Monster Paradise
1117 Oh Wow, You’ll Be Killed Soon!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1117 Oh Wow, You’ll Be Killed Soon!

Tens of thousands of black metal chains were cast out of the metal bug's body. They were coming at the three God Figurine's Combat Souls like a web.

As they were about to be drowned by the sea of chains, the Enchanted Fairy acted before the chains got even closer. She charged her palm, spreading white frost out and freezing the black chains into ice sculptures one after another.

The frozen chains seemed to have lost their mobility whereby they could no longer go any closer.

A black beam of light shot over just when the Enchanted Fairy attacked. It appeared before her in the blink of an eye, targeting the space between her brows.

It was the muscular bug beast that was responsible for attacking who struck this time. It initially held two spears in both hands, but it only had the one in its left hand now.

It tossed the other one less than a meter before the Enchanted Fairy immediately.

The Enchanted Fairy stretched her arm out before her body and pointed a crystal-clear finger into the air.

A translucent ice mirror formed before her.

In the next second, the black spear that was shooting out collided into the mirror.

The black battle spear that was charging a hundred times faster than the speed of sound came to a halt immediately. Time seemed to have stopped the second it collided into the wall.

It was an attack that could kill a virtual god-level powerhouse, but it was blocked by an ice mirror that was the size of four palms. In addition to that, the black spear shot backward after a pause following the collision with the mirror. It turned into a black glow and shot towards the muscular bug beast at an alarming speed faster than before.

Clearly, the muscular bug beast did not expect that to happen. The spear pierced through its body since it did not manage to dodge it in time. It had a hole the size of a bowl on the right of its chest now.

Such a wound entry was nothing to the muscular bug beast at all, but it did drain its Divine Power intensely.

However, the muscular bug beast did not expect a little blue worm to begin growing on the wound on its right chest. The worm was just about a millimeter long whereby one could not really see it with their naked eyes, but it began growing rapidly.

While the worm was growing, the muscular bug beast's wound that was supposed to heal quickly began rotting. The decay seemed to be contagious as it spread about continuously.

Within the blink of an eye, the right side of its upper body was rotten. Its flesh was decayed like a zombie's, and black, sticky blood was flowing out. Some parts were rotten so deep that its bones were exposed. However, what surprised the muscular bug beast was that it did not feel any pain at all. The rotten parts of its body had lost all senses.

The muscular bug beast only realized something was not right upon seeing that its right arm had started rotting.

It looked down at its right chest, but the worm had grown to the size of an adult fist. It stretched its arm out to grab the worm but he grabbed thin air instead.

The worm did not materialize. It was more like an illusory projection.

Sensing that its host had the intention to capture it, the worm drilled deeper into the muscular bug beast's chest.

A moment later, the muscular bug beast felt something drilled into its heart. Before it could react, all of its body parts where the blood was flowing began rotting rapidly.

"My heart…" The muscular bug beast realized where the problem was immediately.

It pierced the spear into its chest and ripped it open hard. It reached its hand in and grabbed its heart, then pulled it out by force.

A massive maroon heart was exposed in the air. Just when the muscular bug beast was going to crush it, a blue wing emerged from the heart. Then, a second wing, and a third wing…

A moment later, a blue butterfly fluttered out of the heart as if it was just its host.

Just when the muscular bug beast was going to do something, it saw the blue butterfly flashing a humanly smile of disdain.

In the next second, the muscular bug beast's entire body began rotting even faster. It turned into a pile of bones within almost less than a second, having lost its vitals completely.

At the moment, the blue butterfly turned into blue stars which then floated towards the Death Butterfly.

Within less than ten seconds, the Death Butterfly killed the wounded muscular bug beast like a piece of cake.

This skill that belonged to the Death Butterfly could be used on monsters with fresh wounds on their bodies. In reality, Lin Huang knew that it had such a skill since the beginning, but it was his first time seeing it use it. The effect was undoubtedly powerful.

On the Bug Tribe trio's end, the main attack unit was killed, so the team's deployment was plunged into chaos. The threat level of the remaining two bug monsters was plummeting.

However, the tentacle monster's defense technique imbued with divine skill caused some trouble for the three God Figurine's Combat Souls.

Nevertheless, the situation went on for less than a minute. The Enchanted Fairy seized the opportunity to freeze the monster's tentacles and sealed its divine skill techniques. 

Meanwhile, the Divine Sun Tree used a branch to penetrate its head which was a spherical vessel and lit up the tissue that resembled a brain in it. The monster was killed instantly.

The last black metal bug beast was rather difficult to deal with. Due to its body that could be liquified, it was immune to many attacks. The Divine Sun Tree burned it continuously and drained the Divine Power in its body. Then, the Death Butterfly turned it into ashes with a flap of its wings.

The three God Figurine's Combat Souls almost used up all of their techniques getting rid of the three opponents in this battle.

"This is only the first official attack!" Lin Huang just realized that he was seeking death to have asked for an additional trial.

His intention was just to kill more bug monsters to accumulate more spiritual energy for his God Figurine's Combat Souls.

However, the opponent was clearly not sending easy targets his way. Instead, they were going for a clever kill whereby the first official attack was by Virtual God rank-3 bug monsters. Moreover, there were only three of them.

The galactic hive fell into a moment a silence again since the first official battle ended.

Some ten seconds later, bug monsters of various forms flew out of the hive.

There were seven of them, and each of them had an aura much higher than the three Virtual God rank-3 bug monsters earlier.

"Seven Virtual God rank-6 bug monsters…" The stone tablet's voice came slowly. "I don't think you'll be killed this round, but judging from the scenario, you'll definitely die in the next round."

"Can you be more enthusiastic and not kill my confidence?" Although Lin Huang knew the stone tablet was merely telling the truth, he thought it was rather hurtful.

"Oh wow, you'll be killed soon!" The stone tablet's irritating voice enthused again. "How was it? Was it enthusiastic enough for you? Did I boost your confidence?"

Lin Huang was annoyed to point of speechlessness.


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