Monster Paradise
1109 Jaw-Dropping
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1109 Jaw-Dropping

In the sky, the giant demigod-level Bug Tribe airships flew out of the Virtual Eyes that resembled pupils one after another.

Each of the giant airships had tens of thousands of Bug Tribe monsters which had imperial-level combat strength.

As the giant airships containing countless Bug Tribe monsters entered this world that looked like ruins, they leaped and charged toward Lin Huang as if they only had one target in their eyes.

Millions of monsters leaped from the sky almost every second. They were like a locust plague that blanketed the sky.

Nevertheless, the ten God Figurine's Combat Souls were extraordinarily courageous whereby they were almost suppressing the situation.

However, Lin Huang was not optimistic about breaking through this checkpoint since the battle was so intense as soon as it began.

One must know that the mission had begun for less than three minutes and there were already over a hundred million of monsters coming out of the Virtual Eyes. Moreover, all of them were on imperial-level and ranged from imperial-level black gold-rank to imperial-level purple gold-rank.

According to Lin Huang's speculation, this checkpoint should be the same as the one before whereby the longer the duration, the more difficult it would be. The monsters' combat strength would elevate later on and the frequency might increase.

Whether he could break through the checkpoint or not, Lin Huang thought he must seize the opportunity since he had a little faith. Just like the checkpoint before, he crushed 24 Double Reward Cards secretly which resulted in the reward adding up to 24 hours. He also crushed a Lucky Card.

Subsequently, a massive number of notifications about card pieces and occasional complete cards came through.

Monsters did not stop coming out of the Virtual Eyes, so the ten God Figurine's Combat Souls did not get to rest for even a second.

The Bug Tribe airships seemed to have a unique spatial technique installed in them. Even though the Bug Tribe airships were destroyed, the Bug Tribe fighters within them did not seem to be affected much. Instead, they shot out of the airships directly, saving their time of leaping out of the cabin door.

The Virtual Eyes had been sending Bug Tribe airships out at the same frequency, so a new batch of Bug Tribe airships would arrive almost every ten seconds.

Again, the ten God Figurine's Combat Souls did not get to rest for even a heartbeat.

Soon, four hours had passed. As Lin Huang expected, the frequency of the Virtual Eyes sending the Bug Tribe airships increased.

One airship would be sent out of a Virtual Eye approximately every 20 seconds. However, after the four-hour interval, the frequency shortened to ten seconds.

Furthermore, Lin Huang also realized that not only did the frequency multiply but even the combat strength of the monsters that were originating from the airships changed.

There were monsters on imperial-level black gold-rank to imperial-level purple gold-rank initially. However, there were no longer any imperial-level black gold-rank monsters this round. The lowest combat strength of bug beasts that participated in the battle was imperial-level crimson gold-rank. The number of monsters from each airship was pretty much the same as before, but the minimum combat strength had increased.

Nevertheless, such frequency and increase in combat strength did not affect the God Figurine's Combat Souls at all. 

Most of the ten God Figurine's Combat Souls were attacking in a large range of area. However, they did not widen their attack range or increase their attack power. Only the frequency of the attacks multiplied.

The battle remained one-sided.

Although countless bug beasts were pouring like rain, they could not break through the Divine Sun Tree and the rest whose killing speed would destroy a large area.

However, the Death Butterfly experienced a tremor not long after the second wave of monsters came. The spiritual energy in its body had been filled, and it was elevating to virtual god-level.

Lin Huang recalled it back to his body without hesitation to allow it to complete its elevation.

Without the Death Butterfly's contribution, the remaining nine God Figurine's Combat Souls became slightly busier, but it did not affect their winning streak much.

Soon, another four hours passed. There was a change in the third wave of the monster horde.

The interval of the Bug Tribe airships being sent shortened again. From the initial ten seconds, it was cut down to five seconds now.

Moreover, the minimum combat strength of the Bug Tribe fighters coming out of the airships this time had increased again. It increased from imperial-level crimson gold-rank to imperial-level yellow gold-rank. Among the bug beasts that were rushing out of the giant airships, there were no longer any imperial-level black gold-ranks and imperial-level crimson gold-ranks to be seen. The lowest combat strength was imperial-level yellow gold-rank.

As soon as the third round of monster horde came, the Death Butterfly completed its elevation. Lin Huang summoned it again and sent it back to the battlefield.

The blue butterfly that was initially only the size of half a palm had minimal changes to its appearance. It remained the same size but its solid form had turned into a blue semitransparent spirit form, appearing as magical as an illusion. Its ethereal form felt otherworldly. In fact, it looked like a lousy Earth-made film effect which seemed fake.

However, the Death Butterfly experienced an obvious boost in its ability no matter what.

A great number of demigod-level Bug Tribe airships turned into ashes from a slight flap of its wings. The entire process took less than three seconds, it was a few times faster than the killing speed of the Divine Sun Tree.

The remaining nine God Figurine's Combat Souls were much more relaxed as soon as it joined the battle again.

As usual, the third round of Bug Tribe attack went on for four hours.

Subsequently, the same thing happened to the fourth and the fifth rounds of monsters.

When the fourth round came, the Enchanted Fairy followed the Death Butterfly's footsteps as she had accumulated enough spiritual energy to elevate to virtual god-level.

When the fifth round of monster horde came, the interval of the Bug Tribe airships coming out of the Virtual Eye shortened to a second.

Furthermore, the tens of thousands of monsters in each airship were on imperial-level purple gold-rank. There was not even a single imperial-level white gold-rank monster.

Soon after that, the fifth round came. The Enchanted Fairy successfully elevated to virtual god-level and was summoned again.

The Enchanted Fairy that had been upgraded had few changes to her body. She was still wearing a white dress, and her skin was as white as snow. She was beautiful as usual. However, her black hair was now a piercing icy blue.

Furthermore, her ability was even more terrifying now. The air would turn into ice with a single glance of hers.

Apart from that, the Undead Styx had accumulated enough spiritual energy to elevate to virtual god-level when the fifth monster horde came. Lin Huang recalled him back to his body.

As the Death Butterfly and the Enchanted Fairy's combat strengths elevated, the pressure that was ever-increasing from the Virtual Eyes did not cause any solid threat to Lin Huang. The battle still remained one-sided. 

One must know that Lin Huang's God Figurine's Combat Souls were powerful existences made of Protoss's figurines as their base besides being visualized from True Spirits. Each of them far surpassed quadruple mutated mythical-level monsters. They could fight fairly with Virtual God rank-3 powerhouses given that they had imperial-level purple gold-rank combat strength. Naturally, suppressing these imperial-level bug beasts was a piece of cake for them.

Now that some of his God Figurine's Combat Souls had elevated to virtual god-level, their abilities were advancing intensely. They did not even have to use 1% of their abilities when fighting those imperial-level bug beasts.

Another four hours flew by. The 24-hour period to pass the checkpoint was down to the last four hours.

The sixth round of monster horde came as expected.

Before the monster horde came, a low rumble echoed from the other side of the Virtual Eyes.

Lin Huang looked at the sky in puzzlement when he heard the sound. His jaw dropped when he saw the first giant that emerged!

"F*ck! How is this possible?!"


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