Monster Paradise
1103 Ten Billion Points Are Still Points
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1103 Ten Billion Points Are Still Points

The interview with Xu Qingya went on for over two hours. The entire thing was more relaxed than Lin Huang expected.

Opposed to what Lin Huang was expecting, although Xu Qingya was very young in her early 20s, she was careful with her words. The entire interview sounded more like a chat with a new friend.

He had no idea that he surprised her even more.

She initially thought that Lin Xie was all about theories and might not have deeper a opinion on things. She took on this interview because Lin Xie was the trending topic in the entire cultivation world.

However, throughout the interview, Xu Qingya realized not only did he have powerful abilities, but he also had deeper knowledge and more insightful opinions than she expected.

Even Jian Fei's jaw dropped from the many things that Lin Huang said.

At the end of the interview, Xu Qingya finally went back to the initial topic. "Many people wondered on the Internet if you have techniques for killing monsters? Can you share that with us a little?"

"Techniques of killing monsters? Doesn't everyone do the same thing where we just annihilate them? Maybe I'm an Imperial Censor, so I've got the upper hand in this aspect. After all, I have very powerful imperial monsters and I can summon quite a number of them."

"How about your technique of breaking through checkpoints? Is there any strategy that you can recommend us?"

"I really don't. Boss Chan and the rest know that I never look at the checkpoint-breaking strategies. I almost never looked at the contents of the checkpoints before the 56th checkpoint, and I never looked at the strategies either since the 63rd checkpoint. However, figuring that it might be difficult to break through the checkpoint, I checked the contents from the 63rd to the 72nd checkpoint in advance."

"Why don't you look at the content and strategies?"

"Because I think it's unnecessary. Breaking through the checkpoints itself is a process to test one's abilities. To me, breaking through checkpoints with strategies can't test my personal ability. Perhaps I want different things than the rest. I personally hope to enjoy the process instead of treating it as a challenge. If breaking checkpoints is no fun to me, I'd rather not do it."

"So, why did you quit when you got to the 75th checkpoint today? Is it because the 75th checkpoint is more difficult?"

"No, the 75th checkpoint is a monster stage. I've already gotten the maximum points on the Stairway Tree today, so I'll have to do it tomorrow. After all, ten billion points are still points." Lin Huang answered while smiling.

"So, you logged out when you were on 71st checkpoint earlier for the same reason too?"

"Yes," Lin Huang said honestly.

"So, Mr. Lin, which checkpoint do you think you can get to? Is it possible that you'll surpass the entire the Stairway Tree?" Xu Qingya asked her last ultimate question.

"I'm not sure about that because I've no idea about the checkpoint contents and difficulty after this, so I can't speculate. However, I personally hope to break through the entire the Stairway Tree before I elevate to imperial-level," Lin Huang responded while smiling, "In reality, I'd really like to know what will happen after I've broken through the entire Stairway Tree."

"I'll congratulate you for breaking through successfully in advance then. Smash through the entire the Stairway Tree!" Xu Qingya extended her arm while grinning at Lin Huang. "I've actually asked questions that I shouldn't have asked in the interview today. Nonetheless, your response has gone beyond my expectations. I've got a feeling that this might not be last time I'll be speaking to you. I hope to interview you again in the future for a nice chat."

"Thanks, I hope for that day to come too." Lin Huang extended his arm to shake her hand. He thought time had flown by quickly after the interview that lasted for over two hours ended.

Watching Xu Qingya leave with Jian Fei, he stepped into the dimensional portal and returned to Emperor City.

When he arrived at the Emperor Palace, the two God Figurine's Combat Souls, the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the Ninetails Lynx had refined the god-level soul crystals completely and elevated to Virtual God rank-1.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang went into his Godhead refinement mode again.

The next morning, he logged into the Genius Union after breakfast.

Lin Huang's body shrunk 1,000 times again at the monster stage of the 75th checkpoint. His Divine Telekinesis and Territory were also blocked.

The entire checkpoint looked like a peaceful, golden desert in his field of vision. He did not even see a single monster.

In reality, the monster on this checkpoint was a type of desert spider. Lin Huang had never seen a completely golden desert spider in the monster guide before. Therefore, he had no idea what its exact name was.

All he knew was that such a spider would usually hide under the gravel. They would attack whenever they sensed movement in the ground. At the same time while attacking, they would spit webs out to capture their prey.

The reason why Lin Huang knew that was that he had been attacked when he stepped into the checkpoint yesterday. A spiderweb had gotten stuck on his face.

However, the spider that was merely on imperial-level white gold-rank suffered even more than he did as he sliced it into 18 pieces with his sword.

"I can't fly on the the Stairway Tree, so I can only walk on the sand. I can't use my Divine Telekinesis and Territory, so I can't predict if the spiders are hiding under the sand. This checkpoint is risky to most whereby they might fall right into the mass of spiders if they're reckless, but this is a totally easy one for me."

Lin Huang summoned the Divine Sun Tree this time.

Although he could not use his Territory, the Divine Sun Tree stretched its branches out one after another hundreds of meters away. His tens of branches shot out like long whips, shooting golden sparks out in the desert wherever they passed by. 

The sparks were dense, and there was one almost every meter. As the sparks lit up, the spiders that were burned shrieked devastatingly. Some of them got out of the sand and rolled on the ground. They attempted to put out the fire, but their efforts were futile.

Most of the spiders were burned to death before they made it out in time. The rest were obliterated to ash after struggling for less than three seconds upon getting out of the sand.

"Let's go all out today. Killing an imperial-level white gold-rank monster earns 10,000 points, so we have to kill a million of them in order to obtain ten billion points although not all the monsters are on imperial-level white gold-rank in this checkpoint," Lin Huang gave his order to the Divine Sun Tree.

The Divine Sun Tree went all out hearing that order. One must know that each monster it killed would turn into spiritual energy for it to absorb.

Lin Huang, on the other hand, followed behind the Divine Sun Tree and waited for it to obtain the maximum points for the day on the Stairway Tree patiently.


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