Monster Paradise
1105 The 80th Checkpoin
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1105 The 80th Checkpoin

Stepping onto the 79th checkpoint on the Stairway Tree, Lin Huang's body shrunk to 1/10,000 his regular size. He was even smaller than the size he had shrunk to before.

He had done a preliminary investigation when he entered the checkpoint yesterday.

There were no imperial-level black gold-rank and imperial-level white gold-rank monsters on this stage at all. All the monsters had a combat strength of imperial-level purple gold-rank. Moreover, compared to other monster stages, this checkpoint had various monsters everywhere instead of only a single kind of monster.

Lin Huang had already seen more than ten different monsters from the simple investigation yesterday.

Fortunately, this stage did not impede his territory or his Divine Telekinesis.

"Since my body has shrunk to 1/10,000 of my original size, it would mean that the initial 10,000 meters that I have to pass have now become 100,000 kilometers. In other words, I'll need to pass 100,000 kilometers that are filled with imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters to break through this checkpoint. Furthermore, imperial-level purple gold-ranks can sense my existence simply with their Territory." Lin Huang was stunned by this round of assessment. "I'll just have to bite the bullet then. Perhaps, the designer of this checkpoint doesn't want anyone to pass through his final assessment. I won't be able to break through if I've got no God Figurine's Combat Souls."

Lin Huang's current combat strength was immortal-level rank-10. Without his God Figurine's Combat Souls and imperial monsters, his ability would be the equivalent of a normal imperial-level purple gold-rank monster whereby nobody could tell who would win. However, he basically had to run away if he encountered a pseudo-mythical-level monster.

The success rate of passing 100,000 kilometers filled with tens of millions or even up to hundreds of millions of imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters was almost zilch. All of the monsters here would be able to sense his existence easily. As soon as a fight started, the other monsters around would flood the place, and he would not be able to run by then.

The settings of this checkpoint made it almost impossible for normal immortal-levels to break through. It would be rare for even imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses to pass.

Lin Huang only grinned but said nothing after that. He then summoned the Divine Sun Tree directly and ran through the checkpoint without using any fancy tricks.

The devilish Ant Tribe was burned to death!

The Golden-backed Centipedes were burned to death!

The Flying Grasshoppers were burned to death!

The Blood-striped Toads were burned to death!

Whatever encountered the Divine Sun Tree would be ignited and charred black. None of them even got the chance to get close to Lin Huang.

Even though that was the case, he took a day to arrive at the destination after passing through the 100,000 kilometers. He only broke through the checkpoint when it was close to midnight.

As he stepped onto the 80th checkpoint, he realized everything before him was different.

"This… isn't the Stairway Tree." Lin Huang looked around and realized he was in a city now.

People strolled on the streets. He spread his Divine Telekinesis and realized they were real humans.

"Is this an illusion?!" Lin Huang was confused. The first reaction he had when he saw the city streets and humans was that he might be in an illusion. However, Divine Telekinesis was always accurate unless the person who created this illusion was much more powerful than he was and deceived his own Divine Telekinesis.

"This checkpoints seems to be different from the earlier ones. Be careful," Bloody that was in his sleeve reminded him.

"Don't tell me I have to kill people in this round of assessment!" Lin Huang peered around and frowned a little.

At that moment, a black crack appeared in the sky all of a sudden.

Lin Huang sensed that something was off and lifted his head to gaze into the sky. He saw the crack was expanding at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. Abruptly, his expression changed dramatically.

"Is that a Virtual Eye?!"

It had been more than three years since Lin Huang came to the gravel world. He had seen news of various Virtual Eyes opening on the Heart Network, but he had only encountered them a few times himself.

The people in the streets noticed the strange phenomenon that was happening in the sky. They began to panic.

Although he was temporarily teleported to this city, Lin Huang flew into the sky and summoned the Enchanted Fairy as well as the Divine Sun Tree at the same time.

He had no idea where he was. Whether this city was a foothold in the gravel world or not, the people here were real.

Lin Huang did not think too much about that. He just thought he should not ignore whatever that was happening.

Before the Virtual Eye in the sky could completely form, the Enchanted Fairy moved according to Lin Huang's command.

A gush of chilliness came out of her body and spread around. The water in the air froze wherever the chill passed by. Within merely some ten seconds, the Enchanted Fairy created a giant ice barrier that was 1,000 kilometers in diameter. 

Although it did not cover the entire city, it protected the area that was closest to the Virtual Eye.

Just when the Enchanted Fairy was done with building the defense, the Virtual Eye in the sky finished forming.

There seemed to be a pitch-black pupil in the sky that was watching the world.

As soon as the Virtual Eye was formed, a mission box popped out of Lin Huang's Emperor's Heart Ring all of a sudden.

"The Stairway Tree's 80th trial has officially begun!

"Trial Mission: Protect the foothold.

"Mission Requirement: Protect the foothold for 24 hours. The number of deaths must be no more than 80 million people.

"The mission will be deemed to have failed if the time is less than 24 hours or the number of deaths exceeds 80 million people!"

Lin Huang was stunned when he saw the mission box popping out. He did not expect the Stairway Tree to have a new model. Nevertheless, he read everything in the mission box carefully.

Just when he was done reading the last word in the mission box, monsters came rushing out of the Virtual Eye like a torrent.

There were monsters of all sorts but all their combat strengths were on imperial-level black gold-rank.

Almost when the monsters came racing out, the Divine Sun Tree shook its branches a little.

In the next second, all monsters were lit in golden flames. They were soon drowned in the flames and turned into ashes. 

Although the Divine Sun Tree did not miss out any monsters, Lin Huang looked rather grimly at the Virtual Eye.

Usually, weaker monsters would come out of the Virtual Eye first and the subsequent monsters that came out later would be more powerful.

However, the first batch of monsters that came as soon as the Virtual Eye opened was already on imperial-level. Although they were only on imperial-level black gold-rank, Lin Huang had a hunch that there might be demigod-level or even virtual god-level monsters appearing later.

Time was ticking. The Virtual Eye kept sending imperial-level black gold-ranks out. This went on for four hours and Lin Huang finally saw the first imperial-level crimson gold-rank monster advancing. Subsequently, the second, the third... More and more imperial-level crimson gold-rank monsters were rushing out of the Virtual Eye, replacing the first batch of imperial-level black gold-rank monsters.

Upon seeing that, Lin Huang had a preliminary guess of the Virtual Eye's monster pattern.

"The imperial-level crimson gold-rank monsters only came out four hours later. This pattern might continue later. If this is the case, demigod-level monsters may emerge during the last four hours, which is about 20 hours later!"


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