Monster Paradise
1110 The Arrival of the Bug Tribe
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1110 The Arrival of the Bug Tribe

Immense things in irregular forms floated out of the Virtual Eyes in the sky. Each of them was at least 10,000 times bigger than the Bug Tribe airships earlier.

Some of the giant forms were slightly rounder, resembling potatoes. Some seemed like human molars or front teeth that had fallen off while some looked like peanuts. They had forms of all kinds.

However, the similarity they shared was that all of them had dense holes on their surfaces.

These holes had various shapes and sizes. Some were round, some were triangular, and some were even hexagonal. However, the shapes and sizes of the holes were the same for each giant. They were clearly not made by Mother Nature. 

In reality, Lin Huang could tell what were those at a first glance. The strangely shaped matters were all Bug Tribe hives from different tribes.

"Are they relocating house? They moved the entire hive here!"

The 300-over hives of all forms covered the entire sky like hovering giant cities.

It was Lin Huang first time seeing such a majestic scene in his life.

If an ordinary person witnessed 300 beehives hanging above their heads, the first reaction would be to run.

However, it was a different story for Lin Huang. He gave a command before waiting for any of the monsters to fly out the hives, "There's no need to hold back. Do your best to attack the hives and see if you can destroy them or not."

The Ninetails Lynx was the first to attack as soon as he spoke. Its agile body turned into a white beam and shot through the sky. It pulverized tens of hives and returned where it was without anyone even seeing it. Then, it shook its head at Lin Huang.

After a while, rumbles that sounded like mellow thunder came from the sky consecutively.

Slices were made on the tens of hives consecutively. There were giant gullies that were hundreds of meters on the hives. However, the gullies were less than ten meters at the most and could no longer go any deeper, so they made no solid damage to the hives.

"The Ninetails Lynx has the most powerful attack ability among your ten God Figurine's Combat Souls. If this is what it can do, it proves that the materials that are used to make these hives are pretty tough. Using other physical attacks shouldn't have much effect on them." Bloody that had been hiding and observing the situation in Lin Huang's sleeve provided him such an analysis immediately. "Get the Nightmare Tapir to try using his spiritual attack then."

The Destructive Divine Mammoth and the rest attacked when Bloody was done speaking. However, just like Bloody speculated, physical attacks did almost nothing to the hives.

Even the Divine Sun Tree and the Enchanted Fairy's elemental attacks could not penetrate the hives. The most they could go was a few meters into the holes.

The Nightmare Tapir attacked as well. Even though he had elevated to virtual god-level, he could only drill some ten meters in after penetrating into the hives with his psychic energy. He was blocked by powerful psychic energy and could no longer go any further.

"I tried, but I was blocked by a powerful psychic energy. The most I can go is 13 meters and I can't go any further," the Nightmare Tapir spoke to Lin Huang and Bloody through voice transmission.

"A powerful psychic energy? Could there be virtual god-level monsters guarding the inside of these hives?!" Lin Huang was stunned to hear that.

The stone tablet's voice came slowly at the moment. "Stop overthinking. The hives do not only have resistance against physical attack, but they're also invincible when it comes to resisting spiritual energy because each hive is being protected by the Bug Tribe's will. Even a true god-level or even heavenly god-level powerhouse can't stick spiritual energy into the hives to try and damage it at all. The Nightmare Tapir could penetrate more than ten meters because there's only an oxidized protective shell on the surface of the hives. The shell isn't even the hive's real defense. It's not even included in the protection range of the Bug Tribe's will."

Lin Huang came to a realization after hearing the stone tablet's explanation. "If what you said is true, then attacking the hives must be a stupid thing to do, isn't it?"

"You said that yourself." The stone tablet smiled and explained further, "The standards of the Bug Tribe's construction are much higher than the standards you humans have when building your skyscrapers."

"Under usual circumstances, the hives with Virtual Gods inside are built with core construction material which is the same material as a true god relic. Only a powerhouse with the combat strength of at least heavenly god-level can destroy them completely."

"Even in hives with only a demigod inside, the core material used for the construction would be at least a god relic. They're basically indestructible if the opponent isn't on a minimum of true god-level."

"I think there's no need for you to waste your efforts attacking the hives at all. Just wait for the bugs to come out."

"The hives are their base camp, so their queens will basically be in there. If I don't destroy the hives, the queens in those hives will produce more bugs to join the battle. It would mean that I'd have to clear the bugs that are created in the hives over and over again." Lin Huang told the tablet the reason he had gotten his God Figurine's Combat Souls to attack the hives.

"Why don't you just seize the opportunity to kill more bugs since there're only four hours left? No matter how many bugs these hives are producing, to you, it's merely four hours of battling." The stone tablet went completely silent right after saying that.

Lin Huang realized that he was overthinking it. He kind of forgot that the 20-odd hours of battle was just a trial. He subconsciously treated this ruins as a place in the gravel world. His mind was so occupied on clearing the hives forever to prevent the bug beasts from coming out.

He recalled that it was just a trial upon hearing the stone tablet's reminder. He would be teleported out of this place as soon as the time was up. No matter whether this place was real or fake, whatever happened after this was none of his business.

Lin Huang shook his head to push the thoughts out of his head as he lifted his head to look at the sky again.

In the sky, there was an insane amount of bugs in countless forms standing at the surface of the giant hives.




A low buzzing from more than 300 sources came almost at the same time. The noise seemed to be coming from deep in the hives. They sounded like a signal that had been lowered. Each hive would have a slightly difference in key, but they did not conflict with each other and even harmonized perfectly.

The long and low buzzes echoed through the entire place.

At the same time, the countless bug monsters seemed to have received their leader's order. They leaped out of the hives where they were queuing and charged at Lin Huang.


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