Monster Paradise
1118 Top-notch Deploymen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1118 Top-notch Deploymen

There were only seven bug monsters in the second round of battle. Each of them had a combat strength of Virtual God rank-6.

Compared to the three Virtual God rank-3 bug monsters earlier, this team of bug monsters had a substantial improvement in their deployment of members.

Out of the seven bug monsters, there were two assistants, two controllers, and three responsible for attacking.

Three of the God Figurine's Combat Souls, namely the Divine Sun Tree, the Enchanted Fairy, and the Death Butterfly, were on Virtual God rank-1, but their abilities were enough to suppress Virtual God rank-5, which was slightly weaker than this batch of bug monsters. With their powerful bodies, the three God Figurine's Combat Souls could stall the three bug monsters responsible for attacking by force.

The Virtual God rank-2 Undead Styx was caught in a fight with a control bug monster. Although he had the upper hand, he did not seem like he could destroy it within a short period.

Meanwhile, the Ninetails Lynx, the Destructive Divine Mammoth, and the Nightmare Tapir that possessed Virtual God rank-3 combat strength had the abilities to suppress Virtual God rank-7 powerhouses. They killed three bug monsters within three minutes one after another.

The seven Bug Tribe team members from the hive collapsed right away. Together with the Ninetails Lynx and the rest joining the battle, the remaining four bug monsters were soon cleared.

This round of battle only lasted for less than seven minutes. A sea of spiritual energy flushed into Lin Huang's body.

He then sorted out the spiritual energy together with those that he had obtained from killing the three Virtual God rank-3 bug monsters earlier. The Ninetails Lynx, the Destructive Divine Mammoth, and the Nightmare Tapir elevated to Virtual God rank-4. Meanwhile, the Divine Sun Tree, the Enchanted Fairy, and the Death Butterfly elevated from Virtual God rank-1 to Virtual God rank-3. The Undead Styx also advanced from Virtual God rank-2 to Virtual God rank-3. The remaining spiritual energy was given to the Withered Flower, the Shackle Serpent, and the Creation Clock who had yet to complete their elevation to virtual god-level. Fortunately for them, the spiritual energy was sufficient to elevate them to Virtual God rank-3.

Lin Huang was satisfied with this round of elevation.

The hive fell into silence again as the second round of battle ended.

A moment later, there was a low buzzing coming out of the three hives at the same time.

This time, five bug monsters were flying out of the main hive while there a bug monster flew out of each of the two affiliate hives.

The seven bug monsters had a combat strength that surpassed that of the second round.

Lin Huang could faintly sense that almost each of them had a combat strength no lower than the God Bless' Master God's clone.

"Virtual God rank-9?!"

"I've told you since the beginning that you'll die. Now, it seems like you're going to be so dead." The stone tablet's teasing voice came again. "Those aren't seven ordinary Virtual God rank-9 bug monsters. They have their own responsibilities specially delegated."

"Do you see that bug monster with a spiral shell? It's a control bug. Among all the control bugs, it belongs to the highest-ranked one. It can release an unnoticeable sonic wave that can hypnotize its target from far away. As long as one's soul isn't strong enough, one can basically be hypnotized. A physical defense such as a god relic armor is futile toward its attack, and only a spiritual defense relic would work."

"Do you see that worm with charcoal gray armor over there? It's a Dragnet Worm which is an expert at spitting threads to capture its enemies. The thread it spits from its mouth is immune to most elemental attack techniques. Moreover, it's extremely sticky, so it's a tough one to handle."

"And the Multi-eyed Worm over there is a master at illusions. Each of its eyes is hidden by a type of illusion. When you see its eyes turn red, that means it has activated its illusions. Sometimes, it even uses complex illusions when it encounters powerful enemies. You can't predict what you're going to see in the illusions. It's also a top-ranked control bug."

"How about the bug monsters that are hovering in the air like an egg?" Lin Huang could not help but point at a bug monster.

The bug monster that Lin Huang was gesturing at did indeed look like an egg with tentacles. It did not even have any features including eyes or a mouth.

"That's a Superbrain Worm. Judging from its physical structure, it shouldn't be hard for you to guess that such a bug monster has great brain capacity and high intelligence. It's an expert at divine skills. The first thing you should do is to get rid of it if you'd like to win this battle because it's not only powerful support, but it should also be the core of the whole battle. It should be the one that comes up with all of the battle strategies in this battle."

"Sounds formidable, but it doesn't have any features, so what does it depend on to sense whatever that's happening around it? Its tentacles?" Lin Huang asked rather curiously.

"The Superbrain Worm is born with powerful telekinetic power and territorial sensing ability. Even without eyes and ears, its sensing ability is just as strong as other living things."

Lin Huang glanced at the remaining three monsters. He speculated looking at their body size and physical structure, "So, I guess the remaining three of them are the monsters responsible for attacking?" 

"That's right. That green six-winged bug monster has an explosive ability as well as the ability to fly. Its wings are its weapons too. They can be used to cut and maim.

"The monster that looks similar to a toad is skillful in the long-distance attack. It can spit Divine Power arrows from a distance. It has a terrifying attack speed and ability. Plus, it can even shoot the arrows continuously like a gun. Almost every attack from it can harm a Virtual God rank-9 powerhouse.

"And that six-armed bug monster with sword legs is one of the most powerful sword cultivator bug monsters among the Bug Tribe. Although it doesn't master the true meaning of Sword Dao, it's probably not far from it. It might have an even higher rank in Sword Dao than you do. This bug monster has top-notch standards among virtual god-level bug monsters no matter whether its attack, defense or speed. It's almost invincible when it fights one-on-one with a powerhouse of the same combat strength.

"These seven bug monsters are almost a top-notch team below true god-level to be deployed," the stone tablet commented in the end after describing the bug monsters one after another.

"They're only on virtual god-level no matter how powerful they are. Their attack abilities alone can't break the God Figurine's Combat Souls' defense at all." Lin Huang looked down on his enemy, judging from their battle strategy.

"Don't you forget that they have spiritual-type attack techniques," the stone tablet reminded again.

"I know." Lin Huang looked rather serious now.

Although he looked down on his enemy's battle strategy, he chose to be careful when it came to battle techniques.

He recalled four of his God Figurine's Combat Souls, namely the Divine Sun Tree, the Enchanted Fairy, the Death Butterfly, and the Undead Styx. Although they had elevated to Virtual God rank-3, their abilities were too far below Virtual God rank-9 powerhouses. They would drag the entire team down as soon as they were hypnotized or deceived by the enemy.

On the other hand, the Ninetails Lynx, the Destructive Divine Mammoth, and the Nightmare Tapir had a combat strength of Virtual God rank-4. Their abilities were sufficient to suppress Virtual God rank-8 powerhouses, so they should be able to fight them within a short period of time. With their current abilities, they only needed a Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card to suppress Virtual God rank-9 powerhouses, so they would not use up too many cards.

Lin Huang did not plan to get the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the rest beaten up. He crushed three Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards which went into the three God Figurine's Combat Souls' bodies respectively, elevating their combat strength to Virtual God rank-5.

As the three God Figurine's Combat Souls' aurae rose, the seven Virtual God rank-9 bug monsters launched their attack.


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