Monster Paradise
1102 The Five Princes Are An Era
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1102 The Five Princes Are An Era

Lin Huang stepped into the dimensional portal after disguising as Lin Xie with a demigod-level mask. He arrived at First City in Division 1.

He arrived at the southwestern side of Union Square immediately and found the Stabubucks Coffee that he had been once before.

After ordering a cup of coffee, he found an empty table under a gigantic sun umbrella. He browsed through the Genius Union forum while drinking his coffee.

Suddenly, he realised that almost all of the topics were about him.

He opened a few trending threads and read the contents. Compared to the judgmental comments before, most of them complimented him.

Lin Huang even saw a few familiar user names who used to condemn him frequently, but they were teasing themselves for having misjudged him now.

As he was reading the threads, a man wearing black leather shoes walked straight to his table.

Lin Huang lifted his head. He could not help but raise his brow upon seeing the guest. It was the vice president of Agency EA, Guan Zhong.

"May I sit?" Guan Zhong asked.

"Suit yourself." Lin Huang closed the Genius Union forum page while looking at Guan Zhong.

"Master Emperor, I never thought you'd come to First City with this identity of yours." Guan Zhong exposed Lin Huang's identity as soon as he sat down. Clearly, Agency EA had already found out that Lin Xie was Lin Huang himself.

"I'm just meeting someone here." Lin Huang took a sip of coffee while holding the cup with both hands. "You don't have to look at me like I'm a thief."

"I've heard about you breaking the record," Guan Zhong said while smiling. "Congrats."

"It's just a child's play," Lin Huang raised his brow, "Is there anything that you need from me?"

"We've decoded most of God Bless's information. I'll send it to you within these two days after I've sorted it out," Guan Zhong spoke while smiling.

"Did you come all the way here just to tell me this?"

"I just happened to bump into you. I came here to have a cup of coffee." Guan Zhong smiled while explaining, "I'm a regular here."

"Alright then. Is there anything else?"

Guan Zhong thought about it and could not help but say, "I have a personal question that I'd like you to answer."

Lin Huang roughly knew what he was going to ask right away.

"Did you kill Zhuge Feifan, Master Emperor?" As expected, Guan Zhong asked what Lin Huang was expecting.

"Why? Are you going to take revenge?" Lin Huang asked while smiling.

"No, I just want to know the truth."

"The truth doesn't matter. Zhuge Feifan is dead now and you're alive. This should be the end of the story," said Lin Huang to Guan Zhong while staring at him.

Guan Zhong was stunned to hear that and nodded in relief. "Thanks."

He had already obtained the answer from Lin Huang. Apart from him and Qian Rui, nobody else other than Zhuge Feifan's killer knew that Guan Zhong made Zhuge Feifan show himself the other day.

'Zhuge Feifan is dead now and you're alive.' Lin Huang's answer was precisely what Guan Zhong wanted to hear.

Guan Zhong stood up and left right after thanking Lin Huang.

Just when he stood up, Jian Fei and the media representative doing the interview, Xu Qingya, arrived at the same time.

Xu Qingya recognized Guan Zhong right away. A shocked expression flashed through her eyes when he saw Lin Huang who was sitting there nonchalantly drinking his coffee.

Seeing Guan Zhong leave with his takeaway coffee, Xu Qingya and Jian Fei walked straight towards Lin Huang.

"Hi, Mr. Lin. My name is Xu Qingya. I'm the reporter from The Pioneer." Xu Qingya walked to the table and introduced herself.

"Please take a seat." Lin Huang lifted his head and observed her in silence.

Xu Qingya had neat, short hair. She looked very experienced. She did not dress very formally or too casually. It was just right. 

Jian Fei, on the other hand, dressed in a formal suit. He looked like he was getting married.

Lin Huang would definitely tease him any other day, but he thought about it and said nothing since Xu Qingya was next to him.

After Xu Qingya and Jian Fei took their seats, they ordered two cups of coffee and the interview began.

"I'd like to start the interview by congratulating Mr. Lin for breaking the Stairway Tree record. Today is the biggest historical moment the Genius Union has ever had since it was founded."

"Thanks." Lin Huang nodded courteously.

"Mr. Lin, can you tell me your current combat strength?" Xu Qingya went into working mode.

"Immortal-level rank-9. Many people in the Heaven Alliance know about this." Naturally, it was impossible that Lin Huang would say that he was on immortal-level rank-10. Since he had immortal-level aura anyway, nobody could tell if he was on rank-9 or 10.

"You've gotten to immortal-level rank-9 so soon? From what we know, Mr. Lin, you were only on holy flame-level last year. Am I right?" Xu Qingya had been wanting to ask that for a very long time. She could finally ask him face-to-face now.

"Indeed, my combat strength elevation speed is faster than the rest. If you want a solid reason, I can only say that I have rather good luck." Lin Huang created an excuse for himself.

In reality, Xu Qingya was dissatisfied with the answer. However, since he clearly did not want to answer the question, she gave up instead of dwelling on it, figuring it might be his cultivation secret.

"Mr. Lin, since you're already on immortal-level rank-9, you're close to imperial-level now. When do you plan to elevate?"

"I just told Old Jian about this a few days ago. I'll take at least a month or at the most, 40 to 50 days. I'm almost done with the preparation," Lin Huang told her directly.

"Does that mean you'll withdraw from the Genius Union and the Heaven Alliance automatically a month later?" Although Xu Qingya was not a Genius Union member, she had studied the system before.


Jian Fei took over the conversation as soon as he heard that. "Deputy Chief Lin did indeed discuss his elevation with us a few days ago. We've already come up with a new Deputy Chief candidate list together. However, even though he's leaving the Genius Union, Deputy Chief Lin will be a part of our the Heaven Alliance forever. Chief Chan has said this before. Every Heaven Alliance member is family. It's a fact that will never change even if someone were to leave the Genius Union."

"I heard Mr. Lin and Mr. Chan are pretty close in private. Is that true?"

"We're pretty close," Lin Huang confirmed while grinning. "Boss Chan is a charming man with character. He's always cared for me. I'm fortunate to be working with him."

"Many people on the Internet say that the Five Princes are out of date now. They say there's only one name among the most powerful young generation, and that name is Lin Xie. What do you think of that?"

"First of all, I don't think I'm the No. 1 powerhouse of the young generation. All people see is the number of checkpoints I've broken through on the Stairway Tree. I don't think it means anything."

"'Powerful' is a word with broad meaning. Having powerful ability is just a part of it. Some people might be more powerful than me on the inside, some people might be more intelligent than me, some people might have willpower that's stronger than mine. Being called a powerful person is just a shallow title." 

"About the Five Princes, I don't think the Five Princes are just about Boss Chan and the other four. They're the sign of a new era, one that encourages us to look up and fight. This era is one it itself, irreplacable.


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