Monster Paradise
1104 This Girl is So Tough
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1104 This Girl is So Tough

After approximately two and a half hours, Lin Huang practically flitted through the 75th checkpoint to the 79th checkpoint. Realizing that the 79th checkpoint was a monster stage, he logged out again.

Although it had been the second day that he broke the record, everyone in the Genius Union was still in a mad hype since he had passed another four checkpoints again.

Due to his record-breaking feat for two days consecutively, the amount of members online multiplied. Even members who hardly logged in were online. Almost the entire forum was discussing Lin Xie.

After logging out, Lin Huang checked the Genius Union forum. He wanted to see if there was any new topic apart from discussions about him. In the end, he realized that all the topics were related to him after scrolling through a few pages.

The hottest thread of all was 'Exactly How Many Checkpoints Can Lin Xie Break Through?'

People were guessing any number under the sun. Many even said he would pass a few thousand or tens of thousand of checkpoints. Some gave a detailed analysis whenever they commented.

Lin Huang chose to ignore them after having a good chuckle about the responses that he read.

Some threads were wordy as if the content was useful, but Lin Huang realized that some of the responses were not even about him.

After logging out of the Genius Union forum, he then looked at the news page on his Emperor's Heart Ring. He realized that his photo was on the headline. To be exact, it was a photo of Lin Xie's face.

The title of the news articles was 'Lin Xie: The Five Princes Are An Era!'

Lin Huang knew who the writer was the second he saw the title. He clicked on the article. As expected, it was Xu Qingya who had written it.

In the article, she only wrote a portion of what they talked about. She wrote everything about him saying the Five Princes were an era without changing a single word. Although she tried her very best to be objective throughout the entire article, she could not help but reveal the admiration she had for Lin Huang.

Her article made many see the other side of Lin Xie, the No. 1 genius that was lesser known to the people.

Many people had the same impression as Xu Qingya did. They thought that such a powerful man would usually be dumb and think he was the best.

However, Lin Huang was humble throughout the interview, especially when it came to the comment on the Five Princes. Many were impressed by his humility.

Naturally, many people condemned that Xu Qingya had written all those just to butter Lin Xie up.

Some even said some horrible things and tried stirring things up by saying that Xu Qingya and Lin Xie were messing around.

Lin Huang frowned a little when he read that, but he soon saw Xu Qingya fire them back with her own identity.

"I didn't butter Lin Xie up. You'll find out about that in the video interview that I've just posted on my account. As for those malicious slander and rumors spread around affecting my reputation, just you wait for my lawyer's letter! I've already screenshot the evidence, so it'll be futile even if you guys delete your posts."

"This girl is so tough!" Lin Huang smiled while shaking his head. He had somewhat seen the other side of Xu Qingya.

After turning off the news page, Lin Huang opened his social media app and soon found Xu Qingya's account. He saw a video that she posted approximately half an hour ago.

It was the raw video of her interviewing him for more than two hours interview. After playing it, Lin Huang fast-forwarded the entire video and realized that it was indeed unedited. He realized he performed pretty well in the video.

Although the video had just been posted half an hour ago, there were positive and encouraging comments below it despite the fact that it was impossible for anybody to have finished watching the two-hour video by then.

Clearly, many of them finished the video by fast-forwarding it just like Lin Huang did.

"I was just a passerby, but now I've been converted to a fan. I thought Lin Xie was just a tough man. Never would I've thought he's intelligent on the inside too!"

"Little Sister posted the uncut interview to prove herself. She's very sincere about it! I support her!"

"I knew someone was trying to stir things up! Is it so hard to admit that someone is outstanding? People, I urge you to be kind!"

"I'm a converted fan right after watching this video. Master Lin Xie, you're the best!"

"Little Sister, you're the best! I support sending those jokers your lawyer's letters! Teach them a lesson!"

Lin Huang thought about it and liked Xu Qingya's video using Lin Xie's account. He picked nine pictures of the sea king monster having icebergs stuck in its mouth that he had taken on the 72nd checkpoint of the Stairway Tree and posted a collage of nine pictures.

Eight of the nine pictures consisted of the sea king monster's various angles. Meanwhile, the other one was a picture of Lin Huang with the sea king monster in the background with icebergs sticking out from its mouth.

The caption of the collage picture was '72'.

Since one's social media account was tied to their Emperor's Heart Ring, him doing that would mean verifying his identity. Lin Xie usually did not have any notifications on this social media account, but he gained more than ten million fans that day.

People started discussing as soon as the photo was posted.

"What does '72' mean?"

"This special effect of the sea king monster isn't too shabby. It looks so real."

"As a pro who has been Photoshopping photos for eight years, these nine pictures are real. Believe me."

"This sea king monster looks so embarrassed and innocent! Why do I feel like laughing?"

"Did Master Lin Xie shove the two icebergs into its mouth? Err… Why do I feel like he should've shoved them somewhere else?"

"The commenter above, please mind your words. There are kids here."

Merely a couple of minutes later, the picture Lin Huang posted garnered tens of thousands of comments and over 80,000 likes.

After reading the comments for fun, Lin Huang turned off the app upon realizing there were more and more comments flooding in. He stopped checking the notifications. He then opened the notification page on his Emperor's Heart Ring and looked at the record-breaking rewards after scrolling past the numerous notifications.

"Congratulations, Lin Xie, for breaking the Stairway Tree record. You've been rewarded with a set of god relic telekinetic weapon.

"Congratulations, Lin Xie, for breaking the Stairway Tree record. You've been rewarded with a God-level soul crystal (Virtual God rank-3)

"Congratulations, Lin Xie, for breaking the Stairway Tree record. You've been rewarded with a Godhead (Virtual God rank-9)"

"Congratulations, Lin Xie, for breaking the Stairway Tree record. You've been rewarded with a Godhead (Virtual God rank-9)"

Lin Huang checked his storage space as soon as he read the notifications. Soon, he saw the set of telekinetic weapon rewards. It was a set of dark-silver flying daggers.

He played with it for a while, and took a fancy to it.

He took out the god-level soul crystal after putting the flying daggers away. He thought about it and summoned the Nightmare Tapir. He put the soul crystal into the Nightmare Tapir's body while waiting for it to finish the refinement patiently.

As for the two Virtual God rank-9 Godheads, Lin Huang sensed clearly that the number of Godheads he could contain in his body was now at full capacity. He could only set them aside for now since he could not put any more in at the moment.

After sorting out the few rewards that he had just obtained, he began a new round of refining Godheads.


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