did not notice at all.

Just when the Nightmare Tapir's body faded, the Destructive Divine Mammoth's body began disintegrating too.

What surprised Lin Huang even more was that chaos erupted on the enemy's side.

Out of the blue, the Dragnet Worm's web got tangled on the Superbrain Worm while a couple of the Multi-eyed Worm's eyes lit up in a red glow, targeting at the Superbrain Worm.

Meanwhile, the Destructive Divine Mammoth's gigantic feet and the Ninetails Lynx's sharp claws appeared above the Superbrain Worm.

Taken unaware, the Superbrain Worm was killed by the two God Figurine's Combat Souls' combined attack.

Just when a great deal of spiritual energy rushed into Lin Huang's body, the control bug that snapped out of the Nightmare Tapir's illusion went into a frenzy.

The spiral shell on its back released an ear-piercing high-frequency. Its ability clearly ignored the rule of not having a medium to spread the sound in the air whereby the noise filled the entire battlefield.

The noise pierced deep into the remaining five bug monsters' brains and broke the illusion the Nightmare Tapir built, waking all of them up. However, doing so made it weak.

The Ninetails Lynx seized the opportunity of its weakness and attacked. It mauled the control bug with its sharp claws and destroyed it.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth did not slack off either. It stomped its gigantic feet on the control bug too.

The Dragnet Worm and the Multi-eyed Worm wanted to help, but the Nightmare Tapir swung its trunk at that moment and released a loud hum, slowing the six bug monsters down.

The control bug was pulled into dreamland as a result of the Nightmare Tapir's hum due to its weak condition from earlier. It lost its ability to defend itself.

The Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth's attack came simultaneously and killed the control bug in one hit.

It was too late when the Multi-eyed Worm struggled its way out of dreamland. Not only was the control bug killed on the spot, but the remaining four bug monsters were also dragged into the Nightmare Tapir's dreamland again.

Within less than a minute, the Nightmare Tapir's outstanding strategy turned the tables around completely.

Naturally, it was not the Nightmare Tapir who had come out with the strategy itself. It was Bloody that had taught it. They killed two of the bug monsters which were the biggest threats without them even seeing it coming.

The Ninetails Lynx's 1-vs-7 battle became 3-vs-1 now.

The four bug monsters that were dragged into dreamland completely lost their abilities to fight. They were struggling in the dreamland. As the only fighter left, the Multi-eyed Worm remained conscious.

A tragic sense of loss flashed through the Multi-eyed Worm's eyes. It could not understand how they got from having the upper hand to being in such a terrible position within a minute.

Lin Huang was finally relieved when the battle came to this point.

The results of the battle had basically been set.

The stone tablet seemed to have sensed what Lin Huang was thinking as its voice came slowly all of a sudden again. "It's too early to get excited. This battle isn't as simple as you think. The real battle has just begun!"


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