Monster Paradise
1112 Tough Battle
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1112 Tough Battle

The bug beasts' aura in the hives were indeed only on demigod-level but Lin Huang thought something was off.

Buzzing noise came again as soon as the over 300 hives had done with their transformation.




The over 300 hives released noises of different frequency as if they were announcing the battle again.

This time, the buzzing only went on for approximately ten seconds and stopped.

Subsequently, Lin Huang saw bug beasts rushing out the cracks or holes in the middle of the hives.

Lin Huang had only confirmed that the round of bug beasts only had a combat strength of demigod-level when he saw the bug beasts officially. However, he soon saw a shocking scene.

In the sky, the over 300 monster hordes seemed to be commanded by something whereby they gathered and formed gigantic, ferocious beasts after rushing out of the hives in sequence.

The ferocious beasts were at least 10,000 meters long, their aura was many times more powerful than the individual bug beasts.

"Is this… a battle formation?!" Lin Huang finally knew why he thought something was off when he saw that.

So the demigod-level bug beasts had formed their battle formations in the hives earlier. That was why the 10,000 bug beasts gave out a strange vibe.

"To be exact, it's a bug formation. Of course, battle formation is correct too since bug formation is also a type of battle formation," the stone tablet corrected him, "A bug formation made of 10,000 bug beasts have an overall ability that can fight fair with Virtual God rank-3. In other words, you're fighting over 300 Virtual God rank-3 monsters now."

"Are these bug formations really that powerful?" Lin Huang could not help but frown.

"You'll see soon."

As soon as the stone tablet was done speaking, the gigantic beasts formed of the bug formations had collided with Ninetails Lynx and the rest.

Ninetails Lynx turned into a white silhouette that was blinking as it mauled at a couple of bug formation beasts.

Ninetails Lynx was too quick, they did not have time to react with effective defense or dodging the attack. They were hit directly.

Theoretically, Ninetails Lynx who was now on Virtual God rank-1 should have an ability that was nothing weaker than Virtual God rank-5. However, its attacks that landed on the bug formation beasts did not kill them directly. Even worse, none of the bug beasts in the bug formations was killed. Lin Huang found that puzzling.

"What's happening? The bug formation didn't disintegrate after being attacked by Ninetails Lynx head-on? Ninetails Lynx's maul alone should be able to kill a Virtual God rank-3 powerhouse in one hit!"

"The bug formation can transfer the damage. It's not that the bug formation beasts aren't hurt at all, they shared the damages with the 10,000 bug beasts that formed the bug formations, which weaken Ninetails Lynx's attack effect."

"The bug formation beasts didn't disintegrate not because they're more powerful than Virtual God rank-3 powerhouse. In reality, these giant beasts are made of Divine Power. The Divine Power would be drained as soon as they attacked. The 10,000 demigod-level bug beasts provide rather sufficient Divine Power to fuel the formations."

What the stone tablet said calmed Lin Huang a little. 

"In other words, I'll have to attack them a few more times if I can't kill them in one hit. I'll get rid off these bug formation beasts by draining the Divine Power in their bodies."

"That will work."

Other collisions on the battlefield went on as Lin Huang chatted with the stone tablet.

Destructive Divine Mammoth stomped his gigantic feet on the bug formation beasts' heads. However, the bug formation beasts were not crushed at all.

Theoretically, Destructive Divine Mammoth should have an ability similar to Ninetails Lynx. His stomp of feet should be able to kill a bunch of demigod-level bug beasts. However, due to the damage transfer and sea of Divine Power maintaining the bug formation, the bug formation beasts did not suffer any solid damages.

The same happened to Death Butterfly. It could usually kill a bunch of demigod-level bug beasts with a single flap of wings. None of the demigod-level bug beasts could survive its attack. However, the many bug beasts that were formed into bug formations were doing good after the attack.

The God's Figurine's Combat Souls that had elevated to virtual god-level fell into an awkward position since they failed to kill those bug beasts.

Undead Styx must be the most awkward one. His undead army only had imperial-level combat strength. They had no ability to defend the bug formation beasts at all. 

Each time the bug formation beasts attacked, a bunch from the undead army would be crushed.

Even though Undead Styx managed to revive them repetitively, all that it did was to put the bug formation beasts' approach to a halt for merely a moment. They could not stop the bug formation beasts at all.

The three God's Figurine's Combat Souls that had yet to elevate to virtual god-level were even more awkward.

Withered Flower retreated from the battlefield voluntarily after swallowing a bug formation beast. It seemed to be digesting the food that had just gone into its stomach.

Creation Clock and Shackle Serpent retreated from the battlefield directly.

Their ability could only work on living things that had no Divine Power in them.

For instance, Creation Clock could only control the time flow to affect a person. However, it could not do anything to demigods with Divine Power in their bodies.

The same applied to Shackle Serpent, its sealing ability could only work on living things that had no Divine Power in their bodies.

Moreover, both of them were not good at close combat. Lin Huang thought about it and figured it was unnecessary for them to stay on the battlefield any longer.

The seven virtual god-level God's Figurine's Combat Souls felt helpless to be taking on the battle on their own. They were fighting among the over 300 bug formation beasts.

The busiest one was Ninetails Lynx that had the highest speed. It was rescuing its comrades almost all of the time.

There were just too many bug formation beasts, and they were hard to kill.

Destructive Divine Mammoth and the rest had to handle over 40 bug formation beasts each to make sure that those bug formation beasts would not break their defense.

However, there were bug formation beasts breaking the defense and headed where Lin Huang was occasionally when the God's Figurine's Combat Souls were stuck.

Ninetails Lynx would have to stop what it was doing to block those bug formation beasts that had broken the defense whenever it happened. It would give them big slaps on their faces, smashing them back to where they were before.

Although Ninetails Lynx and the rest knew very well that Lin Huang could solve it himself even if the bug formation beasts got to him, they were determined to stop the bug formation beasts from breaking the defense.

The battle was the toughest one the bunch of God's Figurine's Combat Souls had ever encountered. They had always been suppressing the battles but they could not kill the opponents they encountered in one hit this time. Moreover, there were more opponents than the comrades they had on their side.

The stagnant situation went on for over ten minutes and Ninetails Lynx finally broke the formation with its mauling.

Finally, the very first bug formation beast disintegrated due to the draining of Divine Power from Ninetails Lynx's mauling…


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